Website Revolution!!!

Because its about time, so I decided to do up my website ( instead of only blog site )… but…..

There’s always setback.

First, I’m lack of time. Whatever that is in my mind cant really relate fully to others.
Thus, got help majiam like no help…

Then, both the header I design kena rejected by my creative director Ms Jaime Teo. *sian

Anyone out there very CrEaTive and eng nothing to do hor, can help design la… ha!

3 thoughts on “Website Revolution!!!”

  1. So..are you goin to pay tat “eng nothing to do” Creative Director??? hahaha cos u neber says it’s FOC 😛

    Well, lookin forward to a fresh new web yo! Wish you success!
    BLOG hard!

  2. ur creative director is qualified one meh? should ask creative people mah.. if Jaime Teo is so creative then ask her to do up a banner for u lo.


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