I Beg Ur Pardon??? Miss Xia Xue

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We had a recording sometime back ( Let’s Shoot! )…
And I happen to come across this post today… slow hor… ha.
Dun feel quite good in fact… wtf ( wat the fish )…


The author, Miss Xia Xue.


5 Points in her post I would like to leave a comment… ( very polite hor me.. 🙂 )

Meanwhile, I got invited as a special guest on talkshow “You Hua Jiu Shuo” (The one hosted by Quan Yi Feng and Desmond Koh), and as a special “surprise” for me, the producers also invited Steven Lim…

1. I noe its my fault for not being able to make my name well known, but with due respect… my name spelled with an A, Dasmond Koh

– What exactly did I write about Steven? Say it in his face.

2. If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*

– Was Maia and I in cahoots to get publicity for both of us? (Answer is apparently no)

3. umm… a lot of pple in doubt abt it, isnt it gd to hv a platform to clarify it? unless….

– Am I being so controversial to get publicity?

4. too tough a question to answer? or… wat should she says on national tv… yes no no yes…

– Blah blah etc questions, some asked in a rather rude way.

5. rude way? we’re just being ‘straight forward’ like her…

It’s so weird to have someone be offensive to you on tv, it’s like you are completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows…

6. You are outspoken, hide nothing, straight forward … then simply answer the question as it was thrown to ya… there’s no need to be completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows…?

I wonder.
What’s in her mind.
What’s in your mind while reading tis as a third party…

434 thoughts on “I Beg Ur Pardon??? Miss Xia Xue”

  1. dasmond! haha again with the A in your name case huh.. aiyerrr
    next time put bigggg biggg dAsmond koh
    haha. anywayyy i feel that she didnt exactly reflect on how she blogs. so yeah
    no offence though.

  2. I guess could just ignore her lah.. Almost the whole world (or maybe SPORE lah) know ur name is DASMOND not DESMND.. And as the show name state, You Hua Jiu Shuo, of course it means straightforward and to the point.. If she could say straightforward things in her blog why can’t she say them again through her mouth.. Nonsense lah she..

  3. she’s simply weird la! don’t write nasty things abt her scarly she bombard u on her blog in her next post just like how she did to maia n steven lim!

  4. Can’t remember in exact the conversation in the show, only remember a bit on wat is the topic based on the guests appearing in your show.

    But by reading your post, she stated things quite unfair for the people like you all dunno what is happening behind their scene and yet putting some blame on you all. Quite unfair.

    Dun feel bad abt it. There bound to have this kind of people. 1 kind of rice but feeding millions kinds of pple. Very difficult to understand pple too.

    Btw, u are quite well-known. But ur name is commonly known as with the letter ‘E’ instead of ‘A’. So dun be sad abt it. I used to think your name with letter ‘E’ too. Sorry! 🙂


  5. Haha..finished reading both her blog post and yours about the incident. How shall I put it in a polite way? Hmm…how about empty pots make the most noise? With little juice in the coconut, no wonder could not answer the interview questions directly?

  6. i think she’s thinking like a blonde. though she’s not really a blonde. just dumb. attention seeking girl which prolly only thinks she’s right in her own comments. she doesn’t know how she treats other people, that’s why she’s getting the exact same treatment.

    my point of view.

  7. Juz curious so went to read the blog of this lady. Sorry… who is this XiaXue? Cos I think I only recognised Maia who is on your show long time ago. ???

  8. Well, to me… I guess it’s about being able to “perform” in the right space and place.

    Like Xia Xue, she can do so well behind her computer screen saying all sorts of things we can’t imagine of but when it comes to appearing on national TV and being interviewed and expected to say what she typed behind the cosy little screen of hers, it’ll probably become a challenge to her. The cyber space is still probably her place.

    Just imagine an introvert and nerdy computer geek who can “fight” and “command” in computer games. If you were to ask him to do that in real life, it might be a different thing already.

    Just my “22” cents worth. =P

  9. Yup I think I agree with PingTing too. She probably can’t face the public saying those things cos she dont know how they will react.
    Therefore just ranting in her blog, cos no matter what people say online, it won’t bother her.
    Eeks. but thats a little mean of her.

  10. aiya…every1 has their own freedom to write wadever dey wan on their blog ba.. no use wondering wads on her mind anyway.. she probably wont even care pple commenting/questioning on her blog.. but i tink its nt right to say mean tings abt a person’s appearance..mayb she dun hv the habit of buying mirrors

  11. Hmm… How do you describe a person who writes one thing but says another thing? Fake I suppose. Like you mentioned, if one can write it, what’s the difficulty in saying it, be it on national TV.

    Since there was really such an entry on Steven Lim and Maia in Xiaxue’s blog, and thus the invitation to appear in ????, to speak her mind or clarify, if otherwise, I think there’s really nothing wrong. But her reaction in her blog seems to reflect unsecurity.

    But then again, was it just another “publicity stunt” to attract attention?

  12. stay cool rong shao..
    dun be bothered by her posts ya?
    da ren you da liang..
    there’s always a reason for why she wrote those in her blog. maybe she didnt think of the consequences too.

  13. Hi Dasmond, can I check with you if you have any idea if the Singapore Radio Awards is an event open to public or by invitation only? Thanks much

  14. Nice Dasmond! I support YOU!!! well.. she’s jus talking craps la.. hahaaa. she’s a straightforward person too. can see from her blog.. and she’s always like to do sth to publicize herself.. so.. great man Dasmond! jus dun care wad she says la.. she’s jus wanna do some publicity in her blog.. who ask her to be so popular right.. LOL!
    Hosts being straightforward dere’s nth wrong.. dat’s the main aim of the show.. You Hua Jiu Shuo wad…

  15. zhenrong, i think its better not to get involve.
    people might misunderstand you for being like one of them dying for attention. 🙂 she feel offended then too bad lor. the title of the talkshow is YOU HUA JIU SHUO ma! so the hosts and the 2 guests are not wrong for asking wadever that comes to their mind!

  16. I’d choose to remain indifferent when it comes to dealing people like her. We shouldn’t put ourselves to her level. Wouldn’t it make us the same like her?? Chill Dasmond..

  17. To Vel:

    “well.. it’s also OTHER’S wish to REBUT what THEY like… it’s NOT childish of ppl to fight back blog entries.. grow up -.-”

    so if you are wrongly accused by the police one day… do you just keep quiet and let them arrest and send you to jail for nothing? Since it’s thier wish to do so?

  18. As a regular blog reader of both blogs… I would say: Rongshao, don’t need to refute blog entries of xiaxue 😉 Pple know what she’s like so… bu refuting, this is not ???? 🙂 no worries abt that, we know what you are made of!

  19. Off the topic, hope everyone is well here cos I experienced the big shake from the earthquake and the small shake on off in the middle of the nite. A bit scared now. :S

  20. Hey Zhen Rong,

    It’s XX here – just got directed to your site via a reader. Didn’t know you were a fellow blogger!

    Anyway, I just wanted to clarify any sorts of animosity that might have been arisen by my blog entry.

    You seem to take the comments I wrote as me taking offense regarding the questions I was asked, but I wasn’t offended, or even the least bit angry.

    I was merely stating the facts as to what was asked that day, and I understand perfectly that you and Yifeng’s job is to probe for answers. I knew that when I went on the show it wasn’t going to be easy, and I was the one who chose to go on it anyway.

    I like you and Yifeng very much and part of the reason why I went on the show is because I knew you two were reasonable hosts and made everything seem more fun. I’m not sucking up to you, this is what I really feel.

    As for people being rude to me, I didn’t wish to say names, but obviously that would have to be Mr Cai accusing me of writing fake content for publicity. It IS rude of him, and anyone will be offended. I wasn’t talking about you or Yifeng.

    Lastly, I apologize for spelling your name wrongly!! I’ve always known you as Xu Zhen Rong, and although you never knew this, you have always been my favourite DJ back in 1996 when I was 12 and you brightened my nights with Xian (xuan?) Ge Ji Yi.


    There! You reduced me to a little girl again! I can’t believe my favourite ex-dj blogged about me.

    All the best!


  21. Dasmond, Maia is a very good friend of mine. Believe me, she was quite upset by what XX wrote about her. As such, she is already very misjudged by the general public because of the way the media portrays her. She doesn’t need an additional XX to taint her name further. You have interviewed Maia on that program before regarding single parenthood, so you should have gotten a general vibe about her. She doesn’t hide anything. Can’t you see from the fact she dared go up on stage and dared admit her reasons for bringing her kid up singlehandedly, even though she knew people would shoot her down? I don’t think its very fair to Maia by insinuating that XX and her were in cahoots. Maia will never want to associate herself with a person like XX anyway. Everyone can tell that XX was purely trying to get more hits. Also, XX is quite jealous of Maia, because of her popularity as a Stomp starblogger, and the fact that XX got fired off Stomp’s starblog made her a very sore sour grape indeed.

    I am posting this because I really don’t like seeing people have all these misconceptions about Maia, as she is a very genuine person with a very kind heart. Just that its hard to see from her appearance.

  22. And I must say, I find what XX said about people being offensive to her and but she cannot say anything back in front of national TV very amusing indeed.

    Doesn’t she insult and humiliate people all the time on her blog? All the things shes said about others I’d be is more than 10 times more insulting than whatever could have been said to her on TV. And can those people ever say anything back for themselves then? They also have no choice but to take it with a pinch of salt and move on, with the rest of the few thousands of Singaporeans leaving with a bad impression of them, created by XX herself. And I really wonder what they have done to warrant such treatment. Why is she complaining about getting publicly offensive rude treatment for crying out loud. She does that to others ALL THE TIME. I wonder how it feels like to get a taste of one’s own medicine.

  23. later she start criticizing you in her blog leh. hahha she will probably dedicate one entry to you if she were to find this out, but nvm, you get free publicity! 😀 I read that entry too, and I can’t wait to watch that episode of “just shoot”

  24. hmm.. i m not a fan of u or steven or maia or even xiaxue… but i think xiaxue has a point.. imagine xiaxue REALLY “FIGHT” with steven lim on tv.. although it will certainly increase ur show ratings. Very uncivilized lo…

  25. Please get the facts right that they did not invited them to gain show ratings/popularity. If its the truth, i think they would already invite those people who are popular already.

    Not trying to flame anyone here but just stating the facts!!!!

  26. 1. When one is being invited as special guest for the show, I assumed he/she should know what they are in for, or at least asked few right questions before accepting this invitation. Otherwise, why accept? One must have either heard or at least learned about what the program is all about.

    2. We are all adults, if one chose to accept the invitation than be prepared for whatever the challenge or result maybe. And don’t behave like an innocent party trying to put others down.

    3. She is just a confused kid crying for attention!

    4. XX don’t make people waste their brain juice if you can’t talk sense.

  27. very well said Dasmond … support you all the way

    XX is just a fake keyboard warrior who can only talk crap behind the PC … when come face to face on tv, she’s just another gutless kitty

  28. from what i noticed in XX’s blog she has this tendency to ”fight for her rights” meaning she’ll argue and defend herself with illogical morals(which to her twisted mind is logical) to make herself sound wronged and at the same time put ppl down when ppl voice out what they feel is right. but well to her she’s controversial but to me i think she’s just a person trying to generate publicity for herself… i find her somewhat of a b*tch…

  29. Hmm…whatever it is,i’m treating it as entertainment loh…free one anyway.Good to see show and no need to pay what. Get so worked up for what? Yah lah…she spelled your name wrongly, that one cannot forgive.I also don’t like people who spelled my name wrong.Argh!
    As for the rest of the points hor, i seriously treat it as entertainment. See see liao…forget about it. If she’s so narrow minded and loves being controversial, let her be loh.Typical ugly Singaporean lah…Dare to say, dare to go on programme,dare not own up.And i find it really funny that she acting qing1 gao1.LOL..please loh, can say so many things on her blog,’acting’ on the programme.Faintz flat on the floor loh.If not why is the show called ‘You hua jiu shou’ in the first place? Means that you dare to say out loud whatever is so called ‘forbidden’ in the first place.Chey…in short,she action lah!

  30. Well Dasmond..everyone knows ur name is spelled with an “A”..dun care about her..
    She always blog, pple will surely comment if she is too much or what..She always love to criticise be it other bloggers, cab drivers etc..as if everyone offend her..really cant stand her! I support u ??..watch shows that u host..anyway the show is meant for pple to share their views, surely will ask lots of questions and see how she ans..she cant simply because of someone then try to reject the invitation..that is personal thing with regard to Steven Lim..

  31. I noticed something with the comments on both blogs. Most comments of each are commented by supporters of the authors of the blogs.

    Anyway, I agree that she says things behind the computer screen is probably more comforting than talking everything on tv. After all, to hear the truth in words is probably less embarrasing or hurtful than appearing on national tv or someone telling you directly in your face.

    I agree with PingTing:
    If you were to ask him to do that (‘fight’ or ‘command’) in real life, it might be a different thing already.

    Well… from what I see, her world mainly comprises of dreams and fantasies… and Dasmond’s world comprise of reality…

    To say it plainly, I am somewhat like her… living in my own fantasies, a world where there are no troubles. But when I get back to real life, I can’t seem to fit in anywhere. So I think that living in real life is much better than living in dreamland now.

    This week has taught me that I should live my life and not in my own world/cyber space…

    Well, we know what she’s like… and what you’re like. Just take this as an entertainment to see, enjoy and forget later on… 🙂

  32. Don’t bothered about that **** (if not she do post something about you and comment bad things about you), she always try to act blonde and defense herself, act princess, act like queen.

    seriously she bitches about everything (obviously i think you know), she hate everything. Recently she tell girls to cry to get what they want! duhz, shes one wacko man!

    I dont like her till max!

  33. Rong shao… ingnore xia xue la….. XIA XUE is just a BEACH.. hahah no vulgarities… XX like she is an idiot… no count as a vul.. and she just a FISHERman…. no other peeps can be as bimbo as her… anyways she cant be classified as a bimbo.. she has no brains and NO YANG MAO…. UGLY FISHERman

  34. I’m a regular reader of XX’s blog and I’m glad to say that I found this website. I used to listen to Dasmond on radio too, so I guess I am familiar to both her blogging style and Dasmond’s hosting style.

    Do you guys know that the comments on the blog are heavily edited by her? My friends have tried to post things but unless what you say is in support of her opinions, or just plain rude and insulting to her, you don’t get your comments published.

    This is her way of getting people to support her. Either you are on her side, or you are made to sound like you are really critical of her and thus will stir up more support for her.

    I think Dasmond, you made a very good point about her not being able to speak her mind when she wants to.
    I think she has a long way to go before she can make it in mainstream media, when she is on TV, she can only give incredulous looks and cannot give good retorts.

    Our world is open and porous, it’s about time someone respected and well-known like Dasmond say what is on his mind.

    I think it’s a good idea to invite Maia on the show. Let’s give her a chance to air her thoughts. It’s not easy to be a single mom and attacked by irresponsible people.

    Maia’s friend “al”: You are great for sticking up for your friend.

  35. well.. all my friends will support u.. let’s bring this to an end all ppl.. one nv speak, then the other wun comment back right.. so who ask her to tok so much on her blog? so dun blame dasmond for saying wad he doesn’t agree lo.. who started it 1st shld bear the consequences.. and pls.. end it ba.. if this goes on and on, it will nv end..

  36. Gosh. I’ve always hated Xia Xue. She always say mean things about others. I have absolutely no interest in people like her, obviously rude and fake. And she still say it’s not for publicity?

  37. okay Mr or Mrs al .CHILLLLL. I think everyone is just curious as to Xiaxue and Maia are in cahoots or not. desmond and quanyifong are just (or i guess) trying to ask the question thats on everyone’s mind . okay , EVERYBODY , MAIA IS A REAL SWEET GIRL AND SHE IS NOT IN CAHOOTS WITH XIAXUE . elated now?

    anws, Love ya dasmond . keep up the good work and keep blogging! :DD

    last thing. nothing with what dasmond wrote in this post what . whats the problem? ehhhh.Did he criticise ANYONE? -rolleyes.

  38. after watching Let’s Shoot yesterday, i only can come out to this conclusion. Both steven and xia xue are childish.

    What is the purpose of blogging ?

    Go back and think about it first.

  39. I seriously enjoy the show last night ( thur’s Just Shoot). My dinner was hovering ard my throat threatening to be threw up when I saw the erm.. act-pretty-but-obviously-very-not-pretty guest.

    It’s an interetsing session though! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you and Quan Yi Feng pair to host the show! =D


  41. From my point of view, there is probably little time to react during the recording session. And she probably felt like an accused and thus was trying to be more defensive to “protect” herself from “attacks”.

    When she is blogging, I assume that she blogs by herself without the actual presence of many others. She is able to express freely at that moment. But when she is on TV, she has to prepare herself for what will immediately come next, and will feel pressurized of how to answer sometimes. Most of the time, after an incident occurred, people will alter their views slightly due to the time taken to reflect on what had happened.

    I think that no one can be totally consistent with what they say or do all the time. It depends on the situation, and in this case, expressing your views immediately on TV and writing what you really think on the blog in the safety of the home are very different context.

    I personally feel that she is a bit rude with regard to the people she discussed on the blog. But I also feel that she spices up Singaporeans’ lives quite a bit. She is just dumping what she feels and thinks on her blog, without much filtering like many of us do. It’s just that she can be quite biased with what she says and definitely not objective. I must say that I admire her for her courage to put down seemingly honest reflections on her blog.

    Hope that you got a view that you want to know about 🙂

  42. Okay, first, I’m shocked to know that XX edits the comments on her blog. But then again, it’s highly possible, cos I can’t believe that there are that many people who seem to almost worship her. Hahaha. Next, Steven Lim *is* gross. Steven, if you’re reading this, too bad. Who ask you to always parade yourself in your yellow briefs and think that you’re handsome when you’re really not??? Don’t try to act innocent and pretend not to understand why many people think you’re gross. You’re gross and you know it!!!!!

    Finally, Rong Shao, sometimes your comments can really be cutting (like on 93.3 FM last time), but I watched the episode of Shoot, and I didn’t think that you crossed the line. In fact, I was more bothered by how Cai4 Shen1 Jiang1 and his “buddy” kept attacking the interviewees with some pretty rude questions. Also, I hate the fact that they always get so agitated when they talk on the show. Gets on my nerves sometimes and I’ll have to switch to the another channel to get some “peace and quiet” before switching back to continue with the show.

    Honestly, you and Quan Yifeng are pretty great hosts in this show. Do keep up the good work and don’t let other people bother you. On the other hand, kudos to you for speaking up for yourself, dAsmond! *;)

  43. Honestly i didn’t know that your name was spelt as Dasmond instead of Desmond until they showed your URL on You Hua Jiu Shuo..

    If I were in XiaXue position(on the show), I wouldn’t dare to say anything bad about steven lim right in front of him.. Cause he does look intimidating and you never know if he will lose his temper and do whatever to you.

    Personally, I feel that Xiaxue writes the truth most of the time.. Maybe she just exaggerate the truth a little bit to make it more interesting for readers…

    Well just my 5 cents worth! Cheers!

  44. what u said was partially true.
    However, if i was XiaXue, i would also be rolling my eyes in displeasure. Who would want to sit beside someone you dun like and talking peacefully.

    Steven Lim looks intimidating, he isnt any better too.

    If u dont want to appear being biased, u shd include facts about Steven too.

