Back to work!

After a good break, I’m back to work!

Apart from all the imaging and prep for Sheng Shiong show and tomorrow’s Star Awards – Drama 25th anniversary, it’s Campus Yummy!


( I actually wanted to touch up our dear camerman, papa Yong’s hair… but I think no need la… guess he would rather have us see the real ‘him’… :p )

The feeling of getting back to work was good, after having a good break… This round we are at SIM ( hahaha )!



This episode of Campus Yummy will be out on 25th December, Christmas Day!

x tree

( The guy peeping behind is our campus guide for SIM, funny fellow… have quite a bit of fun working with him… 🙂 )

Alright, will update more after tomorrow’s Star Awards Show!

9 thoughts on “Back to work!”

  1. Hi Dasmond

    The food looks delicious … mouth watering …

    Anyway, today is the Star Awards Show and my family like to wish you all the best and you have our support! You’ve got taste in your outfit.

  2. Dasmond!
    Can yoo send me the first photo? That’s me who’s interviewed by Felicia lah oh my tian!

    thank you very much. (:

    ( you can actually just click on the pic to view it in full size. Then right click and choose to save the pic… 🙂 – from 22 )


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