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It’s almost time to start our filming… next next Tue and Wed (30th and 31st), think if I’m not wrong, we’ll be heading to Singapore Poly.

yummy 05yummy 17

yummy 09yummy 18

yummy 11yummy 03

Executive producer Meiling, producer Meishan, assistance producer Dewei, costume designer, photographer all working real hard, trying to get everything in the right place before we commence our filming next week. πŸ™‚

After that, it was ζ–Ήι’Ÿζ‘¦εΈˆεΎ’ζΌ”ε”±δΌš @ The Singapore Esplanade.

Before concert, thru ζƒε€§ε¦ˆ’s recommendation, we 医 our hungry θ‚šε­ at a Fusion Restaurant called ε―’θˆ ( Sam Leong? yes yes… Space@myHunbleHouse ) in The Esplanade.


Okie, you must try the Salad, very reasonably priced ( $14 ) and it’s super nice! ha


The food are really good. End of the day, the friendly chef tops up the wonderfully dinning experience we had there by a beautiful fruits platter… Woo…

fruits 01

fruits 02fruits & yf

Drooling? …. lol….


Fang's Concert
Umm… the concert…
Rather entertaining… Can see that ζ–Ήθ€εΈˆ and the rest really put in a lot of effort to make it happen. And I must say that I’m really proud of my campus superstar’s kid ζ™Ίι˜³,美贡 ( hey girl, you handled the sound prob well ya… good job! ),ε˜‰θˆͺ and 韡琴… They sang real well… Kym Ng also says so okie… bravo!

And of course my bro Daren, as cool and charismatic as usual! Daren will be launching his album next month, look out for it! πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Campus Yummy!”

  1. Hey Dasmond, you and Felicia Chin are going to Singapore Poly to film for Campus Yummy! Which Foodcourt are you going to find at which FC 1 to 6? Can tell me Dasmond?

    ( production team will plan our movement chart, that’s why we won’t know where we heading – from 22 )

  2. Food looks real nice. But my braces juz started. Think it will be a long long time can’t eat any ‘hard’ food unless they are soft for me. HaHa :S

  3. was at Anthony’s concert ytd too!
    saw you too.
    bu shi qiang si qiang si er yi – was funny!
    indeed campus superstar sang very well.

  4. Dasmond. Please check carefully who you will be hosting with this coming Tue and Wed. As far as I know, felicia will be filming drama next week and she might not be able to film campus yummy with you. Thanks.

  5. Yummy food is always bringing joys to my family and myself. We all love to eat especially going for buffet in different places in Singapore. Any nice buffet you can recommend in case we have missed out?

  6. food court 6 wanton mee not bad. also can try. hohoho! πŸ™‚ dasmond! e-learning week leh!!!! cannot see your handsome face already πŸ™

  7. hey dasmond!! i saw u at fang zhong hua’s concert!! i agreed with u that the superstar kids are great and daren is cool too:D:D:D

  8. the day u stated is elearning at SP.Students r not required to turn up for sch.So,many stalls in the FCs will be closed…
    defeats the purpose of the show right…

  9. hey dasmond!

    wat time will u and felicia be going to SP to film tmr???? Pls reply back asap…

    ( next week, not tomorrow… – from 22 )

  10. Hi.. Yup.. next wk is e learning week.. so very little students will be back to sch… but i think stall wise still okie.. i think the productor had speak to the vendors? =) anyway success for the firming.. maybe i will be in sch tat day…


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