3 thoughts on “Hi Cruz…”

  1. Hi Dasmond,

    Recently I was quite busy with lots of things at the “almost” same time and nearly never got a chance to read much of your blog.

    I have a friend getting married end of the year is busy looking for wedding gifts for guest for her wedding dinner. We happened to pass by one shop that is selling T-shirts and we’ve seen one T-shirt, the message on it is:

    “Arms are for hugging”

    I love this message very much – really love it.

    The message delivers to me is:

    Hug is full of warm
    Hug is full of protection
    Hug is full of love
    Hug is full of comfort
    Hug is full of remembrance

    Once in awhile, give your friends a GOOD HUG.

    A HUG for Dasmond – a friend who I will remember.


  2. i guess…this must be a meetup between old friends ba,cos got Lingzhi…HAHAHA…over dinner
    (i did not refer to the any related blogs for info b4 posting this comment btw)


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