Cats and Rats?

The following scene will never happen to me.

no mao

Cats and Rats will never live happily together, that’s for sure, as least in my context.

Rats never like Cats
So… they will never be friends.

And what’s more, Rats dun eat fish
cause Cats like the fish’s stink
If Rats eat fish
Cats will smell it… and come near to the Rats..

Rats dun like Cats
when Cats come near,
Rats will feel uneasy… ; p

I’m a RAT.


18 thoughts on “Cats and Rats?”

  1. hey.. i m rat too.. my god.. i din noe u ???? oopss.. haha..
    i dun like cats too.. so scare of them.. when cats come near, i jumped up fr my chair..
    but i hafta say kittens are cute.. n i do like fish!

    btw.. ur entries are funny.. brought smiles on my face.. now i hafta go back to hit the books le.. been slacking too long liao.. wed still got a paper.. a FINAL paper in NUS.. cheer for mi ha..

  2. …looks like no one understood your extreme fear over cats…& it runs in e family too…VK too isn’t it?

  3. haha….me is Animals lover!i love all kinds of animals!!
    hehee..i got 5 cats at home ah!!i wish one day i can have one dogs!!too bad ,my husband hate dogs!argh!!!!

  4. hey dasmond,

    i like rats. their cute. cat r pretty but rather lazy at times. haha. i’m a animal lover so i like all kinds of animals. including pig. is snake counted as animal? coz i like them too. especially anaconda and cobra. lol. oh ya. snake likes rat, coz they eat them. but dun worry i wouldnt eat you. lol.

  5. heh,wonder if u’ll koe im leavin a comment here.. saw u twice i guess,2nd time was tryin2 whisper ur name 2my fren @ wisma but guess u heard it haaa.. but still hope ur career wil b smoother n smoother every yr =]

    been tryin 2 guess wads ur horoscope..hvnt explore ur whole blog so duno if ur horoscope is stated.. u seem like a virgo to me [+my fren]..but of coz u wont reply 1 de la..

    y u dun like cats?cats is like can communicate to u in a more emotional level..when u hv probs u sit down wth ur cat den it also sit silently..seemingly ‘hearing’ ur inner comparing with dogs..

    i know u wont reply coz its jux 1 of the pple who know ur blog thru mag..haha good luck in everything u do!


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