    ( cos he didn’t blog abt it… – from 22 )

  45. i am very dissapointed tat S’pore media has reach this pathetic stage and mediacorp actually invited tom dick and harry to host program.

    i can’t deny the society is changing but it doesn’t mean tat when we can’t change it we hv to be one of them. sigh……..

    i do agree tat everybody can hv their personal opinion but to be on national tv behaving such…hmm… honestly as a s’porean i felt so ashamed!!!

    i juz wonder how many would want their children to be like her! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… if i were to hv a daughter i will never want her to be like her.

    how can s’pore be a more Cultured Society when mediacorp are encouraging such…sigh…

    she can always be who she want to be but to be on national tv, hmm…pardon me, i felt is a bad influence!
    i am sure there are alot out there agree tat nowadays the younger generation are already hving “SIMPLY BO CHAP” attitude, if mediacorp still thinking that tis is juz a trend and indirectly or directly “encouraging” such act i juz feel sorry!!!

    pardon me, juz my 2 cents worth!

  46. oh Dasmond, i totally agree with you that If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog and since she claimed tat
    she is very outspoken, hide nothing, straight forward why she as to be completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows…

    anyway,my personal opinoin frm the way she project i felt that she gave me an impression that she is a “very popular celebrity” then you and quanyifong! OMG!!! well…hmm…perhaps mediacorp was the one who made her “HEAD SWELL”

    again pardon me, juz my 2 cents worth!

  47. I started to know about her when my NUS friends told me.. there is a bitch who loves to blog. People were mean, to call her bitch. Then again, she might have done something that provoke others.

    I agreed with Steven on a point that, she must be responsible for her words, behaviour and image. Although everyone has the rights to say the stuff they like, they must know the consequences.

    Having said so, i do not have a good impression of Steven too. Find his method too extreme and unacceptable. Although some said that he is being positive but i felt, there should be a balance. At his age, he should know what should be done and should not do. Apparently, he did not exercise that restraint.

    Anyway, im off the line le. But, end of the day, i just hope entertainment industry of Singapore do not sought for cheap thrills to gain audience.

  48. Hi Dasmond 🙂

    It’s Maia here. I dread to be associated with that thing and honestly, I swear I have nothing to do with that thing and definitely not in cahoots with that thing.

    If you would like to know, her number is stored as ‘C–T’ in my phonebook.

    I didn’t want to clarify anything with the media until time has passed. I don’t hate her but I dislike her now.

    Look, I’ve known her since 2003 – she’s the friend of my friend’s sister and I just happened to be introduced to her while out for lunch at Parco (where she worked in a handphone shop) with my friend.

    So we exchanged numbers, and contacted each other once in a blue moon. I was ok with her, and even thought she’s ‘friend’.

    I don’t know what the hell happened on Starblog or in life or whatsoever which caused her to go out against me – which is the ONLY reason that I find association with her absolutely revolting right now.

    I cannot stand backstabbers just like everyone else.

    I’ve said all I can, but at the end of the day, should she need help, yeah, I’ll still be here and she knows who to call. Simply because I’m not as cunning or heartless.

    Peace out and luv

  49. i don’t know why so many people don’t like xiaxue.
    anyway, why bother about what she writes? =.=
    and i myself thought that your name was spelt as desmond too. it’s more common. so why bother about such small matters?

    anyway, just speaking my mind so peace. ^^

  50. If I didn’t know who you were and read your post, I would think it’s some teenybopper writing with all that internet speak, singlish and annotations. You definitely should stick to chinese TV.

    Enjoy Shoot 1,2 and 3. Both you and Qian Yi Fung host a good programme well.

    Keep up the good work and send my regards to your 2 regular guests – sorry I don’t know their names even after watching 3 seasons – I only know them as Mr. Social Worker and Mr. Journalist after late into season 2. They rock.

  51. Never mind about her controversial, it’s through this that it will spark attention. It’s perfectly alright but when you start to attack people on a personal basis with disregard about other people’s feelings, it becomes total insensitivity and irresponsibility. This girl is still very immature. She might land herself in hot soup with the law someday. A word for this girl: Just like you, other people you hurt are also born with parents, have feelings, and a life. Be easy on your words, lady.

  52. And as for you, Dasmond, just ignore her. This program provided a good chance for the nation to see how timid is she. She is only brave behind the computer screen. This program is suppose to be controversial, otherwise it’s not necessary to have different guests providing different views.

  53. Regarding Maia’s comment that she doesn’t know the cause of XX’s hostility towards her, this might ring a bell – XX’s complaint about the lousy workmanship of her tattoo being done at a tattoo place owned by Maia’s friend. Maia felt compelled to stand up for that friend. And remember, Maia, you referred to XX as “short and stumpy” many times over on starblog, so much so that your fans started calling her that too? That happened way before the “most disgusting bloggers” entry by XX. So please don’t act innocent about it. Both you and XX are pathetic attention seekers.

  54. in fact, everyone have their own opinion and i see no point that why you should take xiaxue’s comments to heart. like the common phrase that bloggers always said, “it’s THEIR blog! they are free to post whatever they wants.” don’t you think so too?

    everyone knew that xiaxue is straight forward and often blunt in her words, but no matter what, i guess that’s her own character that makes her popular just by a blog.

    i’ve watched the show “you hua jiu shuo” and indeed, i find that those questions thrown to her are indeed asked in a very blunt way too. i remember someone in the show says that Steven Lim and Xiaxue is alike in term of behavior just because they insult each other in their blog during the “blog war”.

    ain’t those people involve in the show are doing the same too? it might not be rude for the person who did the asking, but you will never know how the other party whose answering thinks about it.

    i’m not siding anyone, just my two cents worth. 🙂

  55. Hahas. GEt what you mean. DUn really agree to xiaxue. Always think about herself first.

    Anyway, like u said on the show, are u riding on her fame too? LOL.
    Just joking anyway.

  56. Hey there

    I am not a fan of Chinese telly or radio but stumbled here via tomorrow.sg. Was tempted to say your job sucks because of things like this, but I hope you don’t feel demoralised. Keep doing a good job at work and be professional unlike those you probably meet in your job, like her.


  57. To soleil:

    Obviously you haven’t been reading much of the Starblog stuff, or at least, not on a frequent basis.

    Standing up for my friend is ONE thing. It has nothing to do with my dislike for X2.

    And secondly, if only STOMP could repost all the comments and words exchanged between different users and myself with X2, you’ll understand what I meant by ‘I don’t know what happened which caused X2 to be hostile towards me’. So from now, it’s gonna be pointless for me to reply you.

    Thanks for writing.

  58. Hi Dasmond, as a 3rd party reading both your post and XX’s post on this matter, I observed a number of issues.

    1st. Your replies or reactions (via this post) seems ‘childish’ and immature for your age, status and experience. e.g. your reply to #1. “I noe its my fault for not being able to make my name well known, but with due respect… my name spelled with an A, Dasmond Koh” – sounds like a 15 yr old boy and it doesn’t seem to rebuke or have any relation to XX’s 1st point (we can go through every point you made in this point with regards to her comments).

    2nd. If the questions posed to her were indeed word for word, I believe you guys were putting her on the spot on national TV. Hmmm… I doubt anyone would wanna be put in a difficult spot on national TV (including yourself), especially on a popular programme you’re hosting. I have several ideas if you wanna bring up ratings or viewer numbers.

    3rd. I think it is only fair and just for you to reply her post regarding the programme. However, with your experience, status and interpersonal skills, I believe you could have taken a more ‘friendly approach’ rather than behaving as such. You could have use other means to protray her ‘straight forwardness’ during the show. Maybe the show needs some controversial publicity?

    Let me know if I offended you but I wrote with good intention.

    Good Luck! = )

    ( No worries 🙂 – 22 )

  59. IMO, blogs are for people to voice their feelings on issues and events that impact them. of course these feelings would be deemed biased to the outside world, coz these are the going-ons in the author’s mind not the reader’s mind.

    so i dont see why everyone wants to get the author to blog abt things that readers can/will/want to accept. what’s the point of a personal blog then? why should this change when a personal blog goes public?

    do think abt it before blasting people for not agreeing with you, as a reader, and your views. how can you expect the author to mould himself/herself into someone based on the tens of thousands readers’ different views?

    it’s true that it’s easier to voice personal thoughts on a blog, behind a persona. i dont see why people disagree on this. i’m sure everyone who owns a ‘personal’ blog would have complained about someone they dislike from time to time, be it the boss, that colleague, this movie star or that sch bully. it would have been a totally different scenario to make you say the same stuff to your boss/sch bully’s face in reality, wouldnt it?

    do note that it’s entirely different to be placed in the spotlight and made to answer what one deems as ‘politically correct’ views in a flash. even if the show is supposedly known for it’s straightforwardness,but holding it’s recordings in a public area, i’m sure producers dont wish to see a supposed discussion turn into an ugly heated verbal argument then into an awkward stage in a public place. verbal argument would have made good entertainment value, true, but an ugly heated one? i dont think so.

    i’m sure anyone being filmed and broadcast on national tv would want to retain some sort of reputation, no matter who the person is. i dont think you should be so quick to disagree on that. coz i’m sure you are the few who would shy away from a camera crew with a camera in your face.

    all celebrities have a glorified image, as deemed by their managers, to retain. i’m sure most singaporeans want to save their ‘face’ on national tv as well. it’s not done on purpose, it’s just a auotmated mechanism to shield oneself.

    not siding anyone really.. just imo.

  60. D’A’smond.. u need to brush up your grammar..

    “4. too tough a question to answer? or… wat should she says on national tv… yes no no yes…”

    what should she say.. w/o the s..

    you don’t talk like a guy.. you talk like a puss..

    ( thx… I’m not good in my English, all along… ha. been trying to improve but its really not easy… will try harder. Thx again 🙂 – from 22 )

  61. 1.Heh, desmond is a more common spelling-i don’t blame her for saying it wrongly.. (also, she’s more english-inclined so she probably doesn’t watch channel 8. i don’t either, actually..)

    2.I wouldn’t go within a 100 feet of steven lim much less talk to him either! (but i can see why you don’t think it’s a big deal, too)

    3.she probably found it offensive cos she doesn’t like Maia, just the way she doesn’t like steven lim and doesn’t want to talk about him/to him

    4.It’s practically attacking her integrity

    5.People like her aren’t used to being asked such questions face to face and so bluntly unless it’s by her friends, i think.

    6.Usually when invited as a guest on a show, you are asked non-offensive questions (i’m not saying your questions were, but they would make someone feel quite small unless they had the hide of an elephant) and don’t prod so much. It makes the person feel uncomfortable.. But she should have known that, cos that’s what your show’s about.

    I think neither of you are at fault here, but that you shouldn’t bear a grudge.

    Don’t take me wrongly, i’m not her fan, but we all have feelings, and i think she deserves a bit of defense. She’s straightforward, like you said, so if you two cut each other some slack, everyone will be a lot happier!

  62. Its just a freaking “A” wats the big deal with that its still sounds the same rite. quit being childish and suck it up will ya. Stop critising people look in the mirror and ask yourself are u any better. HELOOOO FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!!! HEARD OF IT???? Typical singaporean irritates me

  63. ur like so petty . and ur soposed to be a GUY ? n ur like juts using xia xue to get publicity arnt u becoming like steven lim oh meybe thats y u like him . and the more **** u write here about xia xue the more famous n popular she becomes 🙂

  64. honestly dasmond, its wonderful that you’re gracing out your opinions here, but shooting someone behind her back instead of HER FACE pretty much is defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to put on here.

    i’m not a fan of xiaxue, or anyone just so you know. be it celebrities, bloggers, little stars alike, we all know it:

    publicity is what earns you your rice bowl.

    so yeah. and also i would appreciate if you could type in full english words please? short forms are just barely… uneccessary unless you’re willing to group yourself with ‘nu-rave’ street kids.

  65. u know what.. i think she expresses herself better in writing rather than in words. so maybe that’s why she doesn’t seem as candid and blunt as she is in her blog. besides, it’s unfair to expect her to insult Steven Lim on TV. National TV no less, mind you! She would become public enemy #1 for sure!


  66. The comments here are interesting. A lot of people are annoyed by a lot of things.

    I have my own dislikes too. I don’t like Dasmond promoting his website on tv. I don’t like the two talkers getting so aggressive on the guests. They can put it in a nice way and don’t need to get so agitated. Although in the end they did so, they still had spoilt the whole thing.

  67. i feel that what u r doing is no difference from Xiaxue, just that u r just putting things across is a more diplomatic manner. Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you. I feel that most of the time the way Xiaxue writes seems more agressive than I feel she wants it to be, so dont be so harsh on her la. You may have just misunderstood what she wanted to convey.

  68. something tells me you moderate comments & u might just moderate mine away.
    most ppl just want to approve comments agreeable to them.

    what went through my mind while reading the post:

    blogger is bloody childish can??
    spelling mistake cnnt tahan little bit also want to whine & kao gui chiam zeng.
    dots lor.

    dunno how to blog, just very lihai copy & paste ppl’s contents then tackle one by one.
    idiocracy on the loose.

    supposing if xiaxue applied for copyrights…

  69. seriously, i find that you are damn petty mans. ZZZ. XX is just saying how she feels, like what she normally do. so whats the prob with you?

  70. I’ve never like you when you jump ship to tv. with your fake smile and ugly face. just shut the F up!

  71. I think everyone likes XiaXue more because there is humor in her writing…have you seen Kathy Griffin performs? yea, Kathy reminds me of XiaXue. Some people insult with no humor, just straight forward insult, like what you are doing….You remind me of Sarah Silverman..hahahaa….and thx to her, people knows you now..

  72. I totally agree with your opinions. I saw the clip on tomorrow.sg and I thought she would be candid on the camera since it was time to display her unhappiness about Steven Lim and yet she did was to pretend coy and such. It was quite disappointing. I was hoping for a more ‘exciting mouth-shooting marathon’. Nothing wrong with you guys asking straight questions. She just failed to prove herself.

  73. whats wrong with you la? -.-
    ppl who dont know you will just think that you’re this childish 30 guy who gets “upset” over small stuff like that lo. uh, know th hongkong character, A WANG? :] yah, just like you.
    apparently, you dont accept ppl just th way they are huh? and srsly, i nv knew yr name was spelled w an A and not an E :] so why blame her? -.-
    i still thought you were nice, oh puhlease.

  74. i think you misunderstood xiaxue. she’s just blogging about how she feels about stuff. why do you guys want to make it out like she’s got ulterior motive for blogging about steven lim or maia or whoever. so as to raise her popularity?? no. even without those posts about steven lim or whoever, im still enjoying her regular posts.

    she didnt mean to downgrade maia or steven in her posts, she’s just writing about how she feels. so why must she clarify on why she write what she feels, when everyone has different feelings towards everything?? it will come to no end.

    im seriously disappointed to see you writing this post. i’ve always liked you. but now… i don’t know. you seemed so nice to her on the show, but now you’re writing this. i hope this is not a way to raise your popularity.

  75. dun be idiot la. is jus DESMOND! she’s not YOUR MOTHER how the hell she know your name is been spell as DASMOND? AND she didn’t even say you, now that you have blog this, is it because you want your blog to be famous? haha ya indeed it is. and please kindly say thankyou to xia xue, if is not her, your blog wont be famous now.

  76. maia you are freaking free huh?

    Shut up wont you? XX is a million times better than you.

    dEsmond koh: stop moderating your comments and reflect on yourself. Cunt.

  77. wats wrong with you. you call urself a guy? piking on whether smone spells ur name w an e or an a? *shake my head* u r no difference from xx.

  78. FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!! read properly will you? she was just saying what she thinks, dont get so offended easily can?

  79. dasmond, please ignore her la.. why get upset over a small girl who talk without using her brain? Whole of singapore knows what kinda person she is no matter how she deny or what. Dont get piss off by a crazy and always talking rubbish girl

  80. yea man i agree with whatever, XX is young and can’t handle the fame she has at the moment, but for a guy who is 30ish, being annoyed at an innocent post by her, where she did not shoot u in anyway. That’s childish.

    Besides, I didn’t even know your name was spelt with an ‘a’, if u are so anal about it being spelt wrong, why dnt u go for the more common ‘e’ spelling?

    And I can’t believe you were so lucky to be able to date that big eyed HK star…(forgot her name)…darn she’s sooo pretty!

  81. Please read carefully. She did not talk about you! So do not “attack” people when she did not write about you.

    I know! You want publication on your name right? Dasmond is it? Okie everyone knows now, because xia xue blogged about you. Happy now? Shuuuuu Off!

  82. you are so retarded.
    why are you so calcutlative, whats wrong with spelling your name wrongly? and your teeth used to be seriously fugly last time i never watched your show during dinner cause i know i will lose my appitite.
    and, i really hope you can brush up on your english. because it’s obvious only your chinese is good. oh, maybe not.

  83. Seriously, what is wrong with Xiaxue’s entry? You know Xiaxue is known for being very very straightforward and most of us out there like the way she expresses her thoughts because in Singapore, there are too many people like you who fuss about small minute details. I used to like you cos you are a good host but I stopped supporting you like 5 minutes ago. I am quite disappointed with you and didn’t know you were such a petty person.

  84. so what’s this now?
    a host vs a blogger?
    and i always thought hosts
    should remain neutral.
    so u remain neutral infront
    of national tv and say whatever
    you want here? hmmm…
    makes me think twice bout
    who you are.

    i dare you to accept this.

  85. hi, i think you’re being overly critical of wendy.

    as a host, can’t you be more objective and accept criticism anyway even though she wasn’t directing it to you.

    in any case, i thought the questions posed to her were rather insensitive.

    and in case it never occured to you, ‘Desmond’ is more commonly spelt than ‘Dasmond’, it’s not surprising that people may misspell your name.

    what’s the deal about you.

    in this entry- it’s ironical that you’re more hypocritical than you claim xiaxue to be; with that fake plastic smile plasted across your face during the show.

  86. and youre also really childish. and i hope you regret doing this cause xiaxue meant no harm and yet you actually said all these things.
    lastly, you are seriously very unprofessional

  87. I was directed to this via XX’s blog. Must make it clear I’m not her supporter, just interesting to see someone who can be so in-your-face with her blog entries and get paid for a living. I can’t stand her but still read her blog.

    To be fair to XX, she did maintain her displeasure with having to be in the show with Steven Lim, so I beg to differ with those who said her real life behaviour did not mirror how she blogged.

    Dasmond (what’s with the fixation with an ‘a’ and an ‘e’?), you’re being childish, and your attitude isn’t that great either.
    Or are you just trying to increase your hit rate? Well, you succeeded in this case cos I just visited your site. Well done…not!

  88. sorry to say this,
    but seriously, xiaxue is just mere commenting on her blog and she made no personal attacks or watever.
    and hi dasmond koh,
    i dont respect you anymore.
    cos you are not worthy of my respect.

    2. If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*

    as for this. HA. how old are you.

    stop being so petty.

    oh and! you should improve your english, seriously.

  89. Is it about the mis-spelling of your name that you’re unhappy about?

    If that’s the case then you’re way too petty.
    Furthermore, you’re a 30 guy. ZZZ.

  90. hi dasmond. hmm. truthfully i din noe ur name is spelled wif A. hmm u noe on TV it was shown as “desmondkoh.com”

  91. Well, from my point of view, no one is actually “at fault” here. True, XX sometimes goes overboard with her blog, but its HER blog. If you don’t like it, like she said, you can refuse to read it, why bother reading stuff that you don’t like. And also, regarding 1 or 2 comments about XX only approving positive comments towards her, the reason is kinda obvious. No one would want anyone to display their hate to you, especially on your own blog. Not to mention that most of the “negative comments” are actually senseless things like “xiaxue sucks” which have no logic whatsoever.

