Alive and Kicking!!!


Thanks for all the well wishes ( comments, sms, phone calls etc, I know you all very ‘wu sim’… ). Just thought of dropping ya a note to tell you guys a piece of good news…

I’m back in action again!!! Ah Ha!!!

13 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking!!!”

  1. Glad u are alright! So worried of you! Hehe! Anyway, here is another piece of good news for u..Sugi and Jia Hang managed to get in Top 20 lah..So u as their frens must go their blog to congrats them..One more thing, just in case u dun worried, sugi and jia hang went to one of Taiwanese programme again lah..this is the link for u to watch: ..enjoy yourself! and take care, dasmond!

  2. Congrats. Haha. acutally want to visit u but since u are alright then good for u.
    Dont fall sick again. Jia you! Yeah old dasmond is back. haha.
    Cya at mdc for ss show soon. Take care. =)

  3. I also had mine removed one or two mths back, and it’s a very bloody affair… Mine had to be operated on coz it haven grown out yet… And it was taken out together with another molar… OMG, thinking back, the whole process was oh-so-scary! But thankfully it got healed nicely alr, thou it took kinda long… One advice for u: rinse ur mouth regularly and try not to eat with that side… Keep the wound clean coz that’ll defintely help in the healing process… Hope u’ll be fully recovered soon! =)

  4. may i know where is the clinic… i feel like having mine pluck also but scare of pain so till now still no action.. since like u said not as bad as u think maybe would like to give it a try but to the clinic u went… saw my colleague pluck too her’s still blue black lor.. u must take care… =>

    ( Blk 718 Bedok Reservoir Rd. KCS. The dentist is Doc Daniel.. 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. Happy for you! Anyway, my younger brother removed 4 wisdom teeth at the same time before flying overseas to study. He got MC for a week.

    Glad that everything is okay for you!


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