I know… I’ve gone MIA for quite awhile.
The reason is….


I hate computers sometimes, I get so helpless when there’s problem (cos I dunno how to fix it lah… *bek chek*)

Well, things are slowly falling back into place… got my photoshop back, my connection is ok, and able to login most of the site I need for example Flickr etc ( I keep doing trial and error cos I normally save the password in my comm… lesson learnt… ).

Well, apart from not being able to use my comm as often, life’s still the same…

Hosting Sheng Siong Live show

Sheng Siong Prelude
Filming Living Well…

Living well
Living well
Living well

And ya, I made a trip to Kranji Race Course ( on that day when there was the SIA Cup and Krisflyer Cup… S$4.5m in total for the 2 races ).


Not to bet on horses, but for work…


Would like to take some space to thank the whole production team, all who had involved in the Charity Show we did for the Si Chuan people.

Thanks for all the time and effort you guys ( and gals ) had put in for the show, despite such rush timing… I guess everything were paid off by the generous donation poured in by our fellow Singaporeans. I’m grateful I was given the chance to be involved in the show.

earth Q

There are broken families…
People without shelter…
Parents who lost their kids…
Kids who are going to grow up without the love of their parents…

Be thankful, if the one you care and love is still around.
Cherish their presence.

13 thoughts on “M-I-A”

  1. Hey, I was there at the charity show with th sports athletes, not sure if you remember .. you are so busy! hees, but nevertheless, it is all worth it right.. for the victims of sichuan! =D

    ( umm… if I see ur pic I might be able to recall… haha – from 22 )

  2. Ya, I strongly agree ithat you guys & gals have put up a great show. Thanks for showing the world that Singapore cares about them tooi. The show was very touching too.
    Yes, Singaporeans have donated generously, am so proud to be a Singaporean.
    Hopefully, the amounts raised can be put into good use! Yeah…

  3. Hey Dasmond,

    The programme on May 25, u all done veri well although there are lots of emotion in it
    Especially u, dasmond!
    All the female artistes will crying in the front
    Where else u didnt cried!
    So i guess u must have tell urself to control ur emotions throughout the three hours programme
    Am i right?
    Wadever it is, u indeed host veri good
    It shouldn’t be any mistake that can been seen on the LIVE telecast hor

    If there isn’t any mistake, please give a clap to urself!
    Did a great job! And u had ur veri best to help them!

    (P.S: Only my mum complain the programme is boring)

  4. I am so happy 2 see u on tv. Hehe. U look happy at the channel 8 show just now. The charity show was touching. Jia you in whatever u are doing. =)

  5. The event touches millions of hearts in different ways and wet millions pairs of eyes. You all done a great job. Juz a thought: If anyone is feeling down, think of the pple there, and you will understand that you are so much more fortunate. So be glad to wat you have now.

  6. Looking at all the disasters in other countries n recently visited a v poor country, makes me think how lucky we ppl living in Sin are.. but many do not cherish our peaceful country.. we still complain n complain.. ah! human weakness..

  7. heys ! great to see you back (:
    you have photoshop arhes ?

    (erm, anybody has photoshop’s breakcode?)

    i didnt watch till the end of the 3hours. watched 2hours .
    so touching laaa!

  8. wahhh.. i dont dare to put my blog add in here in public to aloow you to see my pics! haha.. *shy*
    Remember my name… haha.. next time if i get to see you again, i will deinitely say HI to you… haha..
    I will go like “hi dasmond, i am rachel, your loyal blog visitor!”
    See you soon!



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