Where Huh??

fat man...

where to eat???

This has always been the case.
And you can get quite piss off when no one can decide on where to eat… so, I’ve decided, since you’ve always been so kapo, bo dai ji zor come my site look look see see… if there’s anything nice I’ll share with you!!! ( ya… big deal… ) ; p

Yesterday, after driving around aimlessly for quite a while, I decided to land my foot at this coffee shop, simply bcos I decided not to waste any more effort in stepping the accelerator …

Blk 925 Yishun

we ordered a few dishes and really didnt expect there’ll be anything that will surprise us…
Deer Meat ( actual ) vege ( actual ) Fish Maw ( actual )

Then… I practically go WoW~~
Sweet Sour Pork ( actual )
when I put a piece of their Gu Lu Ruo ( sweet sour pork ) into my mouth…

This is GoOooooOooD!!!
If you happen to be around Yishun, remember go try it out… ; )

#suddenly got a craving for ba chor mee… recommendation anybody??

30 thoughts on “Where Huh??”

  1. Ba Chor Mee…hmm…

    There’s one stall at a cofeeshop (think S11) near Ang Mo Kio centre
    (not the hub).. but i can’t rem the block..:p
    It’s near the big carpark (besides Courts)..last time there’s a
    temp NTUC there..

    If you can take spicy food, it’s very hot and lots of Ba Chor too! Very Nice!

    Go check it out when you are free!! Bon Appetite!

  2. you can try the one at marina square foodcourt… its not the original one though (guess its a franchaised or something) but its still vv nice. the fried wonton is nice too!! =D

  3. there’s one @ Upper Serangoon Road. The bar chor mee stall is located at a corner. They are available even in the morning @ 8am… 😉 its @ the crossroad between Tai Thong Cres and Alkaff Ave… from upper serangoon road.. =D cheers

  4. Hi Dasmond, you can try bedok Blk 85 hawker centre for ba chor mee. There are 2 stalls there. Another place you can try out is an old coffee shop at Balestier road. It only open in the morning till lunch time.

  5. attz:
    *high 5* on the suntec foodcourt one.. miss the food and place :P…
    need to be rescued out from current ulu place…

    there’s one cheap n good one @ AMK estate, think st 22/23?? near blk 221, near AMK sec…aiyah don’t know how to describe.. only sell till lunch time cos too popular

  6. “since you’ve always been so kapo, bo dai ji zor come my site look look see see…”

    wah lau!! tio hurt leh. in this case, to proof that i am not kapo and wu jin bo eng.. i don’t drop by to comment so often lor.. LOL!! no lah.. gong sng chio niah.. hahahahah :p

  7. Er, can go amk blk 600 plus there~ near yck cc de food centre~ the ba chor mee always queue long queue de & mid night oso gt sell~~

  8. ag mo kio blk 6728 market… that 1 facing the temple…. sell early in the morning and stop ard 2…. it realli nice… muz try!!!1

  9. Ai er, im saying abt that shop too~ real nice~ lol~ das, must go try~ i dun like ba chor mee but this store, makes mii really go for their ba chor mee~

  10. Yo, abit side track hor. U know where sell the best Durian Cakes? With alot of real durian flesh, not flavour only.

  11. ba chor mee ~ my fav lunch…
    along pasir panjang rd, beside AVA, de 1 coffeeshop..
    i kno hw to go only, dunno the name of the shop or the stall.
    avail only office hours~
    but the ba chor mee is tmd shiook~
    liam bang de frens says comparable to m’sia style of ba chor mee..
    i kno u post this long ago, but jus happen to drop by and saw this blog, n tot of my long-time-bo-chia de ba chor mee………………….=(

  12. since u lived in north area, u can go the hawker centre @ chong pang city yishun. The stall is located beside the tiong bahru BBQ meat. It open till 11pm. The chilli vry SHIOK!

  13. can i noe where is the buffet place u all brought the contestants during the last episode of Jean Yip’s Beautiful 25??

  14. u can try the ba chor mee at BEST PLACE, which is the food centre opposite MAS building, where the offices for the radio stations are. that stall used to be from Hill Street.

  15. Das,if u want to try JAPANESE FOOD there is one near to tanjong pagar mrt station look for exit G,go all the way straight, can see bangkok bank BLG,ask ppls where is TUNG ANN ASSOCATION BLG,above of IMPERIAL CAFE.(walk in,got stairs inside of imperial cafe

    The japanese foods above of imperial cafe,its cheap and nice.their specialty is chicken teriyaki ebi fry which cost only $6.80 VALUE FOR MONEY.Which always SOLD OUT very FAST..

    Service is fast the most important things for working peoples like us..I do Hope u can recommend try it..

    By the way they only open on weekdays from 11-45am -2pm

  16. Hi das, u can also try one teochew mee stall at blk 280 bishan,st 22 which also have very good ba chor mee.
    design of the stall also very special like a pushcart. yummy !

  17. Missed the one at Marina Square foodcourt b4 the reno, it’s been moved to a HDB coffee shop at Crawford lane..Da Hua Noodle…


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