Star Awards 2007

Because of you all, I made it through! 谢谢所有播了电话投我一票的朋友。包括了一直陪伴在我身边的好朋友。这一次的得 奖,真的让我格外珍惜。大家毫无所求的为我付出,心里想的就只是希望看到我走 上台领奖。谢谢你的宠爱。有你,得奖与否,我都是幸福的。。。 A little recap of my day… Rehearsal and preparations… My accessories from Cartier… a total worth of over S$250k All the 功臣behind me. They 发功 to make me shine! Thanks so much… 🙂 And I’m all prep for the event, Star Awards 2007! Snapshot … Read more


I didn’t know that a simple thought can spin off to such extend… ha. Thanks for all the responses. I’ll be working on the mail maybe after this Sunday, when I got more time. So, this means that most prob I’ll have to close the ‘registration box’ after tonight? since Christmas is only a week … Read more


First of all, this is not my Christmas tree… ha! Finally, I started my Christmas shopping today… not too bad, got a couple of gifts 🙂 This is what Clara commented in my previous post:- i remember u sending me a new year card few years back. it was really sweet of u Used to … Read more


25 years… You could have finish all your education… Established your career… Got married, have a few kids… Discover your hair turning grey without you knowing it… Attacked by wrinkles and eye bags… 25 years is a long road… Mediacorp celebrating 25 years of Drama this year. Just like all of you, I grew up … Read more

Back to work!

After a good break, I’m back to work! Apart from all the imaging and prep for Sheng Shiong show and tomorrow’s Star Awards – Drama 25th anniversary, it’s Campus Yummy! ( I actually wanted to touch up our dear camerman, papa Yong’s hair… but I think no need la… guess he would rather have us … Read more

Final Part of Egypt Trip

28-11-2007 Morning Call timing, 0245 hrs. We got our luggage packed because we will be checking out today, heading to Cairo. Took a 3 hours coach ride to The famous historical site, Abu Simbel. For safety reasons, all the coaches that will be heading to Abu, which is across the desert and about 300km away … Read more

Post from Egypt…

Album of Egypt Trip 27-11-2007 The Paradise of Egypt, Aswan. Breakfast. We make our way to a port to take a ferry to Temple of Philae. Philae Temple The original temple was located on a scared sacred island. With the construction of the Old Dam, the temple was submerged in an artificial lake. Only in … Read more

Updates from Egypt…

Album of Egypt Trip 26-11-2007 I woke up real late today… Starting to enjoy the trip more and more cause it’s so laid back. Very much like a holiday. Went down for breakfast at 8am. Yes… the selection is roughly the same… Our cruise ship dock at the harbor of Edfu around 10 plus. Immediately … Read more