Superband 2107

2107 is the date, not lucky number… ( in case you really 4D ~siao, once you see numbers cannot dun buy, then ‘heng heng’ ya… )

Group photo…. ( number of people getting lesser and lesser hor… )

superband 2107 008

Contesting groups for tonight.

superband 2107 003

superband 2107 002

superband 2107 001

superband 2107 004

superband 2107 005

superband 2107 006

Those who make it to the next round…

superband 2107 003superband 2107 002superband 2107 001superband 2107 004superband 2107 006

8 thoughts on “Superband 2107”

  1. hello!
    i think you did a really good job yesterday :)
    hee, yupp, your jokes made the show livelier! 😀
    & you looked good too! 🙂 
    hope to see you soon!
    take care! 😀

  2. hey!! we were with dorcas yestd… din get to take photos.. haha.. but think will have chance next time de 🙂

    n peifen looks very pretty too!! haha:) u 2 look great tgt..


  3. hey there,your camera takes good and clear pictures.mind letting me know the model and megapixels of it.thanks lots in advance. =)

    ( Canon IXUS80 – from 22 )

  4. I just completed watching da feng chui’s segment on Youtube. I feel so injust for you because when you asked about the (443….), Cavin Soh dismissed it as, “you won’t know unless you know music”.

    His words are so cutting! And the poor you have to carry on with the show, saying that you must go home and check the numbers out.

    Isn’t it terrible having to face with such an unmagnimous person for so many weeks. I seriously didn’t know Cavin Soh’s like that until i watched the youtube segment. He’s just simply unhappy that you didn’t label him as “重量級” from the beginning.

    Poor u.

    ( it’s ok… he’s just joking 🙂 – from 22 )


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