For Everything There's a Season

Came across this poem on the paper. Thought it might be nice to let it set foot here too…


For Everything There’s a Season
By Joy E. Walker Steward

We may not know the reason
For all of life’s suffering and pain,
But we know everything has its season,
So the sunshine will follow the rain;
There are even times when the sun shines
While the rain is still pouring down,
Those moments of grace God sends us,
Reminders that He’s still around;
So when adversity’s fire is burning,
Expect a cooling breeze;
Know that God is right in it with you
As He moves your growth to achieve;
Embrace His tender compassion
But yield to His discipline too
For the father loves each of his children
And knows best how to nurture you;
When life’s pruning is painful,
Don’t let bitterness enter your soul,
For when pruning is done you’ll be better,
Your heart and your spirit whole;
So if this is your season for weeping,
Know your tears will end with the night,
For joy always comes in the morning
When faith gives way to sight.

5 thoughts on “For Everything There's a Season”

  1. meaningful πŸ™‚
    yupp, your post came as a timely reminder..
    the pruning process is definately painful, but i guess after that we’ll emerge for the better πŸ™‚

    thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    & enjoy ur seasons too..

    ( πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  2. Meaningful & nice. Thanks for sharing. Hehe. Dun mind i copy and put it at blog? Thanks in advance. Enjoy ur seasons. Jia you & take care. =)

  3. Meaningful… and anyway dun eu mind that i take the pictures and show my frenz? Anyway, how did eu noe bout the poem…Let me tell eu a joke instead… This is how it goes. One day, Joey asked mary to put her clothes ‘on’ the toilet bowl. Guess wat? Joey turned around and saw her clothes ‘in’ the toilet bowl… I noe that it is not that funny, but im jus sharing it with eu… Best health…:)=)


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