My Apple TV!

I must admit I’m a victim of I.T. gadget…

I like playing with I.T. gadgets, and my new toy is APPLE TV!
( ya, its not a tv that looks like an apple, dun be stupid! ;p )

my apple tv

But sad to say, although I enjoy playing with them, but when it comes to setting stuff up, frankly, I know nuts about it… ha! ( okay, I promise I’ll learn… )

So, this is what happen yest… Jacki and Monica came over my place late night. Trying to fix up the new toy for me.

After a few hours of ….

sorting out the messy wires…

messy wiring

plugging in and out the wires…

figuring it out working on it...

how should it be...

and typing a lot of I-dunno-what stuff into my pc…

in the process

something finally appear on my tv!!!

tv with display

Okay… you might not understand what I’m saying… just like I dun understand what Jacki is doing… ha! End of the day is, I get to watch the shows, pictures etc in my PC on the tv in my room!

5 thoughts on “My Apple TV!”

  1. haha truly believe that u don get what they doing cause really don get what u saying to o 🙂 hahaha 🙂 but the apple tv n all the gadgets shown r cool!

  2. Hahas!I do not know what is going on too hehe!!Next time can give more details about what u blog on hehe ^^ but that thing is cool lah lol


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