11 thoughts on “SuperBand 15/09”

  1. Haha… “Merry Xmas” in advance. Thanks for sharing! =)
    ok notice the car plate (22) –> your number??
    Actually we wanted to wish you 中秋节快乐… but then start recording le… =P

  2. The carplate no. is like so cool can.
    I have ever thought of getting a car plate with SJY, cause JY -> my name. But just a thought only, cant fulfil it also. LOL.
    I cant afford it yet…

  3. lol..i saw santa last night at superband, he forgotten his snowy beard and his santa hat..
    hahaha…peifen look taller last night..but u are still good looking…so Lexus, tt’s ur car??nice one..

  4. Unbelievable!!!! Unbelievable !!!! shenlintie can be out!!!
    how can the big wind n screamm able to match up with shenlintie???
    oops !!! forget they can match in terms of $$$$$$
    Top 3 means Nothing.. talents also means Nothing
    $$$$$$$ means Everything
    in the finals, we are going to see schoolboys n girls vying for the 50k


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