    Next, regarding Maia. She can blog what she wants about XX, just as what XX can blog about whatever she wants. She has the right to call XX whatever she wants, though the result would be XX retorting. This doubtlessly results in hate, which, though negative, is only the flow of nature. No one is “wrong” for hating anyone, it is only human nature to discriminate.

    Next,Dasmond. So what if he wants to talk about XX’s comments? This IS his site. If you want to criticise him, at least do it sensibly. Stuff like
    “I’ve never like you when you jump ship to tv. with your fake smile and ugly face. just shut the F up!” —– some who don’t like you on September 27th, 2007

    well if you don’t like him, why the **** did you come here? and also, from the comment, “I’ve never like you when you jump ship to tv.”, you’re saying that you liked him when he was a DJ? Doesn’t that make you appear superficial? Saying you didn’t like his “ugly face”? That is a very superficial comment.

    Dasmond was not at fault for wanting to express his views on this topic.

    Lastly, to all you ppl, please step back and look from different points of view. Don’t make comments based on whether you like someone or not. Make them based on the facts. Personally, after reading Maia’s comments, I didn’t like her much. I was also a reader of XX, but still, we must agree that yes, XX did have a bit of communication problem that caused her to be misunderstood, thats partially her fault. Maia, well she doesn’t appear to have anything to do with this. And Dasmond is just saying what he feels.

    So if you’re gonna comment, at least use some sense, otherwise you’re wasting time. Everyone’s time.

  92. So i guess this is your way of getting attention? Criticising others? Why don’t you be more creative, instead of following XX’s footsteps and criticising people.

    and what’s with the english.

    A or E, it doesn’t really matter. We can call you anything we like and you can’t do shit about it.

  93. i-beg-ur-pardon-mr-dasmond-or-desmond-or-dosmond-or-dismond-or-dusmond-or-whatever (like anyone cares?)
    and how old are you anyway? 12? 14? 7?
    Askin “rude” question on national TV program is BAD. say it with me, B-A-D. got it, kid?

  94. you know what i think about you? you’re childish and think you very good. -.- i beg to differ. the way you portray yourself on tv, always suaning people, it sickens me. it’s not funny. rather, it’s disgusting.

  95. i guess all celebrities hide their real personalities under that fake smile on TV.

    and like ‘whatever’ said, i also thought dasmond was not bad. seriously, this post by him really irks me. how can a guy be so petty and reply sarcastically to a girl’s comments? and may i say, was a comment that wasn’t even directed to you.

    it really changed my good impression of this dasmond. disgusted, thoroughly.

  96. Lousy english man.

    I went to google your picture to find out who you are. Didn’t realised that ‘that guy’ on TV speaks such english with lousy english.

    How you type really shows your character.

    with all the ‘las’ ‘hors’, you really show yourself as an ah beng 😀

  97. Your English is atrocious. Please seek to either improve it, or perhaps you can consider having a blog in your native Mandarin.

  98. Big deal, A and not E, does it matter. Do you want to crush an ego because of a stupid alphabet? Seriously, *rolls eyes*

    The questions are not straight-forward, it’s plain rude. Oh there is a difference.

    “Why do you hate Steven Lim?”

    “Then how do you feel about Steven Lim?”


  99. hey dude how old are you!
    i read her blog post. and i believe it was an innocuous casual remark which wasnt meant to offend anyone. it’s her freedom of space; and if she felt that the talkshow hosts were rather blatant in their questions posed to her, well then let her voice out her opinions!
    you as an older and experienced veteran in the media world should at least be sensitive enough to understand how she would feel if she were invited to this show with the most hated guy on earth. she had written an awfully rude post about steven lim and it would be even more stinging if she were to say exactly what she said in her acrimonious post right in the face of steven lim!
    seriously dude, imagine that you are invited to another show with xiaxue, and you are asked why you had said all that about her in your blog post right slam in her face??? i can imagine the palpable tension.
    You are picking on such minute and insignificant matters and hurling groundless accusations about her personality, about someone you probably have zero knowledge of.
    she only stated that the talkshow hosts were rather straightforward, almost insulting and in-your-face. no personal qualms or anything by the way. even though she didnt want to be on the show she still went on ahead; notice her non-diva-esque behaviour.
    as a neutral party im not taking any sides. but i strongly believe here that you are in the wrong and i hope you will take my comments into serious consideration and do some rumination on the corollary of your careless remarks.

    With much respect and regards,
    Hi 🙂 have a good day!

  100. i never knew how to spell your name either, and i think you are just seeking unwanted attention by writing that post. i’m not on your side here

  101. dasmond i’m pretty disappointed in you. all this while i’ve such high respect for you. too bad, after this post, it went all down the drain. watch you and the cai shen jiang on Just Shoot 3? no more frigging way.

  102. before i stumbled on your blog i had no opinions of you whatsoever.

    however, now i know you’re an attention seeking, immature guy with bad english.

    just as bad as that has-been maia or wanna-be steven lim.

  103. erm.. how to say.. If you are the person being asked so many harsh questions, you wont say something like you can answer straight forward, blah blah blah.. you just cant. Here, you are just the same as XX in a way that you commented.

  104. how lame? xiaxue is not even being offensive at all, she’s just saying about what she feel, so whats wrong about that? zzz a man getting upset over small stuff of what she wrote, xiaxuay la u.

  105. or maybe you’re just trying to be famous by trying to shoot her back on internet, so yea, u have no rights to say about her anyway cause your one of those ppl who rides on ppl’s fame.

  106. hi. im just a passer by. well i can see you and xiaxue got some ‘plan’in mind. well, as you want to gain popularity wif xx blogs. well~you did it. claps

  107. I don’t think XX was rude in her post. She was just stating about what she thought, she did not specifically said that YOU were being rude to her, so why jump into your own conclusion? Oh god, I’m really appalled that you will post an entry like this. Because when I watched the programme, you’re nice and pretty straight forward in a good way. But this post was totally unexpected and spoilt your own image.

  108. 1 Point in your post I would like to leave a comment… ( very polite hor me.. :))

    You mentioned 5 points that you’d like to leave a comment on but… please take a second look hor… you’ve mentioned 6 points, not 5.

    Point is: difference between an A and an E… not much. People still know it’s you. Unfortunately, you’re not famous enough for audience to take notice of your ‘unique’ but lame attempt at changing an original English name. If you’re gonna be critical about people’s spelling then make sure you’ve got your own grounds covered. Give one ‘potong jalan’ for people to laugh at only. Besides, it’s a blog entry!! People can spell words anYhoW dey wan 2 N iT’s okay as long as others understand, you do too what.

  109. Please. The name “Desmond” is spelt with a an “e”. Yours is just some ah beng way of making your name “special”. It’s almost as if you cannot spell. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s pathetic that people make up these “cool” “english” names for themselves?

  110. i think youre old enough to know that writing offensive things and saying it infront of somebody are two entire things. dude! common sense yo. where has yours run to?

    ah well. expected from someone like you (laughs). i dont think its xx’s fault that she spelt your name wrongly. next time to prevent furthur sp mistakes why dont you go up and into yourself as “hi i am dasmond koh. dasmond yknow. as in D-A-S-M-O-N-D did you get that?”

    this way ppl wont spell your name wrongly. happy now? its not like youre oh so bloody popular that EVERYONE knows how to spell your name man. get that fact straight into your thick head. what a moron you can be. and youre 30? (gasps) my oh my. are you rly a 16 yr old hidden in an old man 30 yr suit? lol.

    ANYWAY. if xx was v candid on tv about steven lim, how do you bloody THINK HE WOULD FEEL? damn, are you a human being? no emotions ah? howd you like it if i put you on a talk show and ask someone who bloody hates you alot to go on the show to and say all the bad stuff about you? man! have some feelings la.

    conclusion: whatever you said was freaking gay and childish for someone your age. go think about it. post until can post liddat. i mean go post more meaningful stuff like what, “save the earth” i mean its 1000 times better than this “i beg ur pardon miss xia xue” =.=

    you are just wasting internet space and making ppl feel disgusted at your post. haha.

    now have a good day sir

  111. seriously.. i think the main point here is not you.. no need to get all offended..

    even i was affronted with how rudely the qns were asked. maia had to endure the same rude treatment too.

  112. what? just because people spelled your name wrongly and you made such a ho-ha out of it? plus if she thinks that the questions asked were rude then let her be lah. like if people ask you some rude questions (but does not seem rude to them, you also will angry right? so what’s your prob?

  113. lol, i thought your name is spelled with an ‘E’ too. What’s the big deal about that anyway. Do you have to make a big fuss out of it? It’s not like she purposely spell it wrongly right. Can’t imaging a guy your age acting so petty.

  114. OMG dEsmond(koh?sorry i dont know your name)you’re making too big a fuss over such a too small thing?
    I think it would have been better if you were still in Radio and Not on my television cos right now i have to switch off my tv just cos of your fake face.
    XX’s always known for being straightforward.
    are you? your sad attempts to try to emulate her is just that-SAD.

  115. You are just plain petty to me to spell out your name. U know, like p1 school boy saying,” MY NAME IS XXXXX, not XXXXX.

    The stupid TV show is just mainly sabotaging.

    If I were Xiaxue, I’ll def leave the venue and see how the show could go on w/o sabotaging a famous blogger.

    This TV show also using HER and STEVEN LIM to make others watch it. So, what’s the F diff?

    Don’t say what virtual and real life. Said virtual is different from real life, ok la, then you try to scold the LEE Family from your blog and tell me the next day you will still be pretty much alive and kicking.

  116. whats e prob wif u ? U are bloody DAMN SHALLOW to get upset over this kinda things. plus, who do you think u are? King issit, expect everyone to know ur name issit? wan us to spell right at ur face or not? You are the worst host i hav ever seen. Someone who tries to be funny through cracking lame and offensive jokes. Watching you in 校花校草 is enough to make me cringe when you tries to act “handsome” or forcing pple to call you handsome.If u are handsome u wont nd to act like a despo you noe. oh,go get a hair cut too, looks damn 80s. stop being such a sissy and act like a gentlement, or else u are no different from a stupid girl.

    p.s.i have got the feeling you will moderate my comment, well if u do, this shows you are dishonest too.i am sry for being straightforward, you wont mind right?

  117. omg..u ppl jealous with xiaxue cos she is so popular?she was just stating her feeling after the interview.y u r taking it so seriously?she wasn accusing u of anything.so y do this to her?and u r even a GUY..so xiao chi..my god..i just dont believe it.

  118. It’s kind of disappointing to see this entry in your blog. Though I’m not a great fan of urs but many of my friends are/were. Imagine being attacked on National TV. If you are not the person being attacked, who are we to judge other people and how would we ever know the feelings of others? Aren’t you a tad judgemental as well? Whose fault is it that people nowadays choose names with original spelling? How can we blame others of making spelling mistakes when we want to stick to our originality and deviates from the conventional. Your entry may not be long but it speaks volumes. About who you really are.

  119. i think she had the right not to say watever she blogged bout steven right in his face. being able to post bout him doesnt equate to having the ability to say it in his face. in the first place blogging was there to allow pp post wat they cant say out in real life rite? -.- sometimes pp juz forgot the main reason why something was created.

  120. Well, i think ‘desmond’ is a common name & for this point, you’ve kind of reacted too big.
    All along, Xiaxue has been popular for her humour and her straightforward character even when she insults. And if you were to put yourself in her shoe, you would have understood why she weren’t so “straightforward”, as you said. It’s not easy for her as she had been verbally “attacked” by all sorts of questions, including insults that would hurt her dignity.

    Although the show is supposed to let anyone speaking be straightforward, but still it is in a public area & would be broadcasted on tv. Think another way, what if she’s being polite instead?

    To say the truth, i think that either you’re reacting too big, or you had just misunderstood her. In fact, her post wasn’t pretty insulting towards the show. I’m not Xiaxue’s fan, neither yours. Just stating a comment & some facts. Take care & have a nice day.

  121. you’re merely picking out mild faults from XX’s blog and trying to gain popularity.

    it’s all seen from the program itself. you and QYF trying to advertise your blogs whenever possible.

  122. dAsmond:

    i must say i am rather shocked by ur behaviour, especially when u are a DJ/TV personality well known by many. what makes u better than her when u too criticise people on ur blog? seriously, if someone throws u a difficult question on national TV how would you respond? give the answer and behave the way that people expect you to? cant believe u are this ridiculous and childish. by making such ‘comments’ on ur blog, i dont think u are very ‘polite’. and please, improve your english.

  123. haha.. are u trying to gain publicity thru this blog entry?
    personally, i think the judges are really mean.. shooting her like nobody’s business..
    imagine u were her, how would u react to those situations?
    and how would u feel after that?
    i am sure anyone would be equally pissed off..
    so what’s wrong with her expressing her thoughts and emotions in her own blog?
    she wasn’t even attacking u in her blog, what r u so upset about?

  124. whats the big deal!
    so she spelled your name wrongly,omggggggg we’re all gonna die. -.-
    so what! youre not that famous, and she’s not the only one who made that honest mistake.
    stop victimizing her! just because she’s straightforward?
    and i dont understand why somany people are agreeing with your unreasonable points.actually.i dont knowcause i gave up after reading the first 7 ridiculous comments.

  125. well I agree with whatever on her post on September 27th. During the show, the hosts were rather ‘straightforward’, throwing her unexpected questions that were obviously meant to catch her off-guard. I mean, if I were INVITED to be a special guest to a show I would not expect the hosts and everyone there to interrogate me with an accusing tone.

    and seriously, who knows you name is spelled with an ‘A’? Oh yah no offence, but as a third party, your arguement sounds really invalid.

    who knows? the way you make a big deal out of it makes you sound like the one wanting free publicity.

  126. IF you’re a man, i think you owe HER an apology. I don’t think xiaxue deserved such stupid sarcasms from you. Especially when she liked you the most among those people and the fact that the post wasn’t that offensive at all(okay, her current one may slightly be, although her criticisms are STILL not directed at you).

    This is seriously from a third party point of view, in fact i quite liked you. Until I realised how petty and unreasonable you are.

    And please don’t be rude. It’s Xiaxue, not Xia xue. Sorry she’s not famous enough for you to take the effort to post her name correctly.

    pfft. talk about being petty. =)

  127. hmm.just a question, are you trying to gain popularity of your blog too?
    if you are, u succeeded. she wrote about you.

    anyways, why bother about that show? being straight-forward is one thing.but saying it in a nice way is another.

    i guess some questions did sting her. yes, u all r being as straight-forward as she is. but no matter what, hurtful words still does sting. we r humans.

    just kiss goodbye la. seriously.

    btw, i believe u are going over to singapore poly tml for e “xiao hua xiao cao” thing. I’LL BE THERE TOO! i mean i’m studying there. see you tml! though u wont noe who i am. lol.

    anyways, just forget e whole thing and dun tok about it anymore. it will die down

  128. i think people shouldnt be too harsh on either xiaxue or dasmond. either i read about insults regarding xiaxue or i see people scolding dasmond.

    dasmonds response to xiaxues entry does have some validity. read it objectively, naturally all those questions that dasmond has raised will come to you too.

    i am a fan of xiaxue, i like her blog, but i am not always going to go, oh shes right dasmonds wrong dasmond is such a %$#@! i hate you blah and blah.

    people are entitled to their own opinions and this is dasmonds thoughts. he did not publicise them in a nasty way, he did it in a civil way, and anyway this is his blog! i assume he has at least that little bit of freedom to speak up in defence for himself? ( after all, xiaxue does seem as if shes offended by the questions the hosts asked. )

    cant you people cut both of them some slack? its just a stupid misunderstanding, he cleared things up and you still wanna go on and on about this? please, get a life. if you dont like dasmond ( or xiaxue ) why do you still visit their blogs? to get high by insulting them? whats your problem man?

    by the way dasmond, i think youre cute!(: i like your shows and i am also an ardent fan of yours. yknow what, dont give a damn about what others say, when youre a celebrity youre bound to have haters. continue doing your stuff yar!

    people eat your hearts out 😀

    p.s. i remember the spelling of your name clearly because its unique.

  129. desmond,
    you really very childish only at 30 and dare to copy & paste the part of what XX wrote on her blog.

    You have no couteous to ask her permission before blog here about her. So rude of you. Shame on you and tarnish your imagine as a host.

    better quit your host at just shoot or other shows like food hunt with jamie ong.

  130. I’ve read that post. I dun tink that she’s trying to bombard the programme…the host or anything at all. Just imagine you are trying to promote that show…you will write out an intro on that programme right?.. Anyway the post is like so long ago..and now you bring up this topic. The 1st thing that comes into my mind is…Oh My God~! Are you really that childish? Are you trying to do publicity for yourself? As what you said in the Shoot 3 Lol…have a catfight with her..and you will be famous~! 😛 And you are so…careful with your words use…WTF stands for what the fish? The 2nd comment that you made..utterly make urself as a stupid person..she merely wrote..” What exactly did I write about Steven? Say it in his face.” Which i would have seen it as..”that” particular question is asked during the programme..and she dint mention that she mind it that much that she’s being ask that question At all..
    p.s: I’m nt xiaxue’s fan at all…i’m just dissapointed that my fav DJ..acted so …Childish..

  131. aye do grow up…you took such a sweeping statement so seriously..you ARE not well known..face it..review on your own behaviour making such a fuss of a misspelt name..get a life…

  132. I think I would have spelled your name wrongly too actually. Sorry. Dasmond is just not a common way of spelling it. See, even the spell check has put a little dotted red line under it.

    And next, I thought it was a little mean to put XX in such a spot. ‘Am I being controversial to get publicity’ kind of questions.. As professional as you may be, you wouldn’t have liked it too right?

    I do see you on TV now and then, but I didn’t know you sounded so different on your blog. Sigh.

  133. I feel that Xiaxue just expressing what she thinks on her blog,she is known to be very straight forward and may sometime cross the line,but I feel that Dasmond is a little too sensetive over this issue,we all know that people spell Desmond with a “e” and not a “a”,that spelling Desmond is very common.And Dasmond was really nice to Xiaxue that day as can be seen on TV.The rude ones were the 2 middle aged guys,they were very stern and did ask question in a very rude manner.

  134. dasmond oh dasmond. u are so one of a kind. insulting someone behind her while being so polite to her on the show. anyway. shes just a blogging her life the way she wants it. and if u ppl dun like it. DUN READ LA! and she is just stating the facts that she doesnt like the way people shoot her with questions so rudely wad. wad is wrong with that? bloody stupid ppl. and oh dasmond. i heard only aunties go to u when u go to Polys to host Hey Gorgeous. ROFL!! stop thinking you are oh too shuai. like wtf!

  135. seriously, improve your english and re-read xiaxue’s post. i don’t see anything wrong with what she wrote on her post, seems to me just a mere narration of what happened! you need to get a life man

  136. Firstly, I have to make my stand clear. I am siding neither party. Just giving my two cents worth.

    Been reading your blog and of course, xiaxue’s. I’ve never once commented on both. But now, I feel that justice has to be done.

    I seriously think you should take back what you commented on xiaxue. Though you have the right to voice out your views. You have to bear in mind that you’re a celebrity, a well-known one. We don’t call you “Rong Shao” for nothing. For you giving such comments doesnt reflect very well on your personality which undoubtly is really good. I know you might mean no harm by blogging such entry, I know exactly how xiaxue felt.

    Like her, I’ve “heard” you since i was really young. From you being a popular DJ among teens to a reputable host, I saw you through all that. And I believe Xiaxue, too, did the same.

