Star Awards 2007

Because of you all, I made it through!

A little recap of my day…

Rehearsal and preparations…

Star Awards 07 015Star Awards 07 016Star Awards 07 008

My accessories from Cartier… a total worth of over S$250k

Star Awards 07 186

All the 功臣behind me. They 发功 to make me shine! Thanks so much… 🙂

Star Awards 07 025Star Awards 07 024

Star Awards 07 023Star Awards 07 022

And I’m all prep for the event, Star Awards 2007!

Star Awards 07 057

Snapshot time! Here we go again!….

Star Awards 07 080Star Awards 07 072Star Awards 07 077Star Awards 07 089Star Awards 07 098Star Awards 07 097

Star Awards 07 100Star Awards 07 074Star Awards 07 058Star Awards 07 096Star Awards 07 084Star Awards 07 081

Star Awards 07 079Star Awards 07 092Star Awards 07 095Star Awards 07 085Star Awards 07 070Star Awards 07 066

For more pictures, click on the album link below 🙂

72 thoughts on “Star Awards 2007”

  1. Looking at the message and photos you had posted, you seem dun nervous at all on your big day!
    Glad that you are so relax on your big day! Also glad that you finally get your Top 10 trophy!
    I was happy for you. And happy to hear your name was been called out. Oh my! This is the best memory I ever had. All thanks to Star Awards although I sit at home watchin u and all your colleagues get the awards.

  2. 恭喜荣少! 贺喜荣少!

    You had the Is-it-really-me look when the host read your name 😉 不用怀疑, 就是你! You deserved to win lah!

    Wow! It must be really late when you put up this post. Take care!

  3. Dasmond, congulation… You really shine.. On my small TV, I spotted ur watch and ur shoe.. WOW! I think it is one of ur best Christmas gift this year.. Hope that ur career path will continue to shine.. Got chance must remember to go back to host radio show.. Miss ur voice in the night.. *shy*
    Enjoy urself.. Merry christmas…

  4. Congratulations on your getting the top 10 award Dasmond! I’m just so glad that you could get this because you worked really hard to deserve it. Continue to gambatte and looking forward to watching more of your new shows. =)

  5. CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you now really can pun pi pi liao….. keep it up!
    i shout hurray very loud when your name is call, my niece though i’m siao. but is ok so long you really make it!
    your great christmas present!

  6. Hey Dasmond…

    Congratulations to you!!!! Really happy that you was in the Top 10 Awards list. Haha…hope you have a great year ahead in 2008.. =)

  7. 恭喜恭喜!

    Must jiayou in 2008 also!

    Hope you can get it next year…year after next…year after next next…until you get 超级红星!


  8. congratulations dasmond!
    honestly, you were the only artiste i voted for this year. was woohoo-ing at home when they finally announced your name~ =D

    gong xi gong xi… jiayou and all e best for the year to come! ^^

  9. congrats to your winning of top 10…

    it’s really gracious of you for sparing a thought to the rest of artiste by giving them a chance to have their speech too!

  10. Hello! Dasmond Koh(Rong Sao)! Congratlations for your return to Top 10 Male Artistes again! Try your very best for New Year ahead for more variety shows! Yet I watch yesterday star awards you wear very nice person I never seen! U are my supporter from now on! Never seen you such a lot of years since you came to Host The Mission Season 1 in 2001! Cheers & Take care, Dasmond! I so Happy! Wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! =D

  11. Hi Dasmond

    Congrats… so happy for u, i was really confident u wld get in and U DID!! 😉 btw i post my mailing address to u last week but don see my 2nd comment to u under e “Christmas” title… wonderin u receive or not? I’m lookin forward to ur card ooh..

  12. Hey hey! Congrats to ya!!! Good to see that you’ve won!! Gong xi gong xi!!
    Heh…i just browsed through the section on Christmas and just saw someone mentioned in here about you sending Christmas cards.Hehehe…yup i did received from you too.Just that you knew me by my the other name
    ‘Sarah’ .Hehehe….should be able to remember me lar hor?
    Email? Hehehe…so will i be getting one e-card then?Muhahaha…
    Anyways, congrats again and jia you for 2008!!

  13. Zhengrong, congratulations! A victory indeed for all your hard work on set and your efforts in maintaining such good relations with your supporters.

    Oh I would be using your photograph taken of the Campus Superstars on Teresa’s fanclub websites and my blog if you don’t mind. Will be citing you as the source of course. Just to let you know.

    Once again, great work!

    ( sure, no prob, pls go ahead…. – from 22 )

  14. on behalf of dasmondesire! a big CONGRATS to you! you were suave to death last night! it was the most magical moment for me! when your name was being called out, i practically flew to 九霄云外~ the greatest xmas christmas for all of us! Dasmond! you were great! yayyy!!! yay!!! 🙂 you won!

  15. congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. btw gratz for getting into top 10 and thx for ur book dang xia hui yi and ur autograph. wish u an early merry x’mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty!!!!!!!!!!!! jia you in watever u do…

  17. gong xi ar… so happy u got into top 10! muz keep up with ur gd wrk ya? hope to c u in channel 8 more often.. try actin as well? who noes, u might get best actor of the year? 🙂

  18. hi! i hav receivd e unique christmas present frm u,rong shao! thanks,i will treasure it! 😉 late congrats 4 gettin in2 shi da! merry christmas 2 u in advance! jiayou!

  19. Congrats for getting into 十大… (I knew I’m late, but better late then never right?)




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