Campus Superstar is BACK!!!

I know a lot of you will be shouting….

: 0 It’s enough…
; p Singing competition AGAIN?!!!
: X Can they SiNg?
; Q That si ah beng (or ah lian) from my school better dun get in lo!

But whatever it is, Campus Superstar is back!!!

Kinda miss last batch de boys and gals…

campus superstar all-in

If you guys and gals are reading this, do keep in touch and take good care ya ; )

Meanwhile, we’ll be announcing the top 10 guys and top 10 gals tmrw at TPY HUB. For more updates of this year’s competition, come visit more often la!

7 thoughts on “Campus Superstar is BACK!!!”

  1. i was at TPY Hub just now… reach there ard 6 pm. really happy the 13 yr old xiao di di got in. haha, he’s real cute. I think i will be rooting for him all the way!!!

  2. LOL yeah man!!!UPDATE MORE because i do not know anything about it hahas!!!LOL many people will say that ”its time to save money and help those you like and vote for them liao haha”Or some will say ”walao eh why so many different kinds of competition one ah?want to earn revenue from our hardearn money again LOL”


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