    How exactly will you feel is someone does that to you? Let alone someone you’ve always looked up to. Respect her like how she respected you. It’ll really do you good.

    It is obvious that Xiaxue’s not referring to you in her blog about how rude the questions were posted to her. Anyone who saw the talkshow can tell that its the other tactless gentleman. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Don’t do this to yourself, don’t do this to xiaxue. She’s just a known blogger but you’re a celebrity. Not that celebrities cannot voice out he/her opinion, just that what you said will be blown up and exagerated. That, you’re doing yourself unjust.

    I dont see why xiaxue deserve this from you when she’d looked up to you even after what she saw in your blog. Think it over.

    Do yourself a favour, be yourself, even online. You are well respected for being friendly and you’ve touched many hearts with your sincerity. Be the rong shao we know yeah? blog like yourself.

    PS: You might not know who I am but whats impt is I know you and Singapore knows you.

    Thanks for taking time to read through.


  137. Dasmond, you know, this entry of yours is really one that makes me raise my eyebrows, but only in exasperation and disappointment.

    Among all the stars of Mediacorp (if you can call them that), you are one of the few that I feel has at least an ounce of talent in him. But your entry seriously leaves me taken aback and somewhat disgusted.

    First of all, your english, or more effectively put across, your mutilation of the english language. As a mediacorp star, it is almost expected that you should be using the english language in the correct way, i.e. without short forms. Haven’t you noted the fact that Phua Chu Kang stopped going “Don’t pray pray” and actually said “Play”? This shows that us Singaporeans view proper English as an important matter.

    Secondly, in case you are unaware, Xiaxue, or Miss Xia Xue as you proclaim throughout your post, is only a pseudonym. She happens to have a real name, and that is Wendy Cheng Yan Yan. Also, if you must name her in that manner, kindly note that it is an entire word, not two separated ones.

    Thirdly, it was in disrespect to her because you and the rest of the in-charges for Let’s Shoot indeed sprung this “surprise” upon her, and then used cajoling words to convince her to stay and meet probably the most disgusting man in the entire Singapore, Steven Lim.

    Fourthly, you actually commented that she did not use her brains to consider repurcussions before actually blogging. Please. Take a good look at her blog. Before actually posting the post on the Top 7 most disgusting bloggers, she set up a poll, and it was only because of her readers’ choice that she posted it.

    I could go on and on, but that is only wasting my time. Please, before YOU blog, use YOUR brain lest you get countless comments conveying their disgust to you. Maybe you could stare at that giant poster of yourself hung in the bathroom and try to get some inspiration before even considering turning on the computer and mutilating the universal language further?

  138. i think this whole thing is a mountain out of a molehill. its JUST a show. i mean, she didn’t insult you in her blog, she didn’t write YOUR name. i’ve watched the show and i think that old geezer is definitely to insulting. he talks like he’s going to get up and punch you in the face.

    the stuff she wrote was very very mild. -.-

  139. I knew you as Zhen Rong and used to listen to your radio progammes too, never knew that it was dAsmond either. And yea, I don’t think she meant it that way nor was it a very professional thing for you to be this sacastic about her post.

    Perhaps there are people who don’t like her. But she do have the guts to write what she think. And perhaps you guys would have enjoyed it if she were to insult Steven Lim on TV – ratings would have shot up. It’s not too fair to expect her to be harsh to Steven infront of national TV. People would have more to critise her about, isn’t that more rude?

    One thing is certain – you can feel how she does when people leave comments and criticise or insult her publicly.

    Do feel for others.

  140. You’re a very childish person, did you know? 😀 Immature too. Your typing makes my brother’s look intellectual.

    There’s a difference between being straightforward and being downright rude, by the way. Get it right.

  141. Seriously, I do watch the show once a while and yes, some of the so called ‘judges’ are just downright rude. Just because they want to get their opinions and voices heard doesn’t mean they have to be impolite. In fact, you are the only tactful person in that show. So keep it up yeah 🙂

  142. “YOU HUA JIU SHOU” the show is LAME la. Actully is not the show is the people siting down apart from the GUEST.

    Are they the f**king “JUDEGES” or what? I saw the show with has XIAXUE invited. And the “judges” were like acting they are VERY CLEVER! And WHAT THE HELL ! SOME DON NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT IS THE CONFLICT ABOUT AND THEY FREAKING COMMMENTED?

    So is the show teaching us how to be KAPOS who do not know a situation of something then COMMENT LOUDLY on national tv making a joke of them self?

    Eg. They dun even know what xiaxue scold steven lim! And vias verse

    And from the show! EVERYONE IS LIKE ATTACKING HER! Only 1 of the female “judge” and 1 other guest was helping her!

    So is the show teaching how to bully someone ? 5 VS 1?

  143. hey dasmond,
    not sure if u read xiaxue’s most recent blog. what i can say is the you have put urself in a very unfavourable position as currently you r being protrayed as petty and nitpicking. as a matter if fact, pple who visits xx blog far exceeds urs. she doesnt really have an image to keep but ,as a tv celebrity, u do.

  144. I second Poison.

    You’re being incredibly childish.
    It’s pretty obvious that xx was just making a passing comment. And IMHO, she wasn’t even attacking you.

    Jeeez wth is wrong with you people?!?!

  145. Face it la, I don’t even know your name is with an A. Why the retaliation? That’s childish when you are even older than her. Strange.

  146. Dasmond,

    Very clever indeed…I remember you talking abt “how can we ever get our blogs to be as successful as XX’s?” Are u trying to pull XX’s 20,000 readers over to your blog, jst this once? (I say once cos with the kind of grammar & ‘zero blogging talent’ you have, you’ll only succeed at ONCE)

    you are sooooo utterly DISGUSTING!!!!!

  147. hello excuse me please dasmond is not a producer on the show i doubt he had any countrol over the situation except to front it. so stop flaming him like it’s his fault that both steven lim and xiaxue were on the show???

    and i think you hua jiu shuo has a very good concept behind it at least it shows that there are singaporeans who actually DARE to have AN OPINION.

    and dasmond i think this post is very very funny. albeit rude. but please pple, does anyone EVER take blog posts seriously??? i think xiaxue is funny too, though not so much now. blogging = entertainment. and entertainment = not taking things seriously.

    my goodness i can’t believe i just wasted time commenting – see this is what we do, whether blogging or commenting.

  148. no offence here.. but all of u ppl, onli noe how 2 comment or insult in someone’s site.. hiding behind ur computers, insulting someone like they had offended u personally. u wanna say smth about someone? i dare u to say it straight to their face. yes,I DARE U.. she is a girl after all.. has anyone thought about her feelings? yes, she has offended many ppl.. n doesnt reali SEEM 2 care about others feelings.. but since u r all mature adults urself(well most), cant u take it in stride? none of u haf 2 care about wad she says about u.. ok? unless u r guilty of e truth.. if u didn do anythin, i believe tt u noe it urself.. n so does e ppl arnd u.. y bother? n.. she actually bothered 2 try n clarify things here.. drop it man.. tsk

    ps. dasmond koh.. i had thought ur name was spelt as desmond too.. its a common mistake la.. desmond is a veri common way of spelling ur name pronounciation ma.. relax man.. don tell me u actually expect her 2 research on e names of e ppl who r gonna b “interviewing” her?

  149. I think you and your commenters are just not used to xiaxue, some don’t even know her. This doesn’t mean you can just assume she’s doesn’t have any feelings because she’s straigtfoward. I watched the show, its your co-co-hosts that were damn rude. You should put yourself in her shoes.

    So would you like me to ask you whether you’re blogging this because you want to get famous? You did mention that your blog is not so popular and even asked xx to link you.

    SO LIKE, WHATEVER! This is so not going to be approved but whatever much.

  150. omg! pardon me but i juz realised smth.. u typed her name wrong! n u r actually complainin about her spellin urs wrong.. haiz.. erm.. no offence again.. heheh.. chill out~ well.. i guess.. more ppl will actually noe ur name spellin le.. gd 4 u..

  151. this is plain childish and its downright lame. brush up your english before you even think of commenting on someone spelling your name wrongly. XX is known to be blunt, and you are childish for commenting on such insignificant things. besides, if you don’t like it, than don’t read her blogpost.

    well, duh, maia’s friend would of course support her and xiaxue has her own friends as well.

    second marissa, you have just succeeded at pulling xiaxue’s blog readers to your post. congrats~


  152. Seriously, learn to type in proper English.

    Yes, she can be uncouth, too straightforward, and rude at times. Learn to accept people, like your fans accept you as someone who types worse than an uneducated begger on the street.

  153. I seriously think you don’t know Wendy enough to criticize what she says or blog.

    I won’t denial but I do read her blog, but I don’t actually consider myself her fan. I just found that injustice is done here to her. Please do note that Wendy is very straightforward and it’s different from being rude.

    Plus, she blogs her feelings letting the whole world know. (precisely that fact that it is on the World Wide Wed)

    It’s definitely better than cowards of visiting your blog leaving rude comments about you, without leaving a proper name. If people want to insult, I think they all should do it Wendy’s style. Leave a name.

    And about the post she blog about the 7 disgusting bloggers, I felt that it meant no harm. She blogged what she felt like, and I think Steven Lim made quite a big fuss about it. Several bloggers such as “Ice Angel” and “Lao Zhao Bor” did not take it to heart about what she mentioned about them.

    Furthermore, about the point:
    “What exactly did I write about Steven? Say it in his face.
    – If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head* ”
    Do you know that telling someone something in the face isn’t a very easy thing to do. Plus, ONE PUBLIC TELEVISION? NO WAY. Telling people their flaws isn’t something easy to do. Maybe you should try it out and tell me how it felt.

    Furthermore, another point about being offensive on National Television and your view:
    “You are outspoken, hide nothing, straight forward … then simply answer the question as it was thrown to ya… there’s no need to be completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows…?”
    First, if someone is offensive to you, even on normal conditions, you will be taken aback. Unless you face with offensive questions everyday? Furthermore, back to the fact that it is on National Television. She was doing a BIG favour to be nice and not answer in an offensive manner. It would definitely be not a nice image, and knowing Wendy, it would come out so bad that people won’t say she’s rude, but think she’s right. And seriously some of the questions asked were really rude. Though they weren’t the ones asked by you or Quan Yifeng.

    One more thing, just to say that you really sounded rude when in your post mentioning your name is spelled with a A. Then again, you call her Xia Xue when her name is actually WENDY, in case you didn’t know. Which is worse? At least she typed Desmond which sounds like Dasmond (actually they sound the same). Precisely the reason she typed it with a E was because it is commonly spelled with an E. Xia Xue and Wendy are like WORLDS apart.

    You know, I could go on. But I really think you have misunderstood her. And you judged her before knowing her. Read her blog to know. You can see that she is just who she is from reading her older post. The ones before she even got famous. It is the true her and she still is.

    Truthfully, I like you and Quan Yifeng in Shoot. I’m just quite disappointed in your post.

    Thanks for the time, though it think you might delete this or something.

    Nevertheless, all the best (:

    You’re a nice guy, Wendy’s a nice girl.
    It’s all a stupid misunderstanding.

  154. You are just so fake. On screen you sounded like so impressed with her yadda yadda but now, writing some negative stuff about her. If you can tell her to just answer the questions because there is nothing to hide, why not just criticize her on TV rather than doing it here?

    I saw the show and the co-host who doesnt read her blog but commented so much on her is just plain disgusting. Since he did not even know her virtual self, y keep insisting that she blogs because of money and fame as if he got some supernatural mind reading power when seeing xx’s trueself? Of course they MIGHT (since I am not her and I wont know) play a part to earn her keep so that she can lead a comfortable life without working in an office or under some boss. What is wrong with that? She admits she uses her blog to earn money but that is only part of bonus that comes with writing an impressive blog.

    Since you did the same as her, your comments on her just contradict. By the way I never read your blog. I came here only because she linked you to one of her post. Even if she is fake, what’s the big deal? At least her blog is way more impressive than yours.

    It just makes me furious seeing people making their own judgments and feel they are right when in fact they know nothing at all.

  155. i agree with shane. you’re just trying to gain publicity (and it will benefit your shows and, of course, income). you’re plain desperate to gain readers and figure out that the best way is to criticize xiaxue and force her to talk about you in her blog and attract her readers here. *sneaky*

    i admit i’m one of them. but after reading your post, i was damn pissed off. my advice is for you to bloodly hell go learn how to be a proper blogger before you blog.

    xiaxue is a wonderful blogger. she speaks like a true-blue modern girl. you’re just being sore and goody-two-shoes.

    i’ve watched that episode (solely for xiaxue). i can safely tell you that if you two were to host, people would rather watch xiaxue. at least she’s humorous. you’re… plain goody-goody…

    P.S. i used to think you’re quite a nice guy, but now, i shall delete that mindset. you’ve lost an audience. *shake hands and congrats*

    and ya, you’re english is atrocious…

  156. Seriously, U re veri well-known. At least in singapore. haha..
    frankly, xia xue is a bad mouth person. Recently she posted abt the ” 10 digusting pp” and she include one of the mediacorp actress ” lao Zha Bor “. She comment dat all old pp re smelly. I didnt neo y.. i juz feel dat she have no brain. She dun put herself in other pp shoes.. Juz like what most pp sae.. she onli wanted to gain popularity.. the more pp who read her blog, e more monei she earn. dat her purpose. Sometime juz blog without using her brain. haix.. so what if she is the first blogger in singapore..? She is simply irritating..
    If she dun put herself in other pp shoes, she will never understnad

    Anyway, Dasmond koh… jia you! ahaa

  157. You want my opinion, you have it. Point is I don’t know if you have the balls to post it.=)If whatever the girl Xiaxue did was a publicity stunt, was your almost non existent relationship with that another has been Hk actress a publicity stunt too? Is this rebuttal which is so proudly applauded by your little clique of teenage female fans from your 93.3 days a publicity stunt too?But it does get what you want I guess, a link from her blog and thus more hits. Well done dasmond with a capital “A”! An unique spelling to a common name does not make a commoner unique. I’m not a fan of Xiaxue by the way and i really think you should blog in Mandarin instead. P.S please take down the giant poster in your bathroom. It is that disturbing

  158. Well well.. xia xue is quite critical about people, her blog, her criticisms, so when people make some comments abt her blog she feels offended. So why in the first place did she set up a blog and then wants the whole world to love her? Why comment on people and others can’t comment on her..? Very one-sided person.

    I had made comments on her blog but none of the comments came up as this lady has moderated my posts and decided they were not fit to be put up. She only wanted ‘positives’ on her blog.

    Care to explain why, Xia xue..?

  159. 惊讶-ing。不过,你在这种“非常时期”回复她的帖子,我还是隔山观虎斗比较好(我是从她那里链接过来的)。


  160. lol so now u’re not moderating almost all of the comments like the way u did to the other person.. just to show that u don’t? lol

    so u just killed urself by putting up that post.. so many of ur fans became EX-fans.. lol.. and ironically.. u “succeeded” in getting ur hits cuz of Xiaxue.. hmm..

    ha ha ha

  161. people say whatever they like on their blogs. IT IS AFTERALL THEIR BLOG. You could retaliate and start a blog war, but when I read the post, I didn’t think xx was being rude or trying to slander the show at all. I think it was YOU who misunderstood things and read too much into it.

    And maybe because you are always in the chinese channel, people don’t really know your english name. I, for one, thought you were a dEsmond. So you can’t blame her can you? And desmond is definitely more widely used than dasmond.

    Just lay off for a bit. I didn’t think she meant any harm.

  162. Sigh. I have no idea what the big hooha is all about. And I don’t really freaking want to know who’s right and who’s wrong. Xiaxue is just being herself. And I think that’s nothing wrong with that.

    And yes, everyone is right to say you’re childish if u let the name thingy becomes an issue. Does it really matter in the first place? Even if it does, isn’t it a bit immature to like make a big thing out of it. Gosh…

    I’m kinda upset to see u lowering urself to this standard of “shooting” at people with your words. What makes you any different from her or anyone?

    Really upset and well, you’ve lost all due respect from me. And I was a really huge fan of yours. Used to chase you everywhere you go back in the 9.33 days with Hui Shi. But it seems, everyone makes mistakes someday.


  163. such a coincidence that on the talkshow dasmond kept mentioning his own blog/asking xiaxue to link him up, even egging quan yifeng on to start a blog war with xiaxue to gain more publicity and now he’s the one at it when xiaxue didn’t even make mention to him being the rude one. So who’s the one trying to gain more blog hits now???

    not taking sides but i guess you should really try to see the point in her writing before commenting senselessly. It’ll reflect badly on you if you do so.

    Well unless you agree with the statement “Bad publicity is still publicity.”

    Seriously though your hosting is improving and that episode was made rather interesting cos of your composure in handling the situation. But really, focus more on such ways to improve rather than making use of this website (thru provoking people) to gain popularity. Jiayou ba

  164. I never knew who Dasmond Koh was until Xiaxue blogged about him.

    Apparently, he apparently has the writing skills of a 14yo ah lian.

    Impressive, Desmond. I mean, Dasmond. dun flame mi plz

  165. Well… in the 1st place, maybe it was a bad idea to invite trouble… oops sorry, i meant HER. If you wanna talk abt blogs, there’re real bloggers out there like DK, mr wang, miyaki and mr brown etc.

  166. That’s just done in such an ingentleman way. tsk tsk. Not a fan of hers, but she has a point saying those and your comments on the 5 points are just so crippled really.

  167. hmm..this is surely a misunderstanding. XX is known for her loud, in-your-face kinds posts. but this post, that part of it at least…wasn’t written in a bitchy way..i sense that she is genuinely a little bit upset. trust me, i know cos i’m a girl. your points are kinda off….and a little far fetched. kinda like making a mountain out of a molehill.

    i know you wanna defend your programme etc…but freedom of speech. XX has the right to relate her experience.

    and the way you corrected your name…theres too much indignance and you actually sound haughty. which is kinda surprising coming from you. it contradicted the image i have of you.

    just drop this whole thing.
    i think its very silly.

  168. U know, if u were a really famous person like… David Beckham .. or Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.. or Britney Spears, then hell yeah i would know ur name is spelt as dAsmond Koh not dEsmond Koh. i mean, u really think u were that famous? and that everyone shld respect you and know ur fucking name is spelt with an A? gosh.

    u know what, go back to sucking milk bottles, maybe then ppl will understand why u r so sensitive and petty abt this entire issue, when she didnt even pinpoint u in the first place.

    as a host, i think u’ve failed terribly in the field, and as a blogger, .. dun even try. if ur aim is to get xiaxue down and make urself look smart, i think u r on a losing battle.

    ppl who think they are always right often dun reflect upon themselves, i don’t think you will but maybe u shld start to.

  169. After reading this entry, i am quite disappointed by you. The questions posted to Wendy were really asked in a rather rude way and she still had to response to these questions in a polite way. Not only that, nobody gives her the benefit of doubt that she is really blogging because she like it and not because of the money. Throughout the show, everyone was trying to force their opinions of her on her – saying she is doing all these because of the publicity. I was not a fan of Wendy’s but I feel that this time round she is the victim. I thought you will be neutral about this issue and I guess I was wrong.

  170. Mr. dAsmon Koh

    After reading the blog entry of XX and yours. i seriously feel that you are not being fair to XX by commenting on wat she wrote. Is true dat everybody knows XX as the blogger who is straightforward, offensive and so on..but i like her style of writing. Honesty is a virtue, no ? !

