3 thoughts on “Diving!”

  1. woo..cool..i wanna learn how to dive too.but my mom doesn’t allow me to..haix…i tried snorkellin at the great barrier reef..it was totally cool..love marine bio..haha.

  2. hey dk,

    those pictures you took are beautiful. seen any dolphins? take a few photos of it. they are a bunch lovely creatures.real cute. i love the sea too. i wanna learn diving, but i’ve got prob with my nose. clown fishes are cute, the only fish that’s not afraid of the corals.lol. did i get that rite? oh well. hope to see more of it. gtg. see ya!

  3. wo!really nice photos!!
    me only went to one Snorkeling at krabi…well..there water is not so clean..sad..
    hope to do another Snorkeling in redang island…(if i got the chance ah..)


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