Campus Superstar 'By Now!'

Look out, 1st Competition on screen starting Next week!

Before the ball start rolling, let’s recap the song ‘By Now!’, sang by last batch Top 20.

[youtube QLaOw5bi1c0]

9 thoughts on “Campus Superstar 'By Now!'”

  1. Wow !!! Very long neber hear the song “By now” since the last campus superstar !!! But yesterday show was so funny !!! Going to support the 13 yr old boy Zuo Xuan Zheng… His singing is damn good lor…

  2. ????????SUPERSTAR..????????????? 🙂

    (tik in the other variety show, u looks a bit “old” and lack of energy..BUT still handsome lah…maybe the partner beside you old liaozz lah…Ooppsssss….sorry…nvr say anything)

  3. I’m looking forward for the CSS 2 on TV. Very sad to say that I cant have time to go down. Hope I can go down if I have the tix too..

    Happy hosting!


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