Updates from Egypt…

Album of Egypt Trip


I woke up real late today…
Starting to enjoy the trip more and more cause it’s so laid back. Very much like a holiday.


Went down for breakfast at 8am.
Yes… the selection is roughly the same…

Our cruise ship dock at the harbor of Edfu around 10 plus.


Immediately we set off for Edfu Temple.

Edfu Temple 7

The best preserved temple in all of Egypt still stands in the ancient capital of the region, called by the Greeks Apollinopolis Magna. Consecrated to Harus, the temple was built by Ptolemy III Evergetes in 327 B.C. on the much older one built for Thutumosis III by the first priest architect Imhotep. Work was continued by the successors of Evergetes, up to Cleopatra VII, the last queen of Egypt.

Edfu Temple 20Edfu Temple 18Edfu Temple 11Edfu Temple 16

Edfu Temple 10

One of the question the tour guide post to us. Look at this scene on the wall. 3 on the right, 3 on the left, and 1 in the middle. So how many people are carrying the boat?

Edfu Temple 12

Look carefully, apart from the middle 1, the rest all were drawn with 5 layers, so there were altogether 31 men carry the boat…

Edfu Temple 13

And this is a replica of the boat ( the original in the Cairo Egyptian museum ).

Edfu Temple 15

Got back to the cruise at lunch hour.

cruise at Edfu

Started sailing again.
Our nest destination, Kom Ombo.

And ya… sama sama lah the lunch…


After lunch there were some hoo-ha among the few of us about making a ring or pendant with the Egyptian Heroglyphic Alphabet engraved on it…

This is how the ABC to XYZ looks ☺

heiro alphabet

I made a ring with my name ‘Dasmond’ engraved on it, which cost me US$30.
swee bo?


1800 hrs
Arrived at Kom Ombo


Temple Kom Ombo


2 Temples set side by side.

kom ombo 3

On the left, Temple dedicated to Falcon God
On the right, Temple dedicated to Crocodile God Sobek.

kom ombo 6

Because it’s so near to river Nile, a few meters away, thus most part of the temple was destroyed by flood.


How to know which side to read from?


Look at where are all the animals facing. If they face right, start from the right.

Timber was placed into such holes and use to hold on to 2 stones. Water was poured in to allow it to expand for a grip.

kom ombo 1

This piece of timber was dated back to the time when the temple was built.

kom ombo 4

Mummified crocodile in the house!

kom ombo croc mummified

Nothing new about the dinner…


After dinner, it’s Galabaya Night!
Most of us dressed up in the traditional costume for the party.
Check us out!

kom gala5

kom gala4kom gala3

do not disturb

To be continue again… 🙂

17 thoughts on “Updates from Egypt…”

  1. wahh, the sky is really beautiful there..
    hmm, i wonder when u type all those info, did u refer to anything? or all in ur mind liao?
    thx for all the nice pictures! i feel that i’ve been to egypt too. hees. =)

    ( of course got material lah… ha – from 22 )

  2. interesting…. reminds me of the days i was in sq. egypt (cairo) was one of the 1st place i travelled. that was a decade ago. kinda miss those carefree days… fly here and there. enjoy yourself to the fullest. btw, u went alone? that’s very bold. how long is the trip and how much did u pay for the whole trip? have fun ya

  3. ohhmyy…DASMOND! that’s such a nice ring la!~ =)

    woww, reading ur blog, can almost feel like im there myself. nice photos~! sure looks fun over there.. much to explore huh? maybe i’ll tk a trip there in the future too, heh…

    hope u enjoyed the trip loadds~!

  4. Nice costume you worn. That is sweet looking.

    It’s great to see that you are having alot of fun. That’s what life is all about! Enjoy while you can …

    Once again, looking at those delicious food really makes us mouth watery. Well, enjoy yourself and keep us posted!


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