Since I heard Cruz’s ?? a couple of weeks back, I’ve been wanting to do this. So, I dig and dig and dig… open up boxes after boxes… finally I found it. Produced by Bao Bao aka Li Xie 10 years ago… yes, 10 YEARS ago… It’s classic. Ha ~ Have you heard this before? … Read more

Jean Yip – Beautiful 25!

Long and tiring day today… We set off at 9am, and ended our day at 730pm. Yeap, from the title you could tell… The new season of Jean Yip’s show is backed! 6th year, I’ve paired up with Joey Swee, Peifen… and now, Jaime and Cheryl! When I’m writing this, I’m still scratching my head, … Read more

1..2..3… BaNg!

Novena Square Gunner Weapon Panel of Judges The victim. ME He dot 2 dots, they checked. He fired the shots! Everything included. $10. Cheap hor?… And I really think he did a good job. Wondering how would I feel the next few days… swell?.. uncomfortable? painful? the ear nua? haha…

I Miss Yu

No one can tell how does it feel like, when you are being missed… But whoever who has gone through the days of missing someone, will sure knows how lousy the feeling is…


Uploaded some of my diving trips photo in the Gallery Check out the rest of the pics when you got time. If you got any question in regards to Diving, ask Jacki. Interested in learning Diving? Gill Divers!!!

Working Hard…

A little update of Campus Superstar 2 before I tall ya what I’ve done this morning… We went for the poster’s photo shoot 2 days ago. Yeap, the faces had changed… From this… To this… Guess the boys and girls, including Fiona, should be having loads of fun. Ha! Okie. Now my story… To celebrate … Read more