What's up?

Some updates…

TeleMovie 想你的时候

Telemovie 想你的时候 will be launching in 2 weeks time. Been following up closely… 🙂
Went for the preview few days back… umm… think my acting sucks… haha. If you are interested in getting a copy through mail ( think VCD is below $15 and DVD is below $20 ), you can email my site’s admin to register ( payment via bank transfer ).


Sheng Siong Show season 4 starting this Saturday 8pm Channel 8!

Jolly Good Time

Filming a new variety show Jolly Good Time with Michelle Chia and Joanne Peh, debut 1st week of December, Channel 8!

Working on another project, will let you guys know soon… and… uploaded some more of the Spain pictures ( with all the help from Reshel in correcting the location’s name that I label wrongly… ha )


6 thoughts on “What's up?”

  1. will the telemovie be out in stores too? ha. & what do you mean by site admin? 🙂

    anw, the spain photos you took look really nice! 🙂 🙂

  2. hey dasmond, will there be subtitles for the vcd or dvd?

    ( Hi! how are you? 🙂 I dunno leh… let me find out and get back to you… – from 22 )


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