New Monsoon @ Novena Sq!

Yeap! The Monsoon Hair had relocated to Novena Square!


A couple of us was there yesterday for the soft launch…




And since I was there, Addy (the man behind Monsoon Group), decided to change my hair color.
I’m back to the young healthy look, blueblack!!!

Dasmond Koh

8 thoughts on “New Monsoon @ Novena Sq!”

  1. Wah Monsoon ah? LOL i never been there before,next time i got more money than i think i should go there for hair cut lol ^^

  2. Hi Dasmond,

    Just a little suggestion, can you change your background to other colour except black cos it is very hard to read yr entry. I tint white will be fine. My little thoughts ^^

  3. ???????




  4. Just came from Monsoon, worst haircut I ever have for the last five years, and it was a director cut! I wonder why on earth the good reputation have been given. The service was good, staffs were quite friendly, but the DIRECTOR hairstylist…. omg…. I think he was worst then most of the juniors I’ve encountered, in term of skill and the way he took his client interpretation/requirements – he wasn’t listening. I do respect some senior hairstylist who have their point of view and I don’t mind they do my hair the way they think it fits me, truly, but to make things worst, the haircut was very amature like he was just graduated from the academy, let alone it wasn’t the way I wanted…..

    I do my haircut at least once or twice a months, and to be sincerely honest, I am not a picky and particular person, but this time it really crossed my line. 🙁

    Will I go back again? Not in a million years….

    ( oh no… I’m so sorry to hear that, cause I totally understand how much a hair cut means to an individual… what about telling me what’s the name of the stylist so that I can feedback on your behalf? will not publish the name dun worry – from 22 )

  5. I am also a very unhappy customer of Monsoon Novena. I just had one of my worst haircuts too. To make things worst, I have to say that the service really needs improvement.
    1) I made an appt but there was a period of an hour or so where my hairstylist attended to another customer and another hairstylist had to attend to me. The hairstylist did not carefully hear my requests too and my hairdo was terrible- probably the worst I ever had.
    2) I did a VIP account on my previous visit but there was some transaction error or such. Apparently, there was no previous amount charged to my account for my previous hair cut. The cashier did not carefully investigate the issue to give me a good explanation. She simply said “sorry”. The full amount I cashed into my account previously was deducted without clear explanation.

    I will never step into Monsoon Novena or any of their related branches ever again.


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