My 'Nose' job

This is funny… really… haha.
One of my blog reader send me the url of a forum, and this is some of the comments made regarding my ‘nose’ :p


wpw~ two threads about felicia…..
But frankly speaking I find nothing wrong with PS…..
After all who don’t wanna look good?
Problem is that they try so hard to deny….Like that Xu Zhen Rong, did a nose job, in the newspaper say that his nose become high and sharper is because his sister use a clip go clip his nose when sleeping!! =.=

He really said that?!?!?!

Exactly.. Why try so hard to deny it?
Makes it seem even more truer than ever..

Haha,this Xu Zheng Rong is one hell of a joker..

Well, how to start off this post @@

I dunno will you believe me if I tell you I didn’t do anything to my nose.
And you might find it funny and lame, just like some of the comments in the above forum, when I say: My sister use a clip to clip my nose when I was younger…
yes, it’s true… haha

I’m not a real fan of Plastic Surgery, but I dun think there’s any prob doing it either.
So, I will not try very hard to deny it if I’ve done something to my nose… πŸ™‚

I got this since the day I was born.


And I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mum, for giving me such a high and sharp nose…
*clap *clap

( just in case you wonder whether I did a double eyelid job… some of my ‘younger days’ picture look different, but because my eyes not those hum bak, ie those swollen type of eyes, then plus aging hor, my double eyelid starts to sag, so end up looks more deep… ok? No knife no needle work… hahaha )


21 thoughts on “My 'Nose' job”

  1. haha. *waves hand*
    i believe you didnt do anything to it πŸ™‚
    ha, but i must say, you really got a nice nose πŸ˜€ ha.

    ( ha… How’ve you been man? hope all’s well πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  2. mmm, reminds me of what my mum says when I was a kid. If free, pinch and “pull up” the nose to get a sharp nose… never worked for me though… haha

  3. Hi. So crazy still to leave u a comment now. But Hope u wil only c this in e day & ur sleepless nite is over. Juz want to say dun get affected by wat u c. Be Urself and be happy is most impt. Ya! Jiayou!

  4. haha, thanks πŸ™‚ i’m fine πŸ™‚
    just a tad busy with schoolwork…
    hope you’re feeling better too! πŸ™‚
    ha. anyway, see you later πŸ™‚

  5. Your birthday falls on 22th feb? Haha, mine is also! So coincidence. Well, anyway all the best for your showbuzz career, i’ll contiune visiting your blog ya? =)

  6. hurhur. need more of ur old photos.? i still kept all of them! hiakhiak =x

    i guess the only difference is age + u gaining weight bah. looks nicer now . haha. ooppppps.


  7. hey! i believe about the pinching nose part! when i was a baby i used to have quite flat nose…so my mum painstakingly pinched my nose everyday when i was still growing…now i ahve sharp nose! haha not to mention a bit big…hahah

  8. hi…
    great to see u at sheng siong show…. πŸ™‚

    wonder when will sheng siongs start again?? then next sat is wat programme??

    puwei start?

    means now u only bz with superband live?


  9. I believe u didnt do anything to it. Anyway u got a nice nose. Haha. Great to see u at sheng siong show. Thanks for taking pics with me. Haha. I want to say thanks to u but u was chatting with them. After that i said enjoy to u but ur car window was closed. Haha. Hope u enjoyed urself. Jia you. =)

  10. Omg!!! U looked super cool in the last sheng siong show!!
    I regretted that I never take photo with u when u were taking the judges photo…sigh
    Anw…u have a nice smile!! so smile more okay…hahaha

  11. hi, senior !!! *wave*
    dun eiyer mi ok ..
    if not i’ll throw more of ur ‘face’ .. lol =P

    hope u r not affected by wat other says ..

  12. HEY!!

    i’ve been a fan of yours since i started to learn how to use the radio. your late night programmes on 933fm always helped me pass through my sleepless nights.

    ANYWAY, your sis used the nose clip on you and it worked ah!! Its really sharp and nice and i believe it’s natural la. BUT u mean the nose clip worked? then maybe i should go try.

    EVERYONE keeps laughing at my nose. actually not everyone, just a group of friends. they think my nose is BIG and they like to use it like a horn. they always attack my nose and go like BI-BO-BI-BO. HAHAHA

    will be here again πŸ™‚

  13. Well, that is the problem with most people. Others change a bit in terms of their appearance only, they start assuming that person went for plastic surgery. Its super shallow!

  14. Well, I do believe in original self than going through those transformation to look better. Anyway, guess it is up to individual who feels that something needs to be changed.

    Anyway, you look okay so not to worry.

  15. whats the big flying deal about doing nose?
    its not as if you’re a Male turned Female.
    not as if you’ve done a “faceoff” or what.
    OMFG. those idiots.
    can they like please read up and stop being a caveman who hasnt been out for decades or perhaps centuries?

    if ever a day you get to talk to britney/paris hilton.
    you’ll find that doing nose is nothing.
    or you can just look at michael jackson.

    sigh. perhaps the Prophecy about Sg is coming true.
    when countries are china are still striving for the better, country like Sg is waiting for its doomsday.
    just a matter of time when Sg is flooded with dumb people, even those “overly smart” ass from we know which top schools. nothing but corrupted beings. major turned off.
    when too much of a dumb population mixes with the average, churns out “overly smart” idiots.
    dasmond, perhaps you can opt for migiration.
    dont bother wasting your time/brain juice over dumb people.
    they dont have a life doesnt mean that you dont have too.

    you worth so much more than that.
    you really do.

    i’m just a random reader of your blog. i do not side with anyone but the truth.
    being factual is my belief. i wished that i could show you my entries. LOL. =)

    ( ha… you are funny… do include ur site’s URL next time so that I can pop by to read ur entries πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  16. email me then i’ll include you inside my blog coz its private.
    well, nowadays not only celebrities get the attention.
    the norm gets too. just that its the amount of attention.

  17. I’m opposite. My brother used to press my nose like a button -.-
    So I’ve got flat nose now…Zzzz.

    ( haha… Really ah? Then u shld go do plastic surgery.. – from 22 )

  18. yay.. i believe u didn’t do your nose too.. haha, but i have to agree that you are looking much better than before…
    reading your blog reminds me of this nose pinching clip that is advertised to have a ‘nose lifting’ effect, haha, but maybe its too late at this age of ours~! =)


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