Hey! Gorgeous @ NUS

Well, I’d be frank with it. Apart from the boys and gals who turn out at the NUS Central Library for the final competition

crowd NUScrowd NUS2crowd NUS3

People we met while we were conducting the NUS Hey! Gorgeous search today was kinda not-so-interactive… I expected them to be more out spoken in fact…

Lucky we got KYM! OMG, She really brought us hell lots of laughters…

us nus

The preparation…. all in different mood… 🙂

ben nusprep1 nusdawn nus

The final 3 guys and gals!

gals nusnus guys

Then, they took our pictures, so I took them!!! ha

take them nus

9 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ NUS”

  1. The last picture is so interesting, where the table was turned. You blog has their picture, more will have your picture in their blogs. Haha….

  2. Thanks for the info, Dasmond! Unfotunately, i cant make it for most of the recording at NUS… i been there before, and nearly got lost cos its so big. Do send Dawn my regards ya?

  3. well well well, you see, this is only the 2nd week of school.

    everyone’s getting restless.. ~holiday moood


    hope you’ve enjoyed yourself in nus.

    keke 😉

  4. i think cause it wasmorning when you guys were interviewing people, and you guys probably appraoched the wrong kind of pple so not fair to say nus student not out spoken!!!;p
    and probably uni students for image ma…

  5. hahaah yeah i also think so. they arent that cold.
    anw, do you all go straight to the 5 chosen from the website or still accept ppl u see in the campus? cos i believe there should be gorgeous peeps lurking around who arent nominated, prob due to the fact that their friends aint that enthusiastic!

  6. Hey Dasmond! Thanks to a fren of mine I found your entry (AND the pic you took of us taking you n the gang haha!) 🙂

    not sure when you guys came by NUS to do the scouting and stuff, but hmm, there seemed little to no publicity AND hype on the Channel U stop-over.

    and maybe the spontaneous ones were stuck in their seminars/lectures/tutorials/had no lessons haha!

    ah well :p


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