It was about 5 years ago if I didn’t remember wrong. I visited the library because we’ve got a show there.

5 years later. I’m back there again. For a simple purpose, I wanna know more about Egypt before I make my trip there end of next month.

library book

When I was in Turkey 2 years ago, I didn’t prepare myself at all… end up I was like learn-along-trip. For any country that is rich in culture, a lot of friends have been telling me to do some read up before I head there, it’ll help. So, I decided to heed their advise and be a ‘keen-to-know’ tourist.  🙂

BUT! Every page of the guide book was like packed with tiny wording … really not easy to digest… anyone out there got better recommendation?


I’ve got a surprise visitor 2 days ago… Miss Amber Tan! haha


Her ‘dad’ brought her to my place.

Cute little girl, very obedient.  Keeping pet can be rather fun, but to think about the commitment… well… maybe when I got more time… ha


car view

This is a shot I took during my drive home today. Evening sun is always so soothing…

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  1. I’m depend alot on the lonely planet because they cater much to my needs with the relevant information a first time visitor would need.

    1. Egypt (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
    2. Egypt Guide (Open Road Travel Guides Egypt Guide)
    3. A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit: Egypt

    ( thanks 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. woww.. nice evening shot!

    daren’s amber ahh. hahas… =DD

    all e best in finding e relevant resources for travelling thenns… let ya know if i manage to find any bahhs. =)

  3. I’ve never bothered to read up before any of my trips, be it Italy, Egypt, Greece, Holland.. It’s more exciting to learn as u go along. Basic info can be obtained from hotel concierge or airport when u’re there. This was what I did during my years with Sq. Don’t stress yourself up when it’s meant to be a trip to relax and enjoy..

  4. hmm….yup…lonely planet is quite a good book…dun read frommers cos though it is informative, the print & overloading of info will kills…hahaha 🙂

    hahaha…caught u in camera doing illegal stuff…u took pic in e middle of the road…hahah 🙂 this is e junction to serangoon 🙂 😛

    ( you guys are sharp ya… go ‘moving’ road directory… 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. You’re sure right about dogs bro…really gotta have commitment and time. Too many abandoned dogs these days =(

    but one day if u decide to keep one, do contact me..haha


    ( why? you got a pet shop ah? ha – from 22 )

  6. lonely planet is the best…it will be better if there is an official tourist site where it tells U where is recommended to go…

  7. Yo,Dasmond eu r a gd host in “you wua jui shou” but i still think eu must cut ur hair cause it is getting longer every second.Eu have two choises,1-Cut ur hair.2-Become a ghost.”Er shuan yi le!!”

    ( cut le cut le… haha – from 22 )

  8. yeah n hv some quick glance by finding fr the internet..its even more convenient..wikipedia quite gd least u wont fall aslp reading from those webbies.

    i cant believe that the egyptians build those pyramids at such a great height..its amazing man..i saw on the history channel that the engineers measured the degree of error of the pyramids n its only like 0.002(an example,i 4gt alr..) percent! they pour water n let it evaporate bit by bit so that they can build up the rite!!!

    but anyway its still a mystery on how they can get things done thru juz only the naked eye..well the engineers cud only guessed how they cud hv done it…

  9. hi dasmond. just dropping by to say u r a great host. very natural and humorous lar, esp on hey gorgeous!i c u on tv on mon(hey gorgeous!) and thu (switch here switch there also c ur face!) anyway, keep up the good work! =)

  10. yeah =) i know where to get quality dogs and not those that come from puppy mills. Really horrible how dogs are bred and kept in those places. They live purely to reproduce =)

    I’m a dog enthusiast. Anything dog u can contact me ya?

    All the best…

    You look really cool these days! You can count on me for my votes when it comes to the star awards!!

    Best host ever!

  11. Hmm…I am also Not Good in reading HIstory from Books. Why not try watch Documentary…Such as Discovery? Sometime “moving Pictures” is easily to “absorb” better than Black & white words…. :”P

  12. Hmm…the Egypt book looks familiar…my sis oso reading that & heard she seems to be gg there in Nov too. Well, mayb you may be with the same grp as her… Haha… As for pets, if you are getting 1 too, must ask professional. I know a friend opening pet shop. Maybe can help you with that. 🙂

  13. yes!Egypt really is wonderful place!!
    just home from there!!!
    i got do some study from the site..not from the book.
    just check on the temple..most important temple like the Abu Simbel,temple of Luxor,temple of Karnak!!
    these temple is A must to see !!!and the Valley of kings
    and the Egyptian Museum a MUST go!!at there outside got book ..must buy is the Egypt Then and now Picture book!!

    and on the cruise/ bring portable kettle.if you want to boil water to cook maggie there no kettle..
    on the hairdryer..

    and change smaller note to buy mineral wATER!!
    there coke or soft drink all is 10egyptian pound.

    can check on my Egypt blog..
    (havnt all done)

    and when at can call ur tour mate

    Egypt is super fun!!!full of color and history!!

    must buy is the Cartouche!!!!!!!!!

    if you got anything want to to email me!!

    hope you have fun!!!

  14. hey dasmond!! it seems to me youre keen and interested int he mediterranean/middle eastern culture..i would like to suggest that you visit IRAN where the great civilisation of Persia is and no Iran is not as bad as what pple thought it would be but becaus eof the media exagerations and the fact theyve oil, tourism is not really their priority..So yeah mebe one of those days id recommend u to visit Iran esp its capitla city TEHRAN =DD

  15. Arh…Egypt. heh heh… dun be too disappointed when you get to see the Pyramid.

    Points to note:
    1) Ignore all those ppl who want to show you the best photo taking location. They just want $$.
    2) Just make a change of USD20 or USD30 to Egyptian $, you only need them for toilet entry. The rest…USD.
    3) Sunblock & Sunshade!! Its a must.
    4) Valley of the kings and Abu Simbel, they rock!
    5) if you have a chance, go to the red sea. Really beautiful sea, great for diving or snorkering.
    6) and the mummy of course. Once in the lifetime experience.
    7) Dun be surprised if the shop owner asked you to go into their shops, and they put down the shutter when you are in. be prepared and dun shop alone.

    ( Then what will the shop owner do?.. ha – from 22 )


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