Superband 2 Revival!

Yesterday was a totally different experience. 8 of the formerly eliminated groups came back to Mediacorp’s TV theater trying for one more time, to fight for 2 seats in the Superband 2 Semi-final. They worked very hard for the competition, sacrificing alot of their leisure time ( including sleep of course… ) for all the … Read more

Superband 2107

2107 is the date, not lucky number… ( in case you really 4D ~siao, once you see numbers cannot dun buy, then ‘heng heng’ ya… ) Group photo…. ( number of people getting lesser and lesser hor… ) Contesting groups for tonight. Those who make it to the next round…

About "重量级"…

Hey people, take it easy… haha! It all started from here… After reading it, umm… it was quite neutral, isn’t it? …was I being condemned in the article? My ‘ang mo’ not very good… @@ Next, Huifen from WanBao called me early this morning and ask me about it… Then, her quite well written article … Read more

Superman… oops! Superband!

The match last Monday proves to be an unpredictable one… Rehearsal and actual show, was like so different… Nervous, inexperience or fan scream too loud? @@ And see how messy the ( cartoon boy’s group? ) can get… haha ! This is what we do while we are waiting for the results… snap snap snap! … Read more


Well, a couple of things to update here… I’ve got an interview to call my own. Thanks to Mun San 🙂 Straits Times The Monday Interview on Life! Poor boy makes good – Dasmond Koh may be one of the most visible male hosts on TV but the former DJ says he is no A-list … Read more

SuperBand 2 – photoshoot

Finally I’m done with the set of photos we took during the photo shoot for Superband 2. SuperBand 2 will be airing on U channel from mid June. The Top 16 list is out. 森林帖、三月、Screamm、大风吹、肥皂、樱、异世界、兔子、Dreamfactory、翼旋风、伍个人、Synpathy、二做剧、蒲公英、C! Star、杂叭琅 For related information, visit U channel SuperBand 2 Official Site.