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The Paradise of Egypt, Aswan.



day 4 breakfast

We make our way to a port to take a ferry to Temple of Philae.

port to philae 2philae port 2

boat to philae 2

boat to philae 6

Philae Temple

philae temple ticket

The original temple was located on a scared sacred island. With the construction of the Old Dam, the temple was submerged in an artificial lake. Only in August and September when the locked gates of the dam were opened to alleviate the pressure of the flood waters, did the island emerge from the waters so it could be visited. Between 1972 and 1980, the temple was dismantled and rebuild on this islet.

philae 9philae 3

philae 10

Original site of the temple.

original site of temple

When Christian took over the temple, they erased the head of the painting and replaced it by a Coptic Cross.

philae 2

Hey! I didn’t realize I have not seen any cat for the past few days… until this one appears…

plilae cat

The Old Dam…

Old Dam

We’re on our way to the High Dam…

coach driverway to high dam

travelling to high dam 2at high dam 8

Our current position is on the High Dam. If I did remember wrongly, the guide did say something like if something were to happen to the High Dam, Egypt gonna be gone in 2 hours… Scary huh?

at high dam

The Granite Quarries

The famous ‘unfinished obelisk’. It would have been 42 meters high and would have weighed 1150 tons.

Granite Quarries 2

granite quarries 5granite quarries 4

Back on board again.


Super Hungry!

day 4 lunch

Belly Dancing show!

belly dancing

Last night on cruise.. setting off at 0230hrs later…

view from window

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  1. hahaha oh my tian… “The original temple was located on a scared island.” What is the island “scared” of? or do u mean s-a-c-r-e-d? hahaha… (kk, no offense.) ok la, i understand that ur ang moh not v gd, aniway, nice pics! really enjoyed seeing the photos u posted up! post up more ok! thanks!!!

    (paiseh.. posted wrongly, the message is meant for this post, not the 26/11 one…)

    ( haha… change liao la… – from 22 )

  2. wahhh…. Everything Just Look SO yummy and nice… Seems like a perfect holiday! GRawd.. Lucky you. hehex ^-^ takecare and becareful nae. cheers!~ =D


  3. Hi Dasmond,

    Thanks for sending us the photos. Your skill steady man….
    I’ve visited your blog since yesterday. Hoping to read more update and photo from u….will u ?

  4. Hi Dasmond

    Wow! Delicious food, that really makes my family wanting to have a taste of such wonderful food you have shown.

    We love the scenery that you have photographed. That seems to be a nice place to visit. Hope to bring my family for a tour in Egypt.

  5. Oh whats the model no?
    i was planning to buy a camera, and found your shots very clear & nice..
    How do you find the camera?

    haha thanks in advance! 🙂

    ( canon 70 – from 22 )

  6. Hello~~finally found your blog! It’s nice to see the photos. I’ve never been to that country before!! woo~ at least i can get to see the beautiful scenery here. 😀 Jiayou

  7. Hey, Ting Ting, one typographical error does not mean the person’s english is no good. In fact, I was with dasmond under group A and I must compliment him for being effectively bilingual.

  8. To the Didi of group A:

    haha ok la… i was poking fun only ma, no harm intended… anyway, i admit that sometimes i do make mistakes in captions and i can’t be bothered to correct them. and yea, it’s not surprising that he’s effectively bilingual too. After all, Singapore is a multiracial society, it’s hard not to be effectively bilingual (English + whatever your Mother Tongue is). Furthermore, he’s been a radio DJ and also an artiste for quite some time, which gives him opportunities and time to learn and improve for both languages (English + Mandarin). I’m not trying to be critical or whatsoever. In fact, I think Dasmond is an engaging artiste and he can connect to his audience pretty well. =) I’m sorry i can’t give him much praises cos i don’t “follow” him very closely. (“follow” as in keep having updates of him, in news, in tv shows, etc. See, my English vocabulary is just so limited too.)

    Anyway, i’m only a normal k-po passerby who happens to drop by this blog and just wanna comment on his nice photos… My comment was not to say that his English is really bad and i’m in no place to judge his English either. It’s purely an intention of telling him that he made a spelling mistake, don’t mean any harm by (jokingly) criticising him for his English… =))) pls don’t bomb me. full-stop (.)

    Discussion abt that spelling error ends here. Thanks.

  9. It is nice to see all these pictures. Hope you have enjoyed yourself on this trip! Take care & see you soon! Cheers from Isabel (Tourleader from CBT)


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