I didn’t know that a simple thought can spin off to such extend… ha.

Thanks for all the responses. I’ll be working on the mail maybe after this Sunday, when I got more time. So, this means that most prob I’ll have to close the ‘registration box’ after tonight? since Christmas is only a week away 🙂

Not pertaining to only me, if you guys wanna send any thing to Mediacorp Artistes, the addy is:-

Artiste Management, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, East Wing Level 3, Andrew Road Singapore ( 299939 )

Remember to attention to the artiste.


Recently a couple of incidents make me realized that sometimes by doing so little we can make others real happy. Apart from the card thingy, let me share with you another story… ( sounds like old man telling tales huh?… haha)

I’ve got an ear ring that I lost one side of the stud. I kinda like it quite a bit so instead of throwing it away, I kept it in a little box. Yesterday, I happened to open up the box, guess what? it was fixed up!

ear ring

The feeling of looking at it was so good! A sense of appreciation surged all the way up from toe to brain… haha. It was my little bro JJ ( not the singer lah, this JJ cant sing for nuts… 😛 ) who fixed it up for me during my trip to Egypt. So NicE and thoughtful huh?….


We filmed the last episode of Campus Yummy yesterday and today… a little peep into it. 🙂




This is how you can bring back Felicia’s autograph without loosing it… have it signed on your hand… haha

feli sign

63 thoughts on “WoW!”

  1. not that u dunno, s’poreans ‘gian’ free things ma, even card they want de.. hahhahaha.. so u better close e registration b4 u need to spend 24/7 in sending cards.. hahahaha.. (of cos i can say this cos i’ve already ‘registered’ n oh, so did i admit that i’m one of such ‘gian pieng’ sporean? lol.)

    haha.. u say ur bro can’t sing.. so bad..

    btw ‘know’ u for so long, how come didnt know u have a little bro uh, only knew u have an elder sis.. haha..

  2. HAHAHA…Dasmond…
    Sign on hand will eventually be erased one wad…hahaha!i think that way is not exactly useful…
    It’s a Pro and Cons thing
    But the most impt thing is you must be careful lor…after collecting premiums and it’s autographed stuff b4…I will put it in a clear plastic…those selling in SKP in 100s at about 7 bucks…that way is a good way to preserve autographs..(Rest Assure…the campus yummy napkin is still with me!Ep 2 somemore…)(hahaha)

  3. Hi Dasmond,

    Greetings from Japan. Thank you for your all postings on your blog, it does definitely bring you and your fans closer. Well done! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best to you.

    Will you send a Christmas card to Japan? Haha… (+ _ +)

    Take care and God bless you!!!

    ( post me ur addy, maybe a new year card instead… 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. haha i see tht u recvd 150++ responses. see how u’re gonna send them all.. oopsie. perhaps pick out a lucky 50?
    anw, happy early x’mas and all the best for star awards 🙂

  5. hmmm sheng siong will be starting soon rights? maybe i go down to mdc one of those days see if i can meet you instead… hahaa… lazy to walk to post office -.-

    bt reali thanks for the effort yaa?

    smilez~ =))

  6. Title: I want my Christmas Card!

    eh eh! i want the christmas card also leh! haha at least for thanking me for correcting ur tiny little spelling mistake larz… sianz… should’ve checked ur blog everyday man… how i noe u so free come up with a santa claus post! hahaha anyway u already got so many ‘orders’ liao. well, i’m still leaving my address! haha, no obligations la. if i dun receive any christmas card i’ll understand de. hehe

    i’m really touched by ur outreach to the public. cos it really shows that artistes and super stars (hehe i say u super star leh, happy rite!) are humans after all, and they are normal people just like us (common public/ lao2 bai3 xing4) ! like, u noe, the feeling that actually “stars (ming2 xing1)” can also be “friends” with us! this is the very first time i see an artiste offering to give out free christmas greetings lor! and personally sign and send out the cards! so of cos i hope to be the lucky one receiving it too! alright, pardon me for my broken english cos i’m really excited abt this “Santa Claus brightening up my Christmas” thing. haha. if ur sending, here’s an early THANK You to u!

    and of cos, i wish u a very Merry Happy Christmas! =))))))))))))))))))

    oh oh! and good luck for ur Star Awards! will keep u in my prayers! and of cos vote for u la..
    p.s. i think ur blog is the best and most entertaining among all the artistes that i’ve read liao, i dun like those with chinese words de (e.g. Quan Yifeng’s), read liao v tired, cos i v long nv read/write in Chinese le. shh, dun say ar. haha. keep it up! ur blog really rocks!

