Superman… oops! Superband!

The match last Monday proves to be an unpredictable one…


Rehearsal and actual show, was like so different…
Nervous, inexperience or fan scream too loud? @@

band14 band15

band10 band9

And see how messy the ( cartoon boy’s group? ) can get… haha !


This is what we do while we are waiting for the results… snap snap snap!


End of the night, we bid farewell to the boys…. 🙁


6 thoughts on “Superman… oops! Superband!”

  1. yxf couldnt go for revival? OMG! this shouldnt be so. ive seen their performance in imm, they did the top few best among all lor! hope they can go revival!

  2. i think yxf should have revival round.. they really stand a chance.. out of 16bands. if theres one band come out album.. i think it should be yxf only.. hope theres revival for them . good luck yxf

  3. oh man. really so different?
    i guess this is the disadvantage of having it ‘live’ bah.

    ( maybe disadvantage is a wrong word… cos I personally think its a gd ground to polish up the skill… – from 22 )

  4. i just felt that is very wasted for yxf vocalist. hes “xin guang da dao3” top20s and he got chance to go taiwan for “xin guang da dao3” for PK in june08 but because of superband, he chose to gave up XGDD..

    WASTED! everyone who watched SB2 said this :KE XI: ~

  5. basically quite disappointed with this 2nd season super band. the standard are way below average compare to last season. Can’t really believe the difference is so big now compare to 1st season. Host also need to work harder… the atmosphere usually get very cold at times especially when the judges made some comments and you all seem so shocked and do not know how to continue. keep those unnecessary comments aside and concentrate more on bringing up the lively-ness of the show… the only good things about the show is that the judges willing to comment all out.


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