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  1. OH NO! :O R you alright?!?

    What happened? Some kind of infection from the wisdom tooth extraction? From the look of the “remains” of ur tooth, it didn’t look like it was a MINOR operation.

    Have a speedy recovery, ya?

  2. Hi Dasmond,

    Drink lots of fluid to bring your fever down. If eating is hard, drink glucose water (you can make from ‘Glucolin’ which comes in original or orange flavour) so you won’t go hungry… Rest well and you recover in no time…. Take care! =)

  3. Omg. What happened? I was shocked when i see ur post.

    How come u at hospital? Which hospital & which floor. Maybe can visit u .
    Ur pervious post look quite ok just that ur face look red n not swollen. Take care & listen 2 the nurse & doctor. Rest well soon. Jia you!

  4. hey dk…join d club 4 losing those wisdom!!! take plenty of water & rinse ya wound after meals….ice cream helps!!!

    take care!

    yy =)

  5. Thanks for your comment. Will let it go fast and get the ‘rotten root’ out asap and heal my heart soon too. U must get well soon. Dun let fever go any higher…..

  6. take care.
    some mistakes in your english though… should be loss of wisdom, not lost of wisdom; discomfort, not uncomfort.

    ( haha thanks 😉 – from 22 )

  7. I can understand your situtation. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed in one sugery last March. It is very important to appoint a good dentist although cost also an important factor. Anyway, take care and must cleanse well. Rinsing of mouth with salt water may help~ 🙂

  8. Hi Dasmond,

    Just an advice…

    1) Do not to walk too often (so you’ll get heal faster) – Lie on bed is the best solution
    2) Eat porridge
    3) Drink more water
    4) Last but not least, do not use your tongue to touch your wound

    This is the reminders when I gotta extract my wisdom teeth many years ago from my mother. Surprisingly, it does help. It takes me 2 days to reduce all the pain.

    Hope it helps you.

    Take care and get well soon.


  9. Hi Dasmond

    Do take care!

    My wife test result came out. Found from the MIR scan, a stent was left inside her body since the last operation to remove her gall bladder seven years old. The stent got dislocated and causing an infection in her bile duct and accumulating the stones there. So, now waiting for the infection to heal before making appointment to remove the stent and stones in 4 weeks’ time. I pray for her fast recovery as she has not been eating since Wednesday (not allow to do so). She is so weak now and I feel sad sad and lost seeing her like this.

    Take care of yourself!
    Edward Han


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