    As for u Mr. dAsmond, i have never liked u or hated u.. but i am surprised dat u actually make use of the fact that XX wrote abt how she was rudely treated on the show as a platform for U to let all of us know dat XX the blogger Queen spelled our dear Rong Shao’s name wrongly. Simply pathetic and lame.

    Bear in mind dat u are all on national TV.. and is a public place. Is all impromptu even though u all know wat to expect but there are still circumstances dat nobody can control.. e.g. Having rude and blunt comments or questions being throw at some 1.. I believe nobody can see that coming.. not even U..Mr. dAsmond 🙂

    Mr. Cai Shen Jiang and dat ex-Counsellor who both think they are know-it-all (which i don’t think so), i really feel dat they are trying to hard to make an impression !!

    IF u all really bother to find out a bit more regarding XX or Steven Lim or whoever the invited guests are.. i would think the topics will be more interesting and the conversation will be more engaging. And most importantly it is based on facts and not hearsay from others ! There is a Hokkien saying : Kiang jiu ho, mai K kiang ( Smart is Ok, But Don’t Act Smart !)

    That’s my 25 cents worth (GST included)

    Take care 🙂

  171. gosh i didn’t know ur name was spelled with an A too! hello, u expect the whole world to know? just cos u’re a celeb? it’s freaking unfair to judge her based on that!

    plus u probably posted tt to ride on her fame.

    maybe u’re used to being filmed, knowing what u do and say will be screened on tv for all to say, but she probably isn’t. it’s natural for anyone to react in a more subdued, restrained way on tv due to all the pressure etc and be able to blog with alot more freedom of expression. so get off it already.

  172. oh gosh and i just watchd the show. she was already VERY DIRECT! how much more direct do u want her to be? slap steven lim in the face?!

  173. She is jus seeking attention. if you had read her other entries, you find that she talk nonsense, or, talking haywire (or go big round of rubbish).

    don’t bother to visit her blog again. since she earning money in every visitors going into her blog.

  174. as a thrid party and just a fan of XX’s blog, i think she looks quite poor thing with lots of ppl bombarding her. in my humble opinion, i think the hosts are not rude at all, cos if i’m XX, i’ll quite enjoy the qns they ask too. she’s only a girl, and cant possibly be able to answer all ridiculous qns tt the bespectacled guy in blue (got no idea wads his name, too insignificant alr) shoots at her.

    the qns and rebuttal he gave are insensitive, and apparently he’s not giving her face at all, he get a blogger to come on tv so she can get suanned by u? wad nonsense. she’s half his age, of maybe less, so why dun he give her a break?

    plus, if ppl act like idiots, its ok for her to say it, cos ppl said steven lim was disgusting too when he stripped at singapore idol. they did say that. so what’s the big deal shooting her like tt?

    i think dasmond’s and yifeng’s attitude is very amiable, i just dun like the uncle in blue.

  175. Let’s just not talk about the thing anymore as continued discussion about this don’t differentiate us from people who are mean.

    Everyone has their freedom to express. Although I do not personally feel it is right to talk about someone else, I feel we should just leave the topic alone.

  176. If XX is seeking attention, then dAsmond you are not much different as well. Instead of criticise her here, why don’t you try to get to know what’s the kind of person she is. Not too late to critics her after you know her, right?
    I don’t see you fair enough treating people around you. I am very disappointed of you.

  177. whatever the case is. i believe XX has her point of view and to u it may b offensive but i’m sure she didn’t mean it that way. i realised most of the ppl that left their comments said rather insultin/mean things abt her. lyk celeste chen, i believe they may look bimbotic on their blog(excuse me if i offend you)but i believe they’re really nice ppl in real lyf.think abt it.the things you blog and what you say in real lyf is different.in a sense because you need to ‘vent’ your anger thus you would obviously do it on your blog.not a good idea to ven on a public blog you say?everyone has their own opinion and some feel its ok whilst some don’t.get to really know them and i’m sure you’ll eat your words now.don’t judge ppl as i’m sure you won’t want ppl to judge you.:)cheerios

  178. Dasmond, the blog princess is all moody and emo now because she has been ‘shot at’ for no reason.

    Now she knows how the other seven bloggers feels when she ‘shoot’ them.

    And who is she to insult Mr Cai Shen Jiang by putting herself on par with his intelligence level?

    Mr Cai is a learned and cultured man for goodness sake, how could they be on the same level??

    Anyway, good job for teaching the blog princess a lesson.

  179. i thought that your current entry on xiaxue was absoutely unnecessary and seriously it made me change the views of what i had of you for so many years.Not that i was a great fan of yours but i was a netural and love watching some of your programmes but now . . .

  180. seriously, didn’t notice your chritian name is ‘Dasmond’. until today, after i read Xiaxue’s blog.

    well… ‘Desmond’ is always the common spelling. so don’t be so petty lah, dude.

  181. Thought XX mght not always be right but I really like her blog because she is very frank and original in her thoughts. She doesnt pander to others and act fake, (even with her fake nose lol). Just because she occasionally says some things that people might not like, it doesnt mean it is not true. In fact most of the time it’s true, but people cannot accept it due to their egos.

  182. I wonder.
    What’s in her mind.
    What’s in your mind while reading tis as a third party…

    dAsmond koh (just noted it’s an A, and your name is super poser (fake like you), i used to like you… but after reading this post of yours, i was totally turned off! i never expect you to be a person like this, and i think you are making ppl wondering more what’s in your mind.

    P/S: your engrish totally sucks! to think i like you so much in the past! ha! what a joke!

  183. your arguments are not even close to being convincing fyi.

    2. If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*
    ~ its the same as you rebutting xiaxue in your blog NOW. if you think that your arguments are oh so convincing why not u just spit it at her face instead of typing it out here? so what’s the problem again?

    3. umm… a lot of pple in doubt abt it, isnt it gd to hv a platform to clarify it? unless….
    ~ unless what? if you have anything just speak your mind instead of acting “mysterious” & sacarstic @ the same time. it doesn’t show how wise you are, it only shows how limited your vocabulary is & what a chicken you are (:

    4. too tough a question to answer? or… wat should she says on national tv… yes no no yes…
    ~ the people there are like idiots you know. asking her a question but yet proclaiming that she’s seeking for attention. if she says no, ITS A NO. its like an innocent man telling the unreasonable police that “i stole nothing” but yet the police insist that he stole it. too hard for you to understand? dAsmond.

    5. rude way? we’re just being ’straight forward’ like her…
    what makes you think you people are like her? puh-lease. i hate to spit it at your face but you & her are worlds apart so kindly please DO NOT put xiaxue’s name & your name in the same sentence. at least she talks with style, you? the only thing about you is that you type like a twit & loves those “..” & i don’t even know why you have to put so many question marks as your blog title when 1 is more than sufficient.

    6. You are outspoken, hide nothing, straight forward … then simply answer the question as it was thrown to ya… there’s no need to be completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows…?
    at least shes know whats basic courtesy in reality. didn’t one of the twit said cyberworld & reality’s different? she’s frank in reality, but she puts her words in a polite way. got one fat twit in the show keep cutting her sentences whilst she’s speaking half way. i don’t think that is straight-forward, that is just plain rude. even my mother said that. i bet if he goes out in real life there’ll be people throwing eggs at him.
    fat & rude, why not u just rebut against him instead of XX?

    okay, after reading your post, i draw this conclusion. heard that you’ve wooed a HK star before & she dumped you right? i totally understand why (: she’s just like me, hate twits.

  184. oh ya, & i’ve predicted that you’ll disallow my comment as you only likes to read what’s NICE about you & BAD about xiaxue. don’t be a chicken & accept my comments (: i’m not insulting quan yi feng in my comment~

  185. seriously, the way you put it, its like you’re different, better than her. but, are you? arent you doing the same thing, you seem all smiley and neutral on the show and yet here you are hitting back at her. i mean, cmon man. think about it. you don’t exactly wanna go all offensive on tv right. its different out there and in the cyber world thats for sure

  186. You know what..she just wanted to protect herself form all the questions shooting at her

    seriously something is wrong wiht you
    i thought you were a nice guy
    you know what you just lost another one of ur fans

  187. Hmm … I noticed XX aka Wendy left a post here “clarifying” issues. One of her statements are that she did not realise that Dasmond has a blog, and is surprised.

    Um, for those who watched that episode, Dasmond and Quan Yi Feng BOTH repeatedly mentioned their blog, and have directly referred to their blogs to XX. Even, jokingly or not, ask to be linked to her blog for more publicity. Either XX is outright lying in her comment posted here, or she wasn’t paying attention during the show. Which does not tally, since she responded to both the hosts requests with a “talk to my manager about the fees”.

    How “true” and not “fake” is that? To lie outright like that. Tsk.

  188. Hello,

    Personally i have no idea that your name is spelt with an A, and not E. since Desmond is such a common spelling of the name, its not a big thing to have someone who isnt that close to you spell it wrongly rite? I guess a guy (especially a celebrity) shouldn’t be so petty.

    After watching the show in fact I agree with her about the rudeness part. Its so obvious that some of the others on the show did not even understand her style of blogging. They made groundless comments that wasn’t true, and used them as basis for judging XiaXue. This isn’t very respectful of them. Hence, its no wonder XiaXue was offended. She seemed to be treated not as a guest but a target to shoot offensive words at. Is this what the show is about? If it is, then I must say MediaCorp has once again disappointed its audience very much.

    I used to be quite a big fan of yours, but this has really made me disappointed in you. It kinda gives others the impression that you are doing what you say you were going to do, “start a blog war to raise bloghits”.

    Still, I sincerely hope this isn’t the truth. Jiayou on ur career:)

  189. actually i think it’s not her fault. even if this comment doesnt get accepted, i think she’s this really outspoken person.people like this doesn’t really exist in singapore now. say, how many people dare to speak the truth in their blogs? its all prolly thought through carefully before they write.

  190. erm I think some (most actually) of the comments made here are not very polite either. I mean, calling people names when you don’t even know them? (no I don’t mean knowing them through blogs)

    I’m actually quite disappointed that a matured man posted these comments (which is not exactly polite, in fact, I feel a strong sense of unverified slander) while acting all civilised in front of her. It’s almost like..a back-stab?

  191. Seriously, I’m neither a fan of yours nor hers. Just a online reader. Being her fellow coursemate in SP, I know Wendy in person (though not on close terms), and I know how offending she can sound at times. I’ve watched the program via youtube, but I do realise the qns being thrown at her, just seemed like it was attacking her. I don’t think she meant it personally of sorts, just that she prolly experienced all those qns were aiming curtly at her.

    Just as a joke, are you doing this to gain more publicity for your blog? My first time in your blog. 🙂 Xiaxue has created traffic for you. 🙂

  192. “Is it very sore loser ah? haha… But I don’t love my own artwork who will, right”

    Can you believe this? This is the very comment put up by Xiaxue(aka Singapore’s STAR Blogger) on her blog. I must say that I’m extremely embarrassed at the childishness she demonstrates and her horrid language. Singaporeans should be discerning and know that her blog entries are certainly not up to standard. In other words, she’s just another childish youngster seeking attention with comments that are utterly insensible. I can’t understand why the media loves featuring her. If she’s truly of a celebrity’s calibre, then everyone should then be getting similar attention

    It should be
    ” Am I a sore loser arh? (I have nothing against arhs) haha… But IF I don’t love my artwork, who would? Right?”


  193. hm, in the first place, what she blogs online and what she says in real life can be two seperate things.
    many people go to their blogs to say and rant whatever they want, because it is their own personal net space.
    she did not offend you, so why are you even questioning her? (oh whatever you had to say about her points are kinda lame. wow being a celeb must be that boring huh)
    and to surprise her with steven lim is bad enough. now she has to tell everyone what she said about him?
    come on, this is the new modern technology era.
    EVERY one uses their blogs to say their disdains about their life.
    in reality or not, their blogs are the ones that expresses themselves virtually.
    like what you’re doing here.
    that’s why everyone has the notice: ‘if you don’t like it, don’t read it, cors it MY blog. not YOURS.’
    whatever she feels, is how she feels so she writes it all down in her blog, duh?

    plus, since her blog’s so well-read, why does she even need to repeat everything she wrote on tv? do the audience even want to hear about steven lim and xia xue’s war?
    & of course she can only smile with raised eyebrows.
    would you want to say whatever you think on national tv where people judge you on wonrg accords? er, i DON’T think so.
    let’s take you for example 🙂
    would YOU say on tv about every single thing that you wrote about doubting xia xue?
    i highly doubt so.
    even if you’re a celeb, spelling your name wrong is NOT a sin. how are we suppose to know that your name is spelt like this?
    oh right. you’re a celeb. everyone should worship the ground you walk on and those you spell your name wrongly, should die.
    get over your petty self.
    being a celeb isn’t everything.
    i think xia xue’s just as popular as you, or even more well-known.

    so, how do you like that now?

  194. and uh, Dasmond, your points are picking on pretty minor details too. xx is known to be direct and frank. There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s just her. You should do something about your english too.

  195. i tink you guys are wrong , im not trying to help out anyone here. but think , if XX cld be famous by scolding ppl than everyone cld. she’s jus simply trying to comment on her own views ya . & yes , at times i do comment on my own views too . i don mind & why care on what ppl say about you . everyone has their own freedom of speech rite .? so i think you guys cant be so unfair to judge her lyk this rite .? she don lyk so jus say out , what’s wrong .? everybody can give their own comment what . why all say as if eveything her wrong . and what makes youtink she’s jus trying to seel attention when you donnoe her well .mayb she really has somefault buy why make things difficult as if you guys noe her so well than pint point ALL THE FAULTS at her .

  196. hi zhen rong,
    i feel strongly that what you wrote is a (obvious) mean to seek attention from XX and so that she might link you to gain much publicity for your blog (which apparently you need very much). For an adult to be doing so, shame on you because you ought to be old enough to ignore certain things (eg the misspelling of you name *roll eyeballs*). if she can write what she wants in her blog (which you are doing so too) i dont see why you have to make such a big fuss.

  197. Sentosa Girl:

    You obviously don’t even know what being a blogger means. Do you think there is a very big difference between normal and professional bloggers? The answer is no. Normal bloggers “talk nonsense or talking haywire (or go big rounnd of rubbish” as you say and that’s fine. Why can’t pro bloggers do the same? You can’t expect them to be all professional and be interesting every single post. It gets horribly mundane and boring that way. To err is human, after all.

    And the whole earning money thing? Don’t tell me if you become famous for blogging and get to earn money from it, you won’t do the same thing she does. Please don’t bullshit here, okay? (:

    By the way, if you say she is seeking attention, then kindly explain what you mean by that. Because, so far, I don’t see any attention-seeking from her.

  198. Hello

    I watched the show and definitely felt that the questions were, most of the time, directed at her albeit in a rather crude manner. Considering it was national television that she was on, there was no way she could have showed all her unpleasantness in any honest manner. I felt the rolling of eyes was considered mild already. Steven Lim was asked very little instead, and he denied that he screamed vulgarities in a very hmmm, unconvincing manner. He was doing it with smiles and the judges did not ‘chase’ after him for that, yet XX was for every question. Just felt that there was bias against XX in the show. Thats on the show.

    Everyone gets upset when they re judged by others, especially when its on a mass audience scale, so I understand your need to ‘clarify’ this. Maybe you just got a little pedantic since you actually showed displeasure about having your name misspelt. Just got a little too angsty I guess. Chill! Such things do not stay in memory for long, why get upset over trivial matters?

    Jiayou jiayou! Cheers.

  199. i think its unfair to her in a sense that after all she IS a guest, and she ought to have some degree of a respect. being straightforward on blogs is one thing while being straightforward in front of a person directly is another. being asked “straightforward” questions in front of that steven guy directly has already by itself put her in an awkward and difficult position. besides, if you were to compare her saying stuff on blogs instead and quoted from your post ” If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*”, don’t you think its unreasonable to say that? why not DO THE INTERVIEW online too? why not INTERVIEWE HER thru posts on your blogs and her blogs?

  200. i really dont agree with xiaxue in many ways like how the way she wrote nasty things about people and so on. although i too, dont really like tt Steven but i dont really think tt there is a need to shoot him until like tt right?

    how would she feel if she was in Steven’s shoes?
    r mayb she wont even feel anything. counldn’t be bothered? Mayb.

    just a 25 cent worth comment HA!

    Dasmond, jiayou!

  201. eh , dasmond. You talk so much for what?
    At least she is more popular then u.

    If you think u are right. & she is wrong. Then prove it!

    You don have to right bad stuff about her just to make her link u. & get more hits. Please understand that , after all she is still the queen blogger. Your kiddy behavior & responds doesn’t do you good in anyway!

    Don’t you feel ashame? now theres like a 16 year old schooling girl lecturing u. sigh.

    You totally lose my respect for u. so shallow minded. If you rlly think she is that bad then u should show a example. cre8 a blog that is better then hers. if not , just up & continue being ur tiny fly blogger

  202. hey dasmond. i think tat xia xue has no offence towards u and she treats u like her idol and yet u say such things abt her . wat a faker u are on tv. why not u just scold her face to face when u are on tv man ?! why are u acting like a gentleman.
    u ppl think tat she’s fake. i think u are even faker.
    at least she dares to speak wat she feels.
    how abt u ? dAsmond koh.

  203. drop dis topic man.. don like dAsmond den don come here.. gif him so much attention for wad? he happy onli.. aiyoyo.. so ya.. n oh.. i found tt fat guy rude too.. veri rude in fact.. i think u all shud flame him instead.. he seems 2 b veri in need of a lil bit of publicity too.. gtg.. tata!

  204. i was reading her blog and i came across your entry. i think what you said do make sense and it didnt appear to be like what she had mentioned about you disliking her and so on. Anyway,

  205. hi dAsmond koh,

    Read your entry.
    And I find you kind of ridiculous and really childish, be it how you want to gain fame by writing this entry (obviously trying too hard to be controversial and in need to be famous).

    Besides, you are such a hypocrite. If you don’t like xiaxue in person, dare to say it infront of her during the show then.

    Why put a false front?

    You’re such a faker.

    And for goodness sake, you ain’t handsome. Don’t think that by hosting quite a few shows now, you count yourself as one BIG SHOT.

    Frankly speaking, I wonder why on earth you can ever get into the celebrity industry with that disgusting look of yours.


    With that, pls show some respect for miss xiaxue.

    Cuz’ you are in no position to judge her.

  206. DASmond Koh!!
    Ignored whatever comment!! I’m ur fan. I believe all ur fan will support u no matter wad..
    Work Hard.. Dasmond Koh

  207. oh gosh.
    I’ve totally changed my opinion about you. I am a regular reader of XX’s blog and what’s she’s said about the show was indeed true to her words (maybe she might have exaggerated abit but still…)

    Try to take this thing lightly cause i don’t think it means any harm/insult to you. The only thing that she did against your interest is making half of Singapore think that your name is desmond instead of dAsmond.(which is now clarified since you have helpfully done so)

    Seriously, to those people that are still going to post insinuating comments about her, she has already apologised, something UNLIKE XX if she thinks that she’s right. Ultimately it’ll probably a misunderstanding on Dasmond’s part. And she’s trying to clear it up so cut her some slack.

    omg i used to think that you were really nice and everything.. But i think your post just narrowed down your fan base :/

  208. For God sake, Xia hue is always right about herself. She is never in the wrong. There’s no point even putting this entry here. Cos NO MATTER what..she is right and full stop. She is spoilt and thats the bottom line.

  209. ehhh.i didn’t know your name is DASMOND.i also thought your name is DESMOND.you know why?because you are not well known at all.
    and pls you are a guy man,stop whining like a girl.

    ohya,wtf=wat the fish?!
    oh pls ,if you wanna scold vulgarity say it directly,are you kidding yourself?

