Thought of heading Tioman or Dayang for a dive before the next season of Sheng Siong Show starts in April…

Anyone interested? Leaving in the evening of 3rd April back on 5th night ( weekend getaway ). Cost id $350 for leisure Dive, and $599 for Open Water course.

Phuket dive march

Phuket dive march

What about a Longer holiday? haha


August… hee

Email Reshel at [email protected] for more information 🙂

6 thoughts on “Travel!”

  1. Nice to have the pleasure of diving. Maybe I should be encouraging my kids to take up diving. Seems like a nice hobby as you can really enjoy the wonders of under sea views.

  2. I really need a break too. But seems like it not now and not sure when I can make it. Anyway, do have ur break when u can and when u have the budget. I think recent wks I’ve been moving my ‘engine’ too hard. Seems like some parts are getting quite ‘angry’ w me liao. Haha!!! 😛

  3. hey! i saw u at gilldivers, dunno if u rmb. so how come u changed ur mind abt going tioman or dayang on 3rd apr? did u manage to drag jacki to dive wif u? hahas


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