Ann Kok – Driving Miss Foodie ( Update )

This Wednesday’s episode… Featuring Ann Kok!!! Driving Miss Foodie 驾车找吃路 想当年。。。十年吗?haha This was back then when Ann appeared on my radio show. The road trip with her was fun… talk, share, gossip, grumble, everything…! And we just never get tired of taking pictures 🙂 From single shots… Standard Portrait… haha FUn Poses… StyLo type… heh … Read more

Fiona Xie – Driving Miss Foodie

In this coming episode of 驾车找吃路, 17th June 8pm Channel 8. I’m with the sexy Fiona Xie!~… We had loads of fun when we were filming ‘Hey! Gorgeous…’. And I’ve seen her quite a bit recently in variety shows like 玩游世界, 公主遇上王子. She is as bubbly as before 🙂 After much preparations…. We were on … Read more

Where Huh??

This has always been the case. And you can get quite piss off when no one can decide on where to eat… so, I’ve decided, since you’ve always been so kapo, bo dai ji zor come my site look look see see… if there’s anything nice I’ll share with you!!! ( ya… big deal… ) … Read more