  210. Honestly speaking when i read your ‘I Beg your Pardon???’, I was delighted. I feel like you’ve helped me found the words I wanted to say. I wonder why anyone could be so self-centred, insolent and ignorant. She may claim she did not blog controversial issues to gain fame. She deserved to be ‘shoot’ at. I may be younger than she is, but from my 17 years of life experience, I know how to differentiate between whats moral and whats not. Surely making personal attacks isn’t moral!

  211. hey i don’t get it. why are everyone NOT shooting Quanyifong too? as in those fans of xiaxue you guys should notice that there was a significant part where she asked xiaxue a question very very rudely, if you watched the video.

    “ni3 shi4 bu2 shi4 chu3 xin1 ji1 lu4 de ……”

    that meant harbouring ill intentions by blogging leh! so she actually deserves to be shot at too! lol

  212. Gosh. You are so petty, shooting someone in the back when she is unable to defend herself. And the fact that you approved those horrid comments obviously speaks volumes about your character.
    And please, punctuation and good english exist for a purpose. Use them.

  213. Hi Zhen Rong, I was watching Hey Gorgeous that day and couldnt help but wonder, do you usually crack jokes at other pple’s expense?

    During the show you were indirectly insulting Diya and her assets. I felt quite sorry for her, she seems really paiseh on the show.

    Oh, and I see you are good at “chao xin wen” also.


  214. dont get so insulted. i guess she was just doing her job as a blogger. forgive and forget. its just a tiny matter what for get so affected. be a man. i mean i dont mean to insult you. but i think u’re more petty than me. i too thought yr name was desmond. its a common spelling whurt. if shes wrong just correct her luh. what for get so angry. i think your post is pointless. (:

  215. Heya Dasmond,
    I could understand you might feel anal or irritated that your name is spelt wrongly… just like it would irk me whenever i have my name spelt as viviEn instead of viviAn. However, I think your effort to use humour here in your post about your name really backfired!!! Perhaps if you’re just stating how irked you feel when your name is spelt wrongly in a separate post, you will find people like me joining you in the light hearted chorus. HOWEVER, you state it in a post that is directly aimed at XX.. .. sighhh…

    To speak for XX, or anyone who is placed in a public situation, put on the spot and be accused like in a courtroom, i cry OBJECTION YOUR HONOUR!!! The way Cai Shen Jiang (sorry, donno how to spell his name too)and the other skinny tall nerdy looking guy made their accusing attacks towards XX made me cringe in horror as I watch the program!!! I had a lot of respect for CSJ when he air his opinions on radio, but never did i expect him to be so narrow-minded and one-sided!!! I have expected the program to be hosted in an OPEN-MINDED manner!! I have expected all you show hosts to be opened minded people who wants to talk and discuss taboo subjects openly!!! But I watched everything in horrer.

    XX is a blogger, and most bloggers/writers in general are people who are comfortable most when they air their views or thoughts IN WRITING. Writing allows one to process & structure their thoughts and opinions and even edit & filter where they see it necessary,.. but not everyone who can write well can speak well or is able to rebutt and think and reply things on the spot!!!!!!

    It is most unfair to expect XX to handle the whole unprofessional style of questioning and comments from so many of you, and I think she is not even in her arena. It’s not fair to put a person who war with the pen together with a team of champion debaters who war with their mouth. If you were to do this whoe thing in the blogasphere, I’m sure all of you will die a terrible death and have to leave with tail between your legs.

    Through the show, I actually respect XX even more… that she is still as transparent and honest in admitting that she hated to be there to have to act civil to Steven Lim whom she can’t tolerate. It takes boldness to even state that. Steven dont’ even have the balls to admit that he used vulger language on her in his retaliation video.

    Anyway, you have proven yourself far from being a gentlman. Though yes, you can argue that you’re just being yourself by blogging your thoughts.

    Even the fool is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut.

    And yes, I will not have the guts to tell what I say to you above to your face. I admit it.

  216. greetings from Msia..

    I have to say that the Xia Xue blog is incredibly entertaining.. Does she actually get paid for it? Wonder how could she afford a nose job AND juicy couture from ebay..

    Anyhoo.. Just to let u know that we in malaysia find her blog amusing, a waste of time, just a form of cheap entertainment, and absolutely filled with materialistic comments and superficial entries..

    Did I forget to mention that she brought stupidity to a whole new level? didn’t know anyone could achieve that.. =)

    ei u’re a guy la! so “xiao3 qi4” for what la! jus an “A” also need to argue! my god..!!

    [5 Points in her post I would like to leave a comment… ( VERY POLITE HOR ME.. )]
    -these are polite ar?! still wan to put a smile emoticon.. so fake! what the heck la u..!

    [2. If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *SCRATCH HEAD* ]
    what the.. what’s with the SCRATCH HEAD..?! think u very cute meh.. so fake la.. *SCRATCH HEAD*

    dun understand why u wan to care so much about these crap la.. everyone(most of the ppl) knew that Xiaxue is straightforward! u dun like her say these things about u, then now what u reply/post this entry for? u dun like others doing that but u do that urself.. so “mao2 dun4” la…
    or.. u wanna be famous so u wrote all these?!! ohh… who knows? might be true?

  218. i am so surprise to read such post frm ya. It juz A n E diff, ok fine even she spell wrongly is it so wrong tt u haf to put such a post? Ur behaving so inmature lor!!. I aint a fan of her but sumtimes i do read n shocked to see tis link frm her. I dun agree wif her at times but seriously ur a celebrity wif status so stop been such a childish uncle can?

  219. apparently, you didn’t really see her point, and she didn’t really see yours. just drop it ya. if you really think that there’s nothing wrong with the way you had interviewed her, then i totally don’t see the point for the existance of this entry.

  220. Omg, you are very petty. I’m sure you can overlook small mistakes like misspelling of your name right? It happens you know. Like some people misspelling my name as Sheryl or whatnot. Since your name is different from the usual ‘Desmond’ then get used to people misspelling it. I’m sure in your many years of your life there have been quite a number of people misspelling your name. Omg I’ve never seen such a petty man.

  221. There is a fine line between rude(more appopriately, insensitivity) and straightforward. IMO, you’re over-reacting.

  222. I too didn’t know your name was spelt with an A. E was the first letter than came to my mind to spell Desmond. Anyway, seriously, xiaxue was behaving herself on national tv to save other people’s asses. I guess she would love to start giving comments on everyone else but why did she not? Saving everyones face. If she answered everything shot at her with all her heart, it would upset everyone. Plus, somethings are hard to say in front of tv. So why not you go out on the next “shoot” and shoot all you blogged ramblings at her? Maybe you’d feel better and get you message across to the whole of SG. You might be famous then and I would then know how to spell your name correctly. Btw, I’m no fan of either you or xiaxue. Just a passer-by with plentiful of comments.

  223. blog it out directly and saying it out directly is 2 diff thing.
    d former has all d time in d world to think while d latter needs immediate reaction.

  224. This is the way i see it.

    People with a poor standard of english want to see what the hype about Xiaxue is all about, so they hop over to her blog and read.

    Unfortunately, all they do is just misunderstand what she’s saying because they cannot understand the context from which she’s coming from (making a joke), or because they plainly do not understand english.

    I see it as, “FINALLY! someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, who embraces her personality and is shares her life and opinions openly to rest of singapore!”

    However, the majority of the chinese-speaking population see it as, “Having an opinion!! BAD!! must stamp out EVIL! peace and harmony, though false, must REIGN!”

    And so, they deviced a plan to bring her down, and hopefully “correct” her childish behaviour.

    They schemed all night with their tiny little brains to come up with a plan.

    and THIS WAS IT.

    To invite her on a show (SHOOT 3, how apt), and take her by surprise by placing her beside the most conceited male specimen on the planet and shoot horrendously judgemental questions at her, outnumbering her with disgusting men who think they own all the knowledge in the universe, leaving her to defend herself against the most ridiculous questions.

    i pity you dasmond, because you are merely a puppet in a theatre show, thinking that you’ve made it. Unfortunately, you have only triggered a revelation of the truth.

    And that truth is that you are a nobody insulting a somebody.

  225. See, Dasmond took a leaf out of XiaXue’s book!

    He has now learnt the art of uh – critising to get free publicity!

    XiaXue shouldn’t be too upset and Dasmond shouldn’t be too smug about this.

    There you go, see the hits on his blog? Fantastic!

    Attaboy, Dasmond!

  226. ok.. will this internet blog argument escalate into a ” national event” ? haha, or is it all the persons involved in this tug o war are hoping for? =)

  227. Damnit DESMOND, I seriously don’t see the problem here. Her blog is for her to rant her feelings, just like yours. Wouldn’t YOU be feeling completely taken back if you were to asked to publicly bitch about her IN front of her?

    What I can interpret from the show is that you’re one big hypocrite. Are you as much as blind or deaf to not know or realise that some questions were indeed asked rudely and she was at some point, rudely interupted by those 2 men sitting opposite her?

    4 ppl shooting her? Isn’t that an unfair position to put her in? Use your bloody nuggets!

  228. honestly, you’re so petty. u sound like a girl bitching. still can say polite hor. c’mon lah, ur the guy. how can u be like this?

  229. Are you serious about your post? All I can say, is I trust her 1000 times more than you thats all. After reading her blog for years, you get to see her through another kind of mindset, and I just think that you, being a celebrity, ought to open your eyes bigger, ears wider, and stop judging book on its cover, or just believe what you have hear. Looks can be deceiving, but like Xiaxue, I am disppointed in you, always thought you were one that can soothe people feelings previously on 933, one good man. Prove it, or not.

  230. Hey, im siding neither one of you.
    I can’t deny that xiaxue can be abit too direct in her entry sometimes.

    Well, but i’ve watched the talk show and read her entry and i think her entry is merely about how she felt and that’s all. Nothing much. So don’t read into it too much yeah?

    It’s nobody’s fault here coz the person who questioned her is doing his job in order to make the talk show worth watching while on the other hand, it’s also natural for xiaxue to be taken aback coz she didn’t expect that to happen.
    It’s normal right?

    Try looking at her from a different angle for this situation, i mean, c’mon, she’s also a human being and she has feelings too and there’s nothing wrong to blog about it coz firstly, it’s her blog, and secondly, she didn’t say anything nasty about the show or dasmond right?

    Sometimes, i read her entries and find her super shallow but i don’t think every entry is that shallow..

    As readers, we shouldn’t be bias, instead, we should only comment at the right time.
    In the process, we should also take the neutral seat and judge these authors base on what they wrote and not who they are as a person.

    Dasmond, i like your hosting.
    You’re funny and entertaining.
    But maybe this time, u’ve read too much?

  231. Hello 😀
    There are both positive & negative comments here .
    Lets Shoot 3 was a great show , I’m just 13 but I know who is xiaxue – the famous blogger . & Dasmond Koh – host cum DJ .
    Maybe XX has her own way of answering questions & replying them . Maybe the ( always-like-that ) attitude of asking them was a problem to her .
    & She only knew your name by XuZhenRong , since 1996 ; she was not not respecting you , but did not know your name is spelled with an A , not E .

    & Mr DasmondKoh .. are you writing this post for ” shooting ” to XX ?
    I might think you are ;
    as all things here are saying of her bad points ..
    Everyone has flaws , right ?

    & as a third party ..
    I read XX’s post ; & yours ..
    Can tell that she’s disappointed ;

    I feel that this post ; is somewhat – bad .
    I know XX has many many bad posts ;
    But for a tough blogger like her to feel disappointed ,,

    You both should’nt fight anymore .
    Maybe you two should talk .

  232. What’s the big deal about some mistakes in name spelling, dude? Obviously dEsmond is the most common after all; you can’t expect people to know its spelt with an A instead of a E just by saying it out. Even your own fan does not know your name’s spelt as Dasmond! Why not make yourself more popular so that people will be well informed of your name.

    Quote: What’s in your mind while reading tis as a third party…

    You want to know? I’m thinking that you are the most pathetic petty guy ever. Quit whining like a girl, it’s disgusting!

    And yes, I bet this post of yours is to increase your fame? I guess that the number of your blog’s visitor increase thanks to xx?

    Lastly, please read what she wrote in her blog PROPERLY. And i mean it, PROPERLY. You’re misinterpreting this whole thing and making it such a issue.

  233. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. by reading this entry,its hard not to think youre trying to gain publicity for your not very well-known blog. never knew a tv personality like you would stoop down to this level and insult the guest in your own talk show on your blog. this is so unprofessional(as a host) and youre just..making a fool out of yourself. and no,im not xx’s fan. and definitely not yours.

  234. You are being such a downright hypocrite.

    Admit it.Questions thrown at xia xue during the show were indeed RUDE.

    She may be potraying herself as a straightforward lady who will be willing and able to take all crtism and negative comments. But how will you react if you were being thrown such questions?

    You mean you wun even feel a slight tinge of uneasiness ?

    YOu defintely will especially when get shoot is a well known show on national tv.

    Perhaps you would rather to just keep your mouth shut even if you feel unhappy but come on la. No everyone’s like you. Wendy expresses her real thoughts and feelings and that’s what everyone loves about her or rather her blog.

  235. Hi DEsmond…

    Hmm… here are some of the comments you left about xiaxue and you might wanna know what some of us feel about your comments right? Here it goes..

    Your Quote:

    1. “I noe its my fault for not being able to make my name well known, but with due respect… my name spelled with an A, Dasmond Koh”

    Desmond, i mean dAsmond…. First of all, it’s not her fault that you decided to name yourself dAsmond and couldnt get a common name like desmond. so special that everyone needs to remember… It’s also not her “pasa” to know how your name is spelt.

    2. “If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*”

    Ya, whats the problem of narrating the honest things she said about steven and openly letting you guys judge and throw stones at her after she said it? (Gee, i wonder.. *act-cutely scratches head…)

    3. “umm… a lot of pple in doubt abt it, isnt it gd to hv a platform to clarify it? unless….”

    Unless someone is deliberately trying to stir up a controversy in THIS blog like the way she did it with maia indeliberately? Am i right to say that you’re doing the exact thing she has done right now?

    4. “too tough a question to answer? or… wat should she says on national tv… yes no no yes…”

    First of all, she IS a controversial blogger and is not afraid to say it. Let it go.

    5. “rude way? we’re just being ’straight forward’ like her…”

    Put youself in her shoes (if you could, i mean, by becoming the biggest blogger in Singapore), having 4 people shooting insensitive questions at you simultaneously with no one at your side? I personally think she had handled it very well.

    6. “You are outspoken, hide nothing, straight forward … then simply answer the question as it was thrown to ya… there’s no need to be completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows…?”

    What? Having all these qualities can give you people the right to say what you want to say about her? She’s human after all.

    p/s: Congrats dEsmond for the future tens of thousands of hits to come… but im telling you, it will NOT last for long.

  236. I’m not helping anyone but I just want to say that you won’t actually say things that you blog about. Will you say all that in Xiaxue’s face? Prolly not right? Just like how she will blog about steven lim but not say it to his face.

  237. I watched the episode xiaxue was on, and i honestly believe the two men opposite her were rude, most of the time unnecessarily. any sane person would have been irked by their behaviour, and they being supposedly cultured and educated men. it just wasn’t becoming of men with their assumed stature. i reserve comment on what xiaxue said or did, or what you, dasmond thought she implied, but i do believe xiaxue deserves an apology from the two men for being treated with such apparent condescension. it was unwarranted, and left me fuming for xiaxue at their countless interruptions and unjustified behaviour. watching them speak moralistically, pontificating and behaving so rudely really ruined my day. i don’t know, but do not count on me ever watching shoot3 again, its just not worth my time.

  238. Desmond, i mean… errrr.. Dasmond.
    i wanna stressed that, the common name used will be with an “E”,not “A”. do YOU have to make a big fuss out of this, DASMOND?
    don’t u even have the courtesy to tell her nicely?

    Is ur english that poor?
    to misunderstand what xiaxue blogged about?
    i dun even see a sentence in her blog shooting at you? you’re really a god damn hypocrite on national tv, u reveal ur true self not only until u get infront of ur computer.

    get the facts right before you shoot at her. you’re merely trying to show the world how petty u can get and there u got it!
    brought down ur own “fishing” (wad the fish)repution and utterly brought disgrace to men. tsk.

    and so are u trying to attract attention here? yes u succeeded, the number of visits increased only because of xia xue. or, we would not even have noticed ur blog.

    how can anybody tolerate steven lim? look at the way he talks, he even gets tongue tied and all. just very disappointed in the way you handle things now. u totally lost the respect i had for u.

    the following entry, maybe u would wan to try blogging in chinese instead? or perhaps, use a dicionary and have more english lessons before u blog or interpret her blog.

    i’ll not be surprised to see u being shoot at during “just shoot 3”, or even 4, 5, 6. And i oso hope, tat u’ll be able to leave the place without having eggs thrown at you.

    till then!

  239. Watch that show and seems different when someone talking on air as compared typing away on blog. When it comes face to face, people tend not to say so much as when they are in their comfort home typing online.

    Anyway, we must not take things at heart when someone is saying something bad about you instead learn from it and get to be a better person. Life is not always a bed of roses.

  240. I was honestly surprised at that entire segment of the talkshow. It is one thing to judge a person, but it is another to bring this judgment into hosting.
    Obviously everyone on that show had a misconception about Xiaxue, falling prey to the stereotype that she’s out there to scold the world to get attention. Given that you guys are out there to present a view, how can you take on a biased one? Seriously, as hosts, there was a severe lack of neutrality. And as supposedly noted people in the industry, I was rather disappointed in the narrow-minded view of the men sitting opposite her.
    In fact, it is rather embarrassing to see how the people obviously succumb to stereotypes (of Xiaxue and of teenagers’ attention-seeking attempts) and so unconsciously display it in an all self-righteous manner on national tv.
    In the first place, xiaxue’s blog began years ago on her life, and it has always been about her life, which really is quite interesting as we all can see. Yes she may have entries lamenting and complaining about the world but those are only a few. She has so many others about the random incidents, her outings with friends, travelling etc etc.
    The only reason the ‘controversial’ ones stand out is because they are offensive. But seriously, haven’t you cursed the driver’s entirely family clan when he cut your lane? Have you not slammed and condemned to the depths of hell the person in front of you walking at snail’s pace?
    The only ‘problem’ people have about her is her bitchiness, which doesn’t make sense bacause is not what she blogs about what people say in everyday life?
    Let’s face it, we all get bitchy & critical, only we dun have the guts to put it in words and leave them on record for the world to see, or worse, use as concrete evidence against us. We say things in the heat of the moment, but by not writing them down, we get away the responsibility for having said them.
    I think we should really cut her some slack here.
    You brought up the point about responsibility for her words. Point taken. But don’t you see that her ‘bitchiness’ was ALWAYS there?
    She does blog about how she feels. It sounds cliche only because it has been overused. But this is definitely true for her. No one else reflects frank honest vulgar opinions like her. She has always done so way back when her blog was nondescript and is still doing so in spite of the popularity. So why the judgment now?
    How many angsty teens are cursing the destruction of the education system, or the death of their parents on blogs now? Oh and how about that blog that a young gay couple set up for each other to proclaim their love? Is that not a serious social issue to be looked into?
    My point here is what are you people implying? That just because more people are reading her blog now and its famous, she has to compromise the way she blogs, to ‘be responsible for her words’ when she has ALWAYS been blogging as such and no one took notice then?
    Xiaxue is merely not letting her blog’s popularity affect her blogging, and that is why people find it hard to swallow, and even see it as an exploitation of the blog being one for personal ranting.
    I mean, I don’t get it, what do yall expect of her? Like, ok so now I’m famous, I better be the voice of our generation and blog about the problems that youths face in today’s society, I better raise awareness about breast cancer, I better advocate being kind to animals.
    Ridiculous right?
    So just give her credit man. She’s got the guts to put out comments that people make all the time but do not have the guts to have it go on record for people to use it as weapons against us. She blogs about her life, the people around her and what she feels.
    Cliche, but true.
    And that’s really what blogging should be about.

