On Air!

缤纷万千在昇菘 The Sheng Siong Show
每逢周六 晚上8时
Every Sat 8pm
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乐活有方 Living Well
每逢周三 晚上10时30分
Every Wed 10.30pm
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[youtube FEGMfjEvpn8&hl]

名厨大冻作 Celeb’s A Cook
每逢星期三, 晚上8点30分
Every Wed, 8.30pm
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餐饮英雄榜 F&B Heroes
5月15日起 , 每逢星期四, 晚上8时
From 15 May 08, Every Thursday, 8pm
f&b heroes

23 thoughts on “On Air!”

  1. Wow!

    There’s so many new programmes coming up, too bad I cant watch those telecast on Wed and Thursday one, caused I got work till 8pm. Hope Im able to rush back home and watched it! 🙂

  2. The Sheng Xiong LIVE telecast programme, when will it started to aired?
    Coming this Saturdae mah?

    The Living Well programme, I onli watch three espoides
    After that, i did not continue to watch
    Because it aired at the wrong timing
    @ this hour, i am in the bed sleep preparin go work next dae

    Can’t wait to watch Celeb’s A Cook

    Erm, dasmond, sugie finally make it into the Xing Guang Da Dao III Top 10

  3. Wow look like u are busy hosting all this show. Jia you! But also good that we can see u in the show too.
    Haha. The show that u are hosting is i like to watch de. Haha. Jia you Jia you! Take care of urself. Cya soon.

  4. Last night was watching tv with mum, came across the F&B heros adverstisment, then mum said ‘振荣现在有很多节目。’ I didnt expect her to make such comment cos she seldom watch tv.. maybe bcos i was so gaga over u when u are a dj. So 我妈特别注意你! 哈哈…!

  5. Edit:


  6. eleanor, the sheng shiong show live programme started at 8pm on may of 17th.

    Haha. This time u host so many programme, u can win best host awards liao. Lol.

    U look great! =)

  7. hello, may i know where to get 名厨大冻作 recipe for esp 1? becoz i cant find it in the MediaCorp website.. thks


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