Yes 933

Could’nt really recall when was the last time I appear as a co host on a 933 programme…

I had mixed feeling when I was approaching the studio.
From outside

I was greeted by Mary’s warm smile…
Things were still very much the same…
Control Panel


And the photograph we took more than 4 years back was still sticking on the door! ; )

Our Pic!

I travel back time again…
On Air!

DK01 DK02

This was where i started.
This is the place that has groomed me into who I am today…
And of course, without each and everyone of you, there won’t be Dasmond Koh.

Mic & Earphone

Thanks again.

33 thoughts on “Yes 933”

  1. i was so surprised to suddenly hear your voice on 933 yesterday night. coz i just came by this blog just some time back too, so coincidental 🙂

  2. Great to hear u on air last night. Enjoyed the show totally. Of cse not forgetting those nights that u accompanied alot of us thru our exams period!:D Hope to hear u on air again. Take care!

  3. Hello, i sent a message last night remember? Zi Yi here. I used to listen to your “The night is still young” programme during secondary school days and now, i’m in Uni, listening to Mary’s programme. 🙂 Does it ring a bell?

    Its really pleasant to have you on air yesterday night. Your voice is missed! Moreover, your comments are always so funny (the one when you commented that you feel like giving the listener a slap when he kept saying “Quan bu dou geng ni yi yang lo” and that never fail to bring a smile to my face when i listen to your programme.

    Hope to have you on Yes 933 programme again.

  4. maybe u shld do some announcement here in the future if u are goin on air again. missed the show and also missing the time u were in 933 and ur smurf lullaby at 1.59am every weekdays nite.

  5. it’s def. great to hear ur voice back on air once in a blue blue moon! it reminds me of those sec sch days when i used to listen to ur prog late in the night with my small portable radio beside my bed. those were really the days… … …

    ur guys gave me a good laugh last night that i cldnt concentrate studying for my examz. lol. i was concentrating on the conversation between u and mary instead.


  6. HHi.

    Is really GREAT SURPRISED to hear u on air again..
    I was enjoying de whole prog.

    It recalled all the past time that listen nite prog during study n exam time (I still rem de gdnite song you used to play).

    Hope to hear you on air again.. …


  7. Haha.. I heard u on radio last night..
    Really missed the good old days when u were still a dj..
    I was still in secondary school then…
    Time flies… man..

    By the way.. Mary said that “big project” is the smurf lullaby right? hehe..
    Thankfully we can still hear it here…
    Hope that u can go on air more often..
    so that we can hear more laughter..
    and we can laugh with u guys…

  8. hey, i was so looking forward to yesterday’s broadcast, although i was having a horrible time mugging for the exam today.

    i m one of those that listen to u when i am in primary sch till sec sch, and now i am in uni le! argh~~~ old le. hahah! somehow i still prefer u on air… the days that u talk cock with ppl who call in, and ur typical laughter. “hahahah!!!” and the smurf song… i like it so much. hahah! sooo much memories.

    oh~ last time i saw u was on Anglican High School 45 Anniversary. This year is already 50th Anni le. sooo fast lo!

    anyway, all the best. Hope to hear ur voice again on 933.

  9. Hey~ hi!
    It’s really happy to hear u ON AIR, once again. It had been quite a long time ago, hearing u ON AIR. Oh yeah! yesterday, i’d stay with u till 1 in the morning….(????????~) Really misses the time when u were On Air n your smurf lullably. hehehee… by the way, i forget to tell u, im 18…
    all e BesT!
    guowei 16:53 27/4/2007

  10. Dasmond, Great to hear you on air. Your voice let me travel back to the days when i am still in school. Now I am enjoying Mary show. Must come back to 933 often.

  11. So glad, i didnt miss your voice on the radio last nite. Hearing ur voice during the nite shows realli bring bac alot of happy memories. I rem the times when i wld laugh in the middle of the nite like a crazy woman. You rox whether as a deejay or as a tv show host =)

    Ps: U make realli wana try out diving.

  12. i was realli happy to hear ur voice on air yesterdae… i remember the last time i hear ur voice on air was when i was sec 4. that time i was studying late till the nite for almost everydae and ur voice accompany mi at those nites… yesterdae once again i was studying for uni last paper which is todae and i was totally surprise to hear u on air… it realli brought mi back to the gd old daes … will u go on air again?

  13. helloooos. dasmond korkor. heard ure voice on 933 ytd. hahahs. very good lehs. LOLS! =D ue rawks okaes? do ue mean hao jie from bendemeer sec? hope ue will reply miie!