  241. This a such a desperate attempt to make your blog famous. Because you KNOW xiaxue would definitely blog about this.

    Get A Life Man. Focus on getting famous through hosting those lame shows.

  242. GOD, for someone your age, you REALLY need to get a life. I swear you’re just trying to gain fame from this supposed blog war. Using what you have learnt from the show you apparently used it and yet insulted both xx and sl and even doubting if they blog war was true at all.

    Well, act your age.

  243. hey. i am not a fan of XX to begin with.

    btw your name has been spelt like that in magazines and newspapers since you were at 933, which was like, since a decade ago, I guess? and i didnt know it was wrongly spelt because it looks correct.

    you definitely have the right to speak on YOUR blog. i just feel that if you XX’s act of condemning people and seeking attention is no way pleasant, why are you succumbing to the very act you condemn? and if XX is supposedly hiding her thoughts when she’s on tv, though i understand that you’re a host on national tv so you must be objective, but don’t you have the right to say what’s on you mind then. Why weren’t you straightforward on air, instead save all your thoughts for your blog. who is the juvenile one here, dasmond.

  244. Wendy complaining about people being rude? LOL.
    That’s the biggest joke in entertainment history.
    You can’t get more hypocritical than that, seriously, for someone who built a reputation on mean comments and tactless bluntness.

    She got what she needs: This is her blog persona, and this is the way you must treat blog personas like that on interviews.

    Apparently, it seems that her blog persona is pretty far off from what she really is. All that open-ness and b*tching, and she can’t take a few statements fired at her?

    Aw Poor lil puppy. *kuchi* kuchi* She should have played it till the end.

  245. Don’t you guys understand? XX mentioned HOSTS in her post. Anyone who have not watch the show will probably misunderstand that it’s the hosts(Dasmond and Quan Yi Feng) that are the bitches.

    Dasmond just merely misunderstood and felt angry after reading her post and just “ranted”. Will you if you were in his shoes?

    Petty of not, he had already clarified this matter in his latest entry. so STOP attacking him HERE(unless you still feel like screaming your expired opinions after reading it).

    One thing for sure, THAT damn show stinks and it’s not entirely his fault. The biggest jackasses are the 2 bloody guys sitting opposite her.

    This post is already almost 20 days back. So just stop it everyone.

  246. i am neutral towards the both of them but jus after reading the comments i found out there r quite some xx supporters. “xx was jus writing out how she feel n so on”… so y can’t Das write out his feelings too… are u all a little biased… Das is jus writing out his feelings jus like xx blogging about her dislike of steven lim… wat the big deal anyway…

  247. mrengineer: u’re ridiculous!! wa lao eh my ang moh A1 all the way since sec 1 i also wan tok lidat cannot ar. my comment not urs. HELLO? u think everyone wants to be so pretentious when they are bloggin on THEIR blog and venting whatever they want to? like wad. still muz check spelling while u type out wad u feel ar. aiyo! is must not muz! die ar! wa siao. ur angmoh v pro leh. sure criticise me one…

    U’RE FREAKING RIDICULOUS. it’s HER blog, dude.

  248. I’m not usually on the supporting side of Xiaxue but after watching the show I cant say she was wrong in this one.

    I read her blog post before watching the show and I dismissed it because, I didn’t detect it on my bitching radar. Hell, what she wrote is like telling you that your hair looks messy. In the first few seconds of the show she denied faking publicity. Yet the accusations continued all throughout the show. I know your producer told you guys to try and make her angry by accusing her of being fake. But, couldn’t you guys be a little more inconspicuous. You’re more faker than her plastic nose.

    I’m also very disappointed in the inaccuracies of the show. You fail to notice that she added herself in the 7 disgusting bloggers. Try to research a topic before discussing about it and broadcasting it on TV. Compared to that her misspelling your name is really insignificant. The name Desmond is more commonly spelled with and E not an A. A common mistake really. Yet why are you so upset over it? Is it because you know that you’re not exactly Mr.Popular and you’re trying to deny this fact? People have spelled my name with an extra E but you don’t see me whining over on the internet.

  249. I think u are full of bullshit and trying to publicize yourself also. I cant pull myself to believe you write all these. Omg! you spoilt your image in me as your fan! I dun wan to reveal myself but i do hope you get to know what u are doing is a total disgrace to your image.

  250. basically from my pov, xx already know that she probably going to have a hard time on the show, since the topic was blogging and she wasn’t very nice with her comments but people like us ( maybe just me) just love the way she writes, in a different manner, the local flavour. She still go on the show anyway, most probably bcos of the $$, which was the most logical answer. the thing that struck her dumbfounded, including viewers like me, was during the show, Dasmond was seriously one of the more polite guy on the show, so to expect such a post from him was probably erm, 10/100 as compared to the rest, as in the 2 mean fellows ( which no one even bothers to remember their name).

  251. It’s really not such a big deal…I guess she just didn’t expect to put in such a position – give the poor girl a break! And oh, it isn’t cool the way you’re rebutting her point for point in such a petty manner. In fact, it’s rather childish, albeit a blog being a platform for (reasonable) free expression. Not cool, not cool indeed…

  252. I’m surprised that you as a TV presenter can be so unprofessional. Are all Singaporean TV presenters so childish? Or perhaps it’s your cunning way of getting more hits to your blog? If you are trying to portray yourself (and your show) as the victim of XX, you are definitely not getting my sympathy vote. Gawd, grow up and leave that poor girl alone! By the way, if you can’t spell know (which you spelt as noe) properly, why should you expect XX to spell your retarded name right? *roll eyes*

  253. hello… i’d like to say that it’s pretty fun reading through celebs’ blogs *grinx* i’m not a xiaxue fan but i do agree with most of the things she blogs about, especially on steven lim. bad communication, aye? hope all’s well between you and xiaxue now ^^ ciao!

  254. Shit. Your grammar makes my kid sister cringe. I hate it when people with such substandard grammar attempt to act self-righteous. I am only 17 and I can guarantee you that I’ll beat you hands down in grammar.

    Another thing, I never knew you existed before Wendy wrote about you so honestly, your fan’s arguments that the whole world apparently knows you is groundless because I’ve never seen your name appear in any self-respecting print media in my life.

    Furthermore, why are you so scared about saying ‘fuck’? why is there a need for you to substitute ‘fuck’ for ‘fish’? What are you? 8?

  255. I think you can’t fault her on spelling your name wrong here Dasmond. I didn’t even realised until today that your name is spell as Dasmond instead of Desmond. Just like sometimes, people spell my name as Pauline instead of Paulyn, I don’t blame them as well because I don’t want to ve a ‘ordinary’ name. Secondly, what you write about a person on the blog doesn’t mean you can say the same thing straight at the person’s face! That is just not civilise! You can’t think that just because she mouth something bad about someone, she can say it straight to his/her face. And you accused her of gaining popularity by scolding people then aren’t you doing the same thing now? I watch that espisode of ‘Let’s shoot’ and the impression given to me was that you and Quan Yifeng are just as keen as using her method to gain popularity. Don’t be mistaken, I’m not saying who is right or wrong but that’s what is my impression on this issue. Otherwise this is really a very gd show and I try to catch it whenever I can. Keep up the gd work ppls! 🙂


  257. I’m a loyal reader of XX.
    To people who are link here through XX post, dun comment on impulse!
    Like what Dasmond wrote in his lastest post, there is a lag in time factor.
    XX’s post comes after the recording of the show! Get it? Not that he acted good man on TV then back stabbed XX. And since he clarified himself, isn’t it good enough?
    And for those who don’t even dare to leave your name when commenting. Shut Up will ya! Disgrace!

  258. Realise this, narrow-minded fools: Not everyone can so easily manifest their thoughts in speech.
    You’d surely know that most people can talk better than they write but have you ever thought that some people work very much better the other way round? I, for one, am such a person. Yep, such people are rare but they do exist. It’s really unfair being discriminated for no damn good reason.

    Xiaxue might be inflicted with this irritating problem. She really is rather frank in her blog, if you don’t already know. If she’s faced with a question on TV and she knows how exactly to put the answer across to the viewers so that they’d get the correct meaning, I’m sure she’d just say it. I don’t think that she’s someone who will hesitate to air her views if she can verbalise them well enough.

    I’m not standing up for Xiaxue. I just hope to spread the understanding that some people are a whole lot better at writing than talking, so I advise you to please not be biased towards people who are simple not good talkers.

  259. Realise this, narrow-minded fools: Not everyone can so easily manifest their thoughts in speech.
    You’d surely know that most people can talk better than they write but have you ever thought that some people work very much better the other way round? I, for one, am such a person. Yep, such people are rare but they do exist. It’s really unfair being discriminated for no damn good reason.

    Xiaxue might be inflicted with this irritating problem. She really is rather frank in her blog, if you don’t already know. If she’s faced with a question on TV and she knows how exactly to put the answer across to the viewers so that they’d get the correct meaning, I’m sure she’d just say it. I don’t think that she’s someone who will hesitate to air her views if she can verbalise them well enough.

    I’m not standing up for Xiaxue. I just hope to spread the understanding that some people are a whole lot better at writing than talking, so I advise you to please not be biased towards people who are simply not good talkers.

  260. dude your english is horrendous. do us a favour and stick to mandarin tv alright:). i think xiaxue is right and ur just lame. when she blogs, its only her and the computer, its more private so its much easier to say what she really feels. but when she’s on tv, in front of lights, cameras, and a ton of people, of course it will be harder to reveal her actual thoughts! duh..

  261. hey.. you’re quite old already huh? i feel like it would be good if you start spelling properly… and maybe if you started blogging in a more mature and deep style. you sound like you’re 14.
    sorry to offend… just giving constructive feedback. that was honestly my first response when I read your post.

  262. Desmond, yes i know it’s spelt with an A not an E, but why make such a big fuss over it? And beside most desmond is spelt with an E not an A. Who is to blame for making such a normal mistake? By the way, after a quick search on the net, i realise that there is really no such name as Dasmond, i wonder who make the mistake? So who can blame xiaxue for making a mistake, afterall it’s not like she is you best friend and is supposed to know your name is being spelt. For a guy that is pretty petty and not polite at all.

    Secondly, if you have some hatred with somebody from the office and it’s known openly, i think you wouldn’t want to tell him straight in the face. Come on don’t tell me you have never scold someone behind their back before and when in front of them just act friendly. Have you? That’s what i thought so too.

    And the last time i check, being straight forward is being blunt. And some how blunt and rude seem to go hand in hand. It’s okay to be straightforward but at the same time diplomatic. If you say that you are just being straight forward then let me ask you, it’s not wrong to be straight forward with people of higher authorities right? So would you have be equally straight forward if you were speaking to someone of greater authorities? If the answer is no, then how can you say you are not rude.

    I’m sure you are also outspoken, hide nothing, straight forward, but didn’t you avoid questions when your love life was in the spotlight a few years back? I’m not sure, didn’t really paid attention to your news. But I’m pretty sure you were that up front about it.

    And lastly, are you sure this isn’t to get publicity? Afterall, you did say in the show that if you want your blog to be popular all you have to do is to be scolded by xiaxue? *scratch head*

    I wonder.
    What’s in your mind.
    What’s in your mind while writing this…

  263. you said that u are wondering what is in her mind. but, don’t u understand that she cannot say EVERYTHING as what she wants to say on NATIONAL TV? wouldn’t it be offensive to a greater extend when you speak your mind on TV, as compared to blogging about it?


    tsktsk, if so, i feel that it is such a copy.

  264. u noe i guess u’re also becoming like all e other bloggers. true xiaxue critises other bloggers but that’s who she is and she is honest about it. u critising her like that all i can say is: WELCOME TO THE CLUB.

    everyone else seems to be on your side becos u are THE STAR. but i tell u when they read ur blog and when they read xiaxue’s blog, they’ll believe her more than you cos she is wat she writes.

    and i agree with claire. xiaxue may be better at expressing herself thru writing so if u’re gonna put her down becos of that then hermmm arent just being abit biased here.

    & last DASMOND…isnt abit childish for you to make such a big HU-HA over your name being spelt wrongly?? hey it is a common name afterall…hence e common tendency to spell it the common way…

    all i can say is DASMOND u’re also one of e JIA JIA pple around cos wat u presented urself as on the show is definitely wat u’re presenting urself as now. so pls before u talk abt others pls just take a good look at yourself in e mirror first

  265. Hi dEsmond,

    I am glad that you have finally figured out a way to increase the readership of your blog. Decided to take a page off Wendy’s book did you? In order to gain a higher readership, you too have posted something really contentious. Kudos to you for being the up and coming Steven Lim.

  266. being rude or not is very subjective to different individuals. so she finds it rude its HER problem. you know that u ask it in a straight forward way but she finds it rather rude. so be it.

    no offense to who so ever. just wanted to state my view about this little matter.

    a small misunderstanding may give rise to a big complication so just target the small misunderstanding and stop it from growing.

  267. To those who support XiaXue – Thanks for being useful and contribute to her income that comes from blogging.

    To those who support Dasmond – Thanks.

  268. dasmond u got your wish la. don’t TRY to put pple down to get hits la. that’s so disgusting you know? You are not like that one what… are u so desperate to get the hits. anyone who watched the show would have noticed that u wanted to publicity. be yourself man.

  269. hi dasmond. i dont really know xiaxue or u personally but when i read both ur blog and xiaxue’s, i’m quite disappointed and shock by ur comments instead..

    xiaxue is well known for her rather “straight” comments. is there a need for such a big fuss from u?. u can always leave her a comment on her blog/email/call her to express how u feel. that would be more of professional and appropriate for u as an artist.

    pls uphold a “correct” image as a host/actor/DJ in the media industry.u should understand ur status as a public figure and what u say can be of influence to others.

  270. eh u noe u sucks to the core ? fake and i wonder why u can even host programmes with that ugly face of yours. and the worst thing is you think you are damn good looking when hosting hey gorgeous. You simply make us puke ! your kind of looks can also host hey gorgeous.. waliao sub-standard. and you think you really host well ? how many awards have you grabbed so far for best variety host? oh i remembered ! NONE !!

    i’ll pray that you go home empty-handed as well this year ! or maybe i don’t even have to pray in the first place..it’ll sure happen.

  271. hey ple stop being stupid..

    i don’t see what XX wrote in her blog cld let ur “KING” D A S M O N D K O H have any chance to rebuke…

    XX nvr pin-pointed at any of the hosts which includes D A S M O N D K O H!

    Seriously, i don’t understand what she did to offend you people~ Since all of u hated XX soo much y stil invite her onto ur FREAKING DUMB show??

    I don’t think that show has much people watching too…

  272. there’s a certain decorum that we aim to maintain in front of people. internet is a virtual space. people tend to be more brazen online. there’s nothing wrong with her being unable to respond like she would on her blog. she’s probably taken aback and couldnt turn ard quick enough to reply & didnt want to make a scene. you xie shi qin yue miao yue hei.

    just give both parties a break man. this issue is blown out of proportions. seriously.

  273. yos, there’s quite a number of judges appearing here yah. before XX responded to this, everyone was whacking her without mercy. once her post came out, all came over to attacked das.

    why be such an extremist? keep on barking on his ‘A’ and ‘E’ issue. not forgetting those firing at XX for plainly too critical.

    do not be blinded by the fact one provides entertainment over tv prog and the other keeps you all entertained with blog. thus do appreciate their plus point too.

  274. Hey Dasmond,

    Grow up. I think you totally misinterpret XX’s blog.
    My friends and I have watched the Shootout and feel that she was just being polite not to trash that imbecile Steven Lim on National TV and for you and Yifeng, she wasn’t trashing any one of you. SO chill it bro.

    In fact , I think XX has answered the critics quite well. And she was just minding her own business and writing her thoughts down. In the end, she got attacked by Steven Lim and you…hmmm very nice huh?

  275. Ok, its all done. No one here is rightful enough to comment them. They both have their own thoughts and feelings but somehow they misunderstood each other and hence it leads to what it is today. Lets all stop flamming and just leave things the way it is. I hope everything ends here. Cheers!

  276. hello desmond, dasmond, whateverrr your name is spelt. i’m sure this is not the first time someone had spelt your name wrongly. i’m sure in your entire life till date, others had made mistakes spelling your uncommon name. so why did you have to pick on xx?
    what are your reasons for doing so?
    are YOU doing this to promote more publicity for your blog?
    are YOU purposely creating a self centered arguement with the blog princess to increase number of visitors?
    why are YOU moderating comments? are you afraid of backlash?
    you know very well yourself.

  277. actually, i didnt know your name is spelt with an A instead of a E too. Somehow people spell my name wrongly ALL the time so what is such a big deal about your name? Or are u actually indirectly saying ‘hey i am so effing famous you still SPELL MY NAME WRONGLY! WTfish?!), so HUMBLE i must say.

    Singapore is turning more and more westernised. Look, you’re even blogging in english. Afraid you might get kicked out of this ‘famous’ media world in Singapore because you’re mainstream chinese?

  278. @#
    Jh on October 1st, 2007

    Ok, its all done. No one here is rightful enough to comment them. They both have their own thoughts and feelings but somehow they misunderstood each other and hence it leads to what it is today. Lets all stop flamming and just leave things the way it is. I hope everything ends here. Cheers!

    True enuff. grow up already. if u dun stop and she dun stop and u 2 fight each other there will be no end to this.

  279. Ohmg, seriously, this whole thing should just stop. Both sides shouldn’t make a big deal out of an anthill, k.

  280. has anybody noticed? but xx in the pic looks wonky eyed. maybe dasmond did some photoshopping too eh 😉

  281. trixie : I don’t think english programmes are going to take over as the main thing in singapore, as you can see, local mandarin shows are still very popular among locals, tell us about some of the local lads who only appear in channel 5 and people will go “who??”

  282. you’re apparently one of e minority with e name dasmond which spells with an A.
    come on man. ppl make mistakes. don tell me you’ve nv make any mistakes in spelling before.
    stop mocking ppl. your english isnt that impressive anyway.

  283. okay.. i’m probably not going to make much sense but i’m going to say a few things anyway. *emphasizes freedom of speech* i am

  284. hey, a blog is to write comments and own opinions so i did not desmond got any fault….. xiaxue also do the same thing….. embarrassing xiaxue? i dun think so….i sort of agree that if she dare to write it on her blog, y don’t she dare to speak it out?

  285. It’s her blog what! and everyone write their feelings in their OWN blog. Why you respond? It only show petty you. Moreover take heart with a girl somemore…(shake head).

  286. You’re trying to publicise your blog arent you?
    I suppose so, also, there isnt a need to speak about XX’s BLOG. Youre just so attention seeking.

  287. What’s wrong with the E and A? Its just some minor problems. What has it got to do with respect? You expect everyone to memorize whether your name has E, A or whatever you name it. You should be glad that some of us remembered your name. ‘Shawn’ has many different spellings, the probability of spelling it wrong is higher than your name. & Why I don’t see people complaining. Oh please, cut that crap.

