Taiwan! This gonna be a different experience :)

Here’s what’s the trip is all about!

Special Departure 6th April!
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Miaoli Fruit Orchard where you can delight in hand picking and eating seasonal fruit. Qing An Tofu Street, famous for its savoury and smooth texture as they are handmade following traditional methods with local water which tastes sweet. Explore the popular Ningxia Night Market which has a wide array of snacks like oyster pancakes, yolk taro, braised meat rice, cuttlefish soup and more.



Hualien. Visit a lingzhi centre before proceeding to Li Chuan Aquafarm. Be enthralled by the surroundings of the farm which boasts of golden clam breeding ponds. Liyu Lake’s annual fireflies festival.



Enjoy scenic train ride which boasts of picturesque eastern coastal views as you journey to Yilan. Upon arrival, visit Yilan National Centre for Traditional Arts which has purpose built performance space for traditional opera, music, dance, crafts and folk art like acrobatics, etc. Stay a night at a hotspring hotel in Jiaoxi where you may relax and enjoy the therapeutic remedies of outdoor or in-room hot spring. If time permits, you may try a unique “doctor fish” spa hot spring

乘搭火车沿着东部海岸, 欣赏风光明媚的景观,一路北上宜兰。抵达宜兰后,前往宜兰国立传统艺术中心,依传统戏曲、音乐、舞蹈、工艺及民俗杂技之需求筹建。于礁溪的温泉酒店住宿一晚,并可在房内享受温泉浴,消除疲劳、精神焕发。如时间允许,还可尝试别致的医生鱼温泉。


Wu Shih Harbour, where you will enjoy a cruise ride to view the scenic Turtle Island and fun-loving dolphins leaping in and out of the sea. Thereafter, visit Pixiu Lucky Charm Centre. At dusk, take a leisure stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf, the filming site of the popular TV drama serial, “Meteor Garden” and be enthralled by Tamsui’s sunset, one of the 8 great views of Taiwan. Dinner at Badasan Aboriginal Restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with crafts from various aboriginal tribes and live singing by the aborigines every evening. Thereafter, head to Tamsui renowned for its “iron eggs” and historic Tamsui Old Street.


Explore the Taipei International Floral Expo which is hosted by Taiwan for the first time. Then, visit Taiwan traditional tea art centre. Continue to Ximenting where you can shop to your heart’s content.


Let’s Goooooo! 🙂

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