SuperBand 2 – photoshoot

Finally I’m done with the set of photos we took during the photo shoot for Superband 2.




SuperBand 2 will be airing on U channel from mid June. The Top 16 list is out.

森林帖、三月、Screamm、大风吹、肥皂、、异世界、兔子、Dreamfactory、翼旋风、伍个人、Synpathy、二做剧、蒲公英、C! Star、杂叭琅

For related information, visit U channel SuperBand 2 Official Site.

14 thoughts on “SuperBand 2 – photoshoot”

  1. woo .. black & white .. nice ~
    my fren is in 1 of e grps !!
    gd lucks to him & e rest of e grps !!
    take care, das .. glad tt u r ok now ^_^

  2. Hey Das,
    just now a few mins ago saw the sheng siong trailer…ur opera-ic look super funny leh…movement like warrior…hahaha

    ( isit? haha… will try to catch it… 🙂 – from 22 )

  3. Ink & rabbit they sing very nice at toa payoh hdb hub audition. Good luck to all of the groups.

    Das i think i cant go to watch sheng siong show 2 live on 17th may. Will see u all on 24th n other days ba. Jia you & take care. =)

  4. hey dasmond…what did you use to edit your blog photos? Do you mind telling me?

    ( photoshop lo .. 🙂 – from 22 )


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