Accidents do happen…

When I heard what happen to CK this afternoon, I started to make plans to pop by the hospital.
I head down to Changi Hospital with Daren in the evening.

Upon reaching, CK was sent for some tooth check up (yeap, he broke some of his teeth…)
So I started my catching up session with long time no see de LiYi


I started to hear bits and bits of CK’s encounter.

I didnt expect it was so serious…


Although I never express it, but I was pretty ‘heart pain’ when I see him in such a state.
This proves that the bond we created over the years in 933, somehow or rather still lies in a corner of my heart,
even though we hardly meet up nowadays…

Then, the Bai Kah King arrived with his driver cum caretaker.


And the 2… umm… rather look-alike friends…


started sharing their stories while we were all looking…


The heartwarming scene is, there were no lack of friends filling up the ward…
Groups after groups…

This shows how much weight our dear CK carries in his friends’ heart ; )
Get well soon!!!

Oh ya,
Moral of the story is… dun sing ??? while you are cycling…
you’ll buang! ; p

29 thoughts on “Accidents do happen…”

  1. Hiax… Why one after another kenna accident… 1st is Cruz(the bai kai king) and now is Chong Qing… I think yes933 is lacking of DJs now !!! But wanna tell them to get well soon bah !!!

  2. I heard abt him over radio ytd morning and saw him in news last nite. Really very very kelian.

    Hope he do recover real fast.

    But strange, where Dasmond u call him CK not CQ?

  3. OOh … so sad, but the other hand it can see that Cruz & Chong qing are strong! Ganbatte ne.. Fall down urself, then stand up urself, be strong, we will miss u all & wish to hear u all sound in Yes 933 soon……

  4. OMG!!! What happen to Dennis??? I feel so heat-pain….Feel like crying for him sia 🙁

    Can tell me what happen? I guess I miss out the accident part when they mentioned on air ytd..

  5. was surprise to hear in on radio when i was having my driving lesson. I hear the DJ sae abt Yes 933 den my 1st impression is that they are going to interview on ZY but who noe when i hear tat CQ met with an accident i was like almost lost control of the car..was surprise that now 933 got no more full time Guy DJ…so sad…What about you going back there to take over their shift..haha

  6. oh my, when I overheard CK’s injury over the radio, the 1st thing that came to my mind was, wahaha, 933 kana jinx leh. poor thing, while cruz is still recovering, CK met such unfortunate incident. Think boss huishi have to ban the rest of the 933 people for recreational activities for the next couple of months le ba.

  7. oh my gosh, i din expect it to be that bad.oh well. hope they both get well soon and miss both chongqing and zhiyong on air. hope to hear from them soon. takkai.loves.

  8. yaya me also miss their voice so machi hope thEy geT WELL SOON
    CQ dun speed too fast next time liao so cute cute face kana untill like that..

  9. OMG, CQ, you hv to take really gd care of yrself. Hope u will recover soon & miss yr voice. Come back soon.

    Cruz, it is quite funny not to hear yr voice in the morning as I always tune in 933 Wanrenmi. U too take care & come back soon.

    Miss U 2.

  10. i just saw CK at Grasshopper last Saturday & the very next day he fell ?!!… till so badly, it was shocking

    anyway, hope CQ gets well soon, miss his hosting on 933

  11. hope the 2 guys get well soon!!!

    i fell down b4 while cycling at p.ubin. there’s this terrible slope and i was bad at cycling, so when the bicycle gained too much speed going down the slope that i got so scared, i braked… and fell. it was a bad fall. the moment i landed i couldn’t move my legs at all. there’s a very big swell on my right shin that it looks like a bone’s gonna jut out of it. luckily no, but the bad swell remains super big for weeks. then i thought i crushed my ankle… very sore and feels like got a dent in it now, compared to the other side… all those… are NOTHING compared to CQ’s accident… hope CQ gets well soon!!!

    cruz? haha will comment in his own blog lah. seeya!

  12. yoyo rong shao!
    yeahh.. heart pain to see both 933 djs injured arh. hope they recover soon!
    u must take care also k.. life is very unpredictable.

  13. Haiz.. I was so shock when i see the news on the TV.. OMG!! Really heart pain.. Anyway.. on behalf of 933-S Plan 3rd Generation wishes him to get well soon.. And hope to hear his voice as soon as possible..

    Take Care!!!

  14. Aiyo…really cham ley…Chongqing quite badly injured…poor him.. and Cruz also must really take good care..I thk all the 933 DJs really need to bathe flower water and go pai pai (praying)..must get well soon k…miss CQ laughter… Cruz woohoo….

    Dasmond …you too must take care!!

  15. so sad to hear abt the accidents tat the two DJs had. But rather shocking when i saw Chong Qing pic on the papers with the injuries all over his face… Hopefully they get a speed recovery. really miss their voices on air.

  16. Hey! Dasmond, why dun u squeeze out some time to join FM93.3 for this period of time? Missed hearing ur voice on air. Hahaha! If can join the morning period…it would be great! I can only listen to radio from 6am till 7.30am and after 5pm…Starts work @7.30am…Work end @ 5pm. Sad! Evening no more CQ and JH…Anyway, am I right to say CK is CQ’s dialect initials?

  17. Heard about this quite sometime back already and realli hope by this time, CK is much much better… It was a shock to hear the news and it was relieving when i started hearing him on 933 again.

    Alamak, how come my two favourite male 933 DJs so suay one?!! Missed them so much during that period of time!!! Glad they are both well now.

    Take care all and miss ya too Dasmond on 933 🙂 I ‘grew’ up hearing your voice over 933 that time leh…Jiayou in your career and take care all 933 DJs 🙂


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