14 thoughts on “Campus Yummy! Recruitment!”

  1. Hi, can i submit vegetarian foods entry? cos i m a vegetarian and my school vegetarian foods have the MAMA’s feeling and it is cheap… =) reply me if u can? so if u give me “green light” i will prepare to submit, i m interested to do it. =)

    ( I think so… you can check on the channel U’s site… 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. Hi~ hope u rmb me 😀
    *vietnam trip that boy.
    I very bo liao than happen to find ur website, so anyhow drop comment.
    That time u host the “Let’s Shoot” show at J.E, got auntie beside me kept saying u Yandao.
    ‘auntie-killer’ 😡


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