  14. yeah, managed to catch you on air yest. Thought I overheard Mary commenting that you would be on air from 10pm. Sadly you did not appear. Thought that I either get the time wrong or date wrong. Luckily you indeed came online at 11pm.

    really miss your voice and your laughter on air. Still remb that I was using my walkman then when listening to your program everyday. Now already upgrade to MP3 lo. wao..time flies. How about considering coming back to do part-time on weekends? We really miss you…

  15. Really miss your voice in 933. I miss the show to… =((

    Anyway, you’re still great as a tv host as well as a deejay. =)

  16. Yea, heard last night! U still the straighforward, you hua jiu shuo de Rong shao So sweet that the old pics are still intact and pasted into the studio! lolx.. you mei you gan jue hao wen nuan? heh..

    Nontheless, kai xin jiu hao.. be it is DJ or TV host, kai xin jiu hao, yea?


  17. do come on air more ! Soo many of us were attracted to 933 because of u and now soo many of us are now graduated or in higher tertiary education or even working .. u don need to thank us cause you were the one that made studying at night a must to tune to 933 so the people that should be saying thanks should be all of us .. . thanks Dasmond ! miss u lots !! 🙂

  18. Memories. You get that kind of homely feeling when you step back into your launch pad. Almost the same feeling of going back to your primary & secondary school.

    Hey Dasmond, we found a shop 🙂
    Will keep you updated.

  19. i hope its not too late to say this ..haha..its entertaining to hear you and mary on 933 on thurs night..hhaaha..its superly nice and interesting!! haha..i can barely concentrate on my mugging..haha..=X laughing away in the middle of the night to myslf next to the come back more often okie!! =D take care!! (:

  20. hey Das, great to hear ur voice on thurs nite 😀 really enjoyed the prog..

    a pity Mary can’t carry out her ‘big proj’ but i’m sure there’ll be a chance we’ll hear the smurf lullaby on air again.. 🙂

    hope to hear ur voice on 933 again.. take care!!

  21. yo dk, its was really nice to hear your vioce and laughter again on thurs. miss the time when u were on air. hope to hear your vioce more often okey. jia you.

  22. Hiz!! I was actually quite surprised to suddenly hear your voice on air tat day lahz.. So i juz stay half awake till 1 am like many others =P Msg in to say ur pics’ actually not bad then u say chey.. i was like so =.=” hahas.. anyway, those pics Cruz post out is quite erhem… is he teasing u?? lols

    Anyway, we are all looking forward to hearing ur voice so do drop by when u haf the time =) ~i’m 18 too hehez

  23. aw….ur voice is ever so soothing to listen to…i really missed those days when staying up late to catch ur prog while studying is ever so joyous and entertainin and the smurf songs marks a indication that ur job for the night has completed… come back soon if possible.. =D

  24. Yo Das .
    glad to hear your voice 2days ago . =)
    I was rather high though . HAHA .
    It was entertaining and many of us enjoyed it !

    Take Care !
    Hear you on 933 soon .

  25. Heard you on the radio the other night. Had mixed feelings too. Happy that you’re back in 933 as guest and hearing you on air again, sad that it only lasted awhile. I missed the smurf song every night. Called in 8 yrs ago and chatted with you awhile, and u even called me ur xue mei since same poly. Nevertheless, wishing you all the best!
    ~ Go to sleep now, close your eyes, try to think of tomorrow…. ~

  26. it was great to hear u on the airwaves again.. missed those days when u were still a dj..

    hopefully one day u will return to the radio again 😛

  27. hihi.. i heard u tt nite too.. tried calling in but cant get thru.. was muggin for exams too.. like most pple.. reali glad to catch u on air.. like all the rest had mentioned.. ur voice is missed!! reali hope u be back again.. or be co-host more often ba k.. 🙂

  28. hey dasmond,

    sms in to 933 during mary’s progrm. heard your voice. miss the good old days. lol. you were really good till now you r still that good as a dj. lol. would always listen to your progrm till the every last part then float into lala land. now i would always listen to 933 till 1 in the weekdays and till 2 on the weekends. cavin’s progrm is also nice. he’s not bad a dj himself. you should visit 933 n be on air more often. really miss those days. lol. aniway, do inform us if u r going to be on air again. ciao!! takkai..loves…

  29. 我也错过了你的节目,真怀念以前听933的日子。现在的933不知怎么的,已经不再那样能够让我一回到家就打开收音机听节目了。。。。


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