Be Wise…

Have been getting a few ‘weird’ and ‘not-too-polite’ comments recently (and of course it’s being moderated :)). Think the aim of the person (or maybe the group) is to try to stir up something and to create some misunderstanding. I’ve got a piece of advise for whoever involved…

wise man
Be wise.
It’s time to stop. Dun use this space for the delivery of your unkind thought.

Hate to be misunderstood*

p/s: my little bro jj says he will hunt you down sooner or later. So, before he catches you, you better….

18 thoughts on “Be Wise…”

  1. hi dasmond , what wrongs? care to share. anyway do cheer up. Dont be too bothered bout what others say. be happy ya.take care

  2. i think u shldnt bother with those people, they have nothing better to do. u just wasted one post on them! 🙂 hee the picture CUTE =)

  3. DK, dun be too upset by those unconstructive comments. Actually, u dun even have to be bothered by them as they have intention to agitate u. Jus do ur best in ur work and as long as your conscience is clear, dun bother about what people think/say abt u. We can’t control their BIG mouth!

    God Bless,

  4. yup.. tink dey jus wan disturd eu or wad bahs.. aniwae shldnt be too bothered wad other pp sae.. jus be urself n as long as your conscience is clear!!! aniwae. cheer up worz..

  5. Hi Zhenrong

    don let these comments affect juz goes to show “at which stage of their life they’re at”…
    (this post kind of let me thought of ur previous post ;p)

    though we don realli knw wat’s exactly e matter, juz bear in mind tt u hv LOADS of pple out there who r always behind U!! Cheer up n Tk lots of great Care…Rgds

  6. Hi Dasmond,

    Don’t worry/bother too much of the bad/nasty comments left by the bloggers. As long as you know what you’re doing, is ok.

    It’s true that it feels bad when people misunderstands you. Like me, I am always being misunderstood by lots of people out there but so long that I know what I’m doing, is ok – That’s me! Simply I try not to care for those who try to be funny with me. Also will protect myself from those nasty people… Always believe in yourself – tell yourself “My conscience is clear – Who cares!”. (Basically this is me)

    You are the administrator and moderator of your blog, just delete those nasty comments… =)

    Hope that everything goes well and don’t get too affected.


  7. agree … … should not be bothered by them or him/she … … and really should stop all tis nonsense … … Celebrities r human too… gt feeling .. Pls stops …


  8. Agree! Spammers should be hunt down!!
    If u ppl dun like, den DUN COME!
    No need to leave unnecessary unconstructive comments!
    Although DK kindly allow freedom of speech here, but dun go overboard la!
    Anywayz, what comes around, goes around (whichever way la!)
    & DK, cheer up!! =D
    Cya soon k!

  9. oh, wonder who is so daring to pass nasty remarks when they know they can be traced, if anyone wants to. Well Desmond, it happens to me all the time too because people always like to come to my tag board and pretend to be someone else I know, and pst funny or nasty remarks. But I always see thru the ploy la. Cheer up!

  10. Hi dasmond,

    You are wise.

    与其写这些weird’ and ‘not-too-polite’ comments.

  11. Dun be upset about it. Dun care about them. Just be yourself. Cheer up!!!

    We will still support u de. Dun worry. Happy vesak day to u first cos on that day i will be busy working. =)

  12. Hi dasmond,Why this people dare to do, but don’t dare to admit? they got the guts to write up but no balls to own up? or should say why he or (that group) are so childish. But is okay, god is not sleeping. There’s something call (retribution).let’s watch how long they can carry on fooling around…

  13. don’t worry to much about how people see you or what they say about you. Different people see things different way ya??

  14. hi dear!!! 🙂 😛 hahaha….life is far too short to be overly bothered by such senseless ppl 🙂 cheer up…and do up a greater performance for such pl :)anyway, as all of us have mentioned, we love you and will support you! 🙂 😛

  15. Hi Desmond.
    No matter what other people said, just need to filter the negative words. Be full of confidence self esteem.
    Our self worth is not based on the words of others.

    Cheers and keep on the cheerful smile and laughters….


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