Greetings fron DOHA!

YO! I’m nowing in Doha International Airport, waiting for transit to Luxor. Stupid me… didnt bring the connector to upload pictures… will do that once I get access again. Take care and have fun in Singapore!

Bon Voyage!

Alright, after all the rushing and packing… I’m leaving for Egypt! And you know what’s the best part for today’s preparation? One of my dear friend pass me a Apple MacBook! hahahahahaha….. I’ve been thinking of getting this cool Macbook for quite sometime already. So, the timing is just right… I’ll have a good 10 … Read more


It was about 5 years ago if I didn’t remember wrong. I visited the library because we’ve got a show there. 5 years later. I’m back there again. For a simple purpose, I wanna know more about Egypt before I make my trip there end of next month. When I was in Turkey 2 years … Read more

I'm Back!

Yeap, I’m back! It was a rather interesting trip though… kinda tired today, will update and post more pics when I regain my power…! Nightzz people 🙂


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There’ll always be a time you think you should have a break… You started to calculate how many days you can afford, Thinking where should you go… … Gonna start planning for my year end holiday. I’ll go look for a tour agency to tag along with the tour… Everybody! Start saving up!!! We’ll go … Read more


Uploaded some of my diving trips photo in the Gallery Check out the rest of the pics when you got time. If you got any question in regards to Diving, ask Jacki. Interested in learning Diving? Gill Divers!!!

Walking thru' memory lane…

spend quite a bit of time rearranging my photos today, got 2 sets done… Dun envy me, I work hard to earn the trip… hahaha If you are interested in seeing the full album, just click on the Gallery.