    Thanks for reading my super long post again! and remember not to post it out ar, otherwise ppl see my address leh!

    -Ting Ting

  7. Actually wanted to leave my addy to receive a xmas card from u but seriously, the number shocked me and i dun think u can mail so many cards yourself within such little time la! Anyhow, jiayou!!!:D Mebe u can send me new yr card or bdae card! HAHA~
    Oh yah, Star Awards tml… hope u get into the top 10!

  8. m i still eligible for the christmas card??? please…my com crashed n i didnt c ur post tt dae!!
    nt cuz gt free card k cuz e card is from u tts y its a MUZ to have!!!

  9. hey hey!! my gangs and I saw ur reply on our comment! =D
    we would prefer you to send one card only cos sending cards to all of us would cost you quite alot. heh
    so .. we would prefer you to send to this addy?

    Merry Christmas!!! =)

  10. hey das, need some help in the cards sending?
    maybe some help in pasting stamps?! 🙂
    hee.. see ya tml at star awards!

    ( Thx so much… 🙂 – from 22 )

  11. hey dasmond,
    When I was in Singapore from May to Aug I really enjoyed watching CSS2 that you hosted..

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

  12. Hello Dasmond, long time din left any msg here for you. So today would like to wish you here All the Best for today’s 16th Dec result. I’m sure you had put in your best effort in all your TV projects, and I’m sure all your supporters can see your efforts. No matter wat, you will have all our support. Jiayou! 😉

  13. that’s a really nice thing to do for your fans…too bad i read your blog late or else i would have asked to be sent one too 😛 after all, the traditional card do make people feel special no matter who it’s from as long as it’s not a psycho lol…

    it’s true about simple things we do sometimes mean a lot to others…have a merry xmas since i won’t be around to read your blog till after xmas ^^

  14. Finally the day had come and arrived. I know today is your big day. And I know you are nervous and want to know whether you are able to get into the Top 10 or not. But please dun be nervous, Dasmond! Because I will be watching you thru TV. Plus, no matter you will get it or not, you still a winner in my heart. and still a best host I ever seen and ever watch. Last but not least, wish you all the best of luck for Star Awards tonite.
    Early greetings to you, merry x’mas Dasmond!

  15. umm dasmond… isit all the artise add is like that just that attention to that artise name?
    pls reply tk…

    ( yeap, that will do! 🙂 – from 22 )

  16. hey dasmond. that simple thought of yours was really sweet! but seems like it`s going to make your week really busy.. hope all your fans will be thrilled to receive a xmas card from santa dasmond.. and, all the best for star awards tonight!

  17. Hi Dasmond,

    justsaw your blog say that u will send christmas cards to all your fans.. so sweet of u.. anyway now is 2 late 2 “register” for u 2 send me d card..
    Jiayou in tonight Star awards.. will be looking forward to see on the stage for the top 10 male artists.

    p.s: actuali i dont mind if u can see me an autograph photo of u and Daren instead of Christmas card.. hehe..


  18. hey dasmond! i’m typing this as i see you get the star award!! hahaha!! so glad you won!!! i voted for you too!!
    haha your message was short and sweet! 😀 jiayou jiayou jiayou!!!!!!!


  19. Hey dasmond.. so happy for you that you are among the top 10 most popular male artises..congrats.. like your hosting.. you’re very funny… hehe.. hope to receive your xmas card too okies???? hehe.. thanks!! cyasss!I

  20. HURRAY!!!!!!!!! U GOT INTO TOP 10!!! SO HAPPY FOR U DAS!!! Though I am sick and couldn attend, I didn forget voting and keeping a watch out!! WEEEEEEEEE!

  21. hahaha…das…when i wanna leave my address for the xmas card posting(after u told me to leave my addy), there’s no way for me to leave any comments…
    …maybe a new yr card…hahaha 🙂

  22. is it too late to add my address? haha i just saw ur reply ): anyway congrats on star awards! it was really great =D will never miss star awards every year.

    cheers! merry xmas in advance! may 2008 be a great year for everyone (:

  23. is it super late for the “registration” ?
    i guess so . will understand if it is not possible though .
    was wondering if i could receive a new year card instead as christmas is like today yea ?

    wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !


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