    I’m not taking sides. After reading your post, it shows how childish you are. You want people to respect you, show respect to others first.
    Just my two cents.

  288. Hi Dasmond, you used to be my favourite dj but after all these saga about xx i am kinda disappointed in you. Seeing how you guys ridicule xx i really feel it is unfair to her. Try putting yourselves in her shoes. I bet you would even want to appear anywhere 5cm near the person you really find disgusting.

  289. I cannot believe it.. over reaction from Dasmond..

    I dun find anything wrong with XX post… Why are you(dasmond) so oversensitive…makes me think twice about you.. disappointed

  290. hey i remembered u guys mentioning that she link you people up on that talk show. haha so now u got a link. shouldn’t you be happy? anyway whether it is an attempt to generate hits or whatsoever, all this has just became entertainement. anyway i really enjoy watching “You Hua Jiu Shuo” ha especially the 2 house guest who really speak their mind.
    To xiaxue: do not give others what you don’t want. since you self proclaim to be frank, then you should be prepared that others not be politically correct to you as well. So all your bullshit r result of ur own doings

  291. seriously people, you’ve got to put yourself in Xiaxue’s shoes.
    She is used to the keyboard,not the mike and the camera and probably those fake lighting used on the people on show.
    Like a goddamned medieval painting with over usage of light.
    And plus,I mean Dasmond’s been on the radio, not that i heard of cos i don’t listen to chinese radio channels,and been on the camera so many times, obviously he is used to like say,talking infront of the public.
    whilst xiaxue chose to post it on her blog.
    Besides, it is not as though Dasmond, you are perfect or something, and like you’re allowed to criticise people with your stereotypical thinking because you are some star(I don’t even know you until my friend told me xiaxue is going to go on that shoot thingy, which i don’t watch.and i know your blog via Xiaxue’s blog).
    seriously,no wrong being a bitch or behaving like one..

  292. I remembered u wanna increase ur view hits and kept asking xiaxue to link u. Now that she is linking u (with such a big font size somemore), so may I ask are u in cahoot with her then? A joint publicity stunt? A promise fulfilled? cos what you have commented in ur blog here definitely does not seem offensive enough for her to “retort” back.

  293. to all who have bombarded dAsmond. I think we can take a rest…

    his hosting job might be numbered after this……..

  294. and with both sides cool with the matter, it’ll prob pass.. its just interesting to c how the blogging sphere in sg attracts so much attention..lol, aussies dun blog much..its mostly ‘myspace’..


  295. hey dasmond,
    forgive that little girl. At your level, please do not be affected by what she commented. Everyone who reads her blog knows that she uses vulgarities, so basically this kind of comment is nothing new to all of us.

    Give her the credit for having need all these to get into fame.

    Take it easy dude!

  296. i see that there are so many people commenting that means youve got lots of visitors huh. so arent you also doing the same. trying to blog about someone. scold someone on your blog. AND HERE YOU ARE. YOUVE INCREASED VISITOR POPULATION. congrats.

    i dont see you doing what you deem you are doing.
    everyone wants to be the RIGHTEOUS one. yea and so u claimed.

    all bloggers blog for fame. it is inevitable.

  297. It’s all part of publicity…you and yifeng wanted publicity for your blogs…and so xiaxue mentioned about your show and you started to retaliate in your blog and the viscous cycle goes on which benefit you artiste…isn’t that what you all want? cheers~

    though i am not a big fan of xiaxue, but by inviting her to the show, there will bound to be a blog entry on it. So if you guys want to blame, go and blame your producer.

    Since you moderated xiaxue’s comments on your page, bet you would moderate this comment too.

  298. c’mon dont be so mean!
    did she offended you in any way?
    she just spelled ur name wrongly & thats all!
    cant believe u’re sooo…

  299. I think that everything in Singapore seems to be blown out of proportion lor. you all stay in such a tiny little country that every single little bit of news has to be blogged, talked, discussed and expanded upon till everyone gets so sick of it we dont click on any of your sites for a week. except for XIaxue’s site. hers is the ONLY site that ppl can read over and over again, even the haters, and thats obvious cause of her site hits. as for her being jealous of Maia, PLS la. many MANY MANY of us have stopped readin stomp since xiaxue left, and when we read stomp, nobody bothered to click on Maia ok. weird that she has to use her comment page on stomp as a kind of msn. at least xiaxue doesnt bother. think everyone is secretly jealous of xiaxue. tell u what ppl, admittting jealousy is the first step to getting rid of it. that goes for Maia, Celeste, dAsmond and whoever else.

  300. Just find this whole exchange so hilarious.

    To the people on both sides, I have this to say. If you always go round attacking other people, do not be offended when other people retaliated.

    To xiaxue’s supporters, when she made offensive comments about other people, she is being true to herself and it is ok.

    When people attacked xiaxue, they are mean and evil.

    Isn’t that double standards?

  301. but…but.. but… I know Dasmond’s name is spelt with an A! and I dun even watch mediacorp. I guess if you read English papers and 8 days you’ll know. And anyone who supports 933 must know! Just like Zhiyong is called Cruz and Huishi is called Jennifer! Haha ok ok OT here 😛

    ^Peace^! 😉

  302. dasmond .. you are amusing .

    whats the problem dude .

    firstly , it’s just an A for goodness .
    chill . -.-

    number 2 , you ask why was she finding it so difficult about telling steven face to face that he was whatever that she thought he was ?
    than why cant YOU go tell xiaxue what you feel about her or how should she answer or do in your talkshow ?
    i mean , you said you to are a straight forward host RIGHT ? =x

    number 3 , if i see you in public and for example suddenly started being offensive , scolding your head off . etc .

    would you as an artist , start scolding me back like an uncouth person or would you keep your image as an artist in public eye and be like what xia xue stated , be completely taken aback and can only smile with incredulous raised eyebrows and walk away ?

    lastly , one last doubt .
    most of the comments you approve are seeming like you only approve comments that are siding with you

    hope you’ll approve this comment for other readers to view it too .
    or if would appear to most ppl who tried to comment that you only accept comments that are more siding to your side .


  303. What a loser in a making! What you wrote is really 非大丈夫所谓。As a host, you were not even moderating the atmosphere and allowed everyone to shoot at Xiaxue. I paid special attention to that show, especially the ridiculous questions about frying up the hit rate by being infamous. Please .. you were asking her closed ended questions, of course she answered yes/no. Are you a man? how would you answer me…then after the whole climax subsided, then u asked: do you think we asked you here to grill you? How charming and considerate of you to ask this after all the shots.

  304. What’s on my mind? Well, the very fact you need to learn how to be grammatically correct before writing a blog this crappy, criticizing someone without getting the whole picture, when you’re suppose to be neutral. That’s what’s on my mind!

  305. Hi desmond. Give the girl a break lah…. you do this for a living too… All of you guys are in entertainment… so that makes all of you cheap lah.. so what.. i am sure many people can live perfectly without you on TV. So there.

    Keep up the good work. haha

  306. Why do Singaporeans make so much fuss over a pea- brained conceited floozie I wouldnt know. Is this the best you have???

  307. Hi Dasmond,

    Wendy Cheng is famous for her arrogantly caustic, judgmental and sometimes baseless, opinions.

    I do think that she was being very stupid and naive to not expect questions that may be verging on rude (come on, it’s Quan Yi Feng for God’s sake).

    But don’t let this incorrigible fake bimbo affect you anymore lah; you have already achieved something by actually evoking a disturbed (instead of bemused) response from her, something that is quite rare.

    I do not hate Xiaxue, but merely think that a Mass Comm graduate like her should be wise enough to know that something like this would happen due to the way she writes. TV, Blog, Newspaper — what’s the difference? Her views still come across to the masses, and she should be confident enough to be consistent in her opinions no matter what medium she is being interviewed in.

  308. xiaxue is a star on blogasphere just as you are as a long time reknown tv host. but you’re not being fair to her and it seem like you dupe her into it. why dont make another show and talk about the post-xiaxue talkshow rather than trying to be something you are not good at. by doing this, what makes you so different from her? (her blog will still generate more hits whereby yours just the one timer)

    though she appear to be feather brain at times, throughout the years and her posts, she has grown and im sure its an individual experience everyone going through.

    mr. tv host, i think you are just as immature as ‘you’ think she is by this incident. the whole scenario wouldnt be so disasterous if you have been OBJECTIVE and CREATIVE when putting the twos together. you could have been a greater man then, just as she is now, by apologizing and explaining the whole situation gracefully and assertively.

    it would have made your name on live tv but i think there is still alot you need to learn. be glad that your producer didnt fire you on the spot. or perhaps they are the culprit who back you on the idea for a sizzle.

    lastly, i think its rather entertaining from you but keep the ego low, d’a’smond koh. is shows how vapid and vain you are.

  309. Desmond, oh…my bad, Dasmond i mean. you can’t blame xx for spelling your name wrongly. I’m quite sure she’s not the first. In general, the name Desmond is spelt with an ‘e’. I don’t know what conceived you to spell it with an ‘a’. It might be for ‘celebrity’ reasons, heck, we dunno, neither do we care. Neither do you have to reproach yourself for not being famous enough.

    Anyone can find fault with anything that person says or writes if they were to scrutinise each and every word. Its obvious you took it upon yourself that xx was directing it at you when she was obviously not. This leads me to conclude you have either a very weak understanding of the english language or you are an ultra sensitive person who thinks everyone has something bad to say about you or both. My comments that follow are because I believe the latter.

    I find it highly amusing that you nitpicked on what xx wrote on her blog. I read it a few times and frankly, there was really nothing to take offense to. Really. You are a guy, so start behaving like one. Cut it out. I feel ashamed to be of the same gender as you are. Furthermore, it is absolutely disgraceful to see a guy nitpick on a lady. This is definitely not gentlemanly behaviour, and certainly very unbecoming of a ‘celebrity’.

    My impression of you has really dropped drastically. In fact what u did made me respect xx even more so because in spite of what you wrote, she left you a very polite comment(in your blog. XX, if you’re reading this, kudos). In addition, she could have knocked you out cold with her command of english as opposed to yours (on this note, I highly suggest you stick to a mandarin blog coz your grasp of the english language is erm…let’s just say its not quite up to mark).

    With this little spate you’ve created for yourself, I should think you might have slid down the ‘celebrity’ ladder a few notches further (if you were even on it in the first place). Good job!

    Desmond, for your own sake, get a life. Dasmond I mean.

  310. I never quite agree XX’s style but after seeing this, i feel its unfair as this talkshow seems like a set-up trap! Every words seems to be like bullet banging on XX, and everyone is ‘against’ her (based on the Part 1& 2 Clips)

    What do you expect from her? She is afterall, still new to the entertainment business, and mind you, Blogging vs NATIONAL TV, is two extremes.

    Try putting yourself in her position.

    But then again, you may just be doing your job, but at least, be courteous and be neutral.

  311. LOL. When someone comment that his name was spelled wrongly, you called him petty. When Xiaxue comment something even-more-stupid on her blog, you called that FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Hey come on!

  312. Dasmond you are so lucky for god’s sake. Becoz of XX, your blog increase so many hits thru her blog. By right you should pay her( Like what she said in the show). Or i think you make up this whole thing to increase your hits. Wat a shame man.

  313. I dont know what happen between you two. But it just got me interested to continue reading in XX and your blog.

    However, one thing do make me laugh about your complain is your name. I can’t believe you really take this seriously. Anyone do expeience been name wrongly in te public. So it quite common in these days. So don’t take this too serious. Anyway love reading more from you guys

  314. Oh please, you totally misunderstood Xiaxue’s entry.

    Maybe you should just continue using the language you’re good at, which is chinese.

  315. haha! but isn’t it petty for a name to be spelled wrongly & still complain? it happens all the time to many people before. nothing surprising about that.

    Besides why get xx to say it into steven’s face when there is already bad blood existing between them. Wouldn’t it be rubbing salt onto the wound.

    I do agree with dEsmond comment too.

    by the way are you trying to create some publicity for yourself by rebuking her post too?! maybe xx & you both buck up together to have a controversial entry too huh.

  316. I just don’t understand why this quite-famous TV host can make such petty remarks and kick a big fuss over s small thing. I am a fan of xiaxue’s blog and that’s because i find her entries well written and interesting. I don’t find her entries superficial and bimbotic, she was merely just speaking her mind and not everyone can do it. I simply don’t understand why you had to defame her.
    Probably because she’s the top blogger and blogs for a living, and so u r just so jealous of her. Just stick to hosting…u are better at that.
    Get a life.

  317. Hi 振荣,

    just want you to know i feel rather sorry that you, 蔡深江 & 黄明德 are caught entangled with that airhead.

    好人好姐,有 decent intellect 的人都不会想和她争执。你算了吧,就当倒霉

  318. Oh come on! U guys say, “It’s her blog! Let her do what she wants!”

    Isn’t this Dasmond’s blog?! SO can’t he say what he wants?

    I’m not on any side btw. Just felt so ridiculous upon hearing so many useless comments. Give both of them a break and just make peace!

  319. everyone is wondering why xiaxue dare to scold people (eg. steven) in her blog but do not dare to scold the person right in the face again. what i am trying to say here is even though you hate someone and feel like killing him you wont want to do that in reality. that would be a stupid act. that doesn’t mean she is fake. her blog is just her space to vent her frustration just that she is “luckier” than the average people, her site is popular. we all critisize people. dont tell me you didn’t. if we all do what’s in our mind the world will be so mess up.zhenrong is not wrong for writing his views but no doubt it really shock everyone. even me. ;P always thought you are those real nice gentleman but this shows that celebrities are humans too. they have their childish moments like anyone. and abt xiaxue using her site to earn money? i mean wont it be good if you can turn your hobby(blogging) into a $$ generating tool as well? it doesn prove she purposely make up stories, scold people just to get more hits. i am not her fan but i do read her blog. of course i still think it is not very good for her to scold people in her blog but she being rude to others doesnt mean that we have the right to be rude to her as well.

  320. Any ordinary people, including professors will spell Desmond with an “E”, I would too. Obviously Mr Dasmond Koh, you cant expect everyone to know you and you purposely changed the “E” to “A” right?

  321. I LOVE YOU!
    this post is definitely going to reflect how hurtful her post is sometimes.
    thanks for allowing her a chance to be hurt.
    she thinks shes cool being straightforward when she doesnt know how offending it is to someone’s pride.
    any wounds can be healed, only the ones in your heart remains forever.

  322. she jus soo0oo0 rude.how dare she crticise someone who is older than her and she really ought to know what does it means by respecting others.

  323. hi dasmond,

    i seriously think it’s just some despicable thing ms xiaxue is trying to do to INCREASE THE NO OF CLICKS ON HER PINK BLOG.
    she’s just an immature, ill-bred who doesnt realise that vulgarities are so disgusting n it’s all over her disgusting blog.
    oh n she doesnt know how to respect her elders, goes to show a lot eh.
    so oh wells nid not bother abt an immature girl! ur hosting is rly gd, n shoot! is rly nice wif u n yifeng so gambatte!


  324. Oh hello! I came across your blog when I was reading Xiaxue’s post. From the beginning, I really don’t like the way she blogs because most of the times, it’s quite offensive. I observes that she tried to be bitchy but her entries are inlogical; makes no sense, especially on the miss universe entry. If she can be offensive in her blog, she should be brave to face the music; by answering the questions posted on talkshows. What I can say is perhaps she’s ugly because her attitude brings her personality down.

  325. I feel that Dasmond gives me a feeling of being a 2 headed snake…
    If Dasmond doesnt like Xiaxue’s comment or whatever rubbish she commented in the show(Let’s SHoot), he shd juz shoot back straight away AND not to blog here and make a Backstabbing action?
    Alright what i can say now is, I am utterly disappointed with Dasmond Koh. Really.
    I personally Does not dislike xiaxue nor Dasmond.. just come across Dasmond’s blog as well as the Show that was posted online..
    Not to offend anyone, am just trying to get my point here. Thanks

  326. came across your latest entry from Xiaxue. let’s not discuss about how she blogs & how insensitive you are to her afterthoughts.

    I was most intrigued by the last episode as there are discussions about ‘responsibility’ in blogs. To a certain extent, I do agree w/Xiaxue that Steven was somewhat ‘repulsive’ to strip to his undergarment on national tv. If im not mistaken, the show was aired at a prime time where kids are also watching tv. and also as a women, his act makes me uncomfortable. Is there ‘responsiblity’ in this action of him? My understanding of ‘responsibility’ is i understand what im doing & also the consequences of my action. Clearly, i think he did not considered that. An outspoken, charismatic, creative etc are probably some of the many traits we look out for a star but definitely not irresponsibility

    But I do see that we are advocating his actions, we are encouraging him, well maybe not obviously, but definitely subconsiously, if not he will not have done that again ( in some variety show) and so what is the reponsibility of creator of these shows, I may ask?

    Not directing to anyone but i thought we must be fair and also to see what standpoint does each party come from.

    As for Steven response, by what he proclaimed is fair to him, i see a childish boy in him. Of cos, its only fair for him to stand up for himself but i do think its rude to call people names and critise based on outlooks and not critically addressing the issue.

    as an artist, he shall have anticipate all kinds of good & unkind comments about his acts, thats the life of an artist, if he can’t accept that, dun be one.

    anyway, blogs are really meant for us to address our woes & thoughts of what we see in our environment, so give bloggers a break, dun jump in fight w/o considering all factors.

    btw, keep up the good work you have biult on so far.

  327. Ultimately its all about which view you are looking at this issue..Reading from a third party view and from watching the show, its normal for Dasmond and Quan yifeng to throw out questions which in Singapore everyone starts to avoid, just look at the title of the show, you know why. And the so called very direct questions, its easy to justify that we are direct person in blogging and we are what we blog, try doing it in national TV where millions are watching. For the two Tv hosts, its their jobs and for all we know, the questions, some of them may not even be thought of by the hosts. In Xiaxue position, a popular blogger, i felt in my views shes being quite direct in her blogs. Just look at all the way she firing off people there, even with vulgarities haa..not all asians will agreed with this way of “directness”. But repeating this direct way of “firing” on national tv with someone she doesnt like, its obviously very hard and for goodness sake, shes a girl. Theres still some image to keep..you cant expect her to shoot everything so direct off the mouth, right?
    Some people will just say..hey she can do it on her blogs right, why not on national tv..just shoot la..even vulgarities? My reply..why not try it out yourself :)Sometimes, think about it…its just a thin line between reality and virtual world, aint it? Peace peace…small thing only la…make love and not war! HAaa… just small misunderstanding… For xiaxue, keep up the good work with ur blogs, i does love the way u blog! for Dasmond, hope the tv program,the popularity will keep rising! no offense to anyone, i just writing my own unbiased view..Chills..

  328. i like to read xiaxue’s blog becoz she is bitchy….and i wonder how will she look like when she is older….a bitchy auntie?

  329. Well, to be frank.. I USED to hate Xiaxue ALOT!. Trust me.. i hate her more then anything in my life.. But after knowing that Steven Lim actually exist.. I think that he is even worst.. Seriously.. I know this might be out topic.. But Steven Lim is really.. OmFg, luckily he din leave a place for me to put a remark in his web.. Else I will, for heaven sake.. Spam him at least 10 pages of full comment bout him..

    Well back to the case, Xiaxue in the show are indeed hilarious. She being fired till cant say anything. Good job everyone especially the HOSTs

  330. Excuse me, if you’re that particular with people spelling your name and sensitive over small and teeny weeny things, how about your own fresh-from-the-oven post?

    From your post ;

    “2. If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*”
    Quote ; your “it in” can type till it is “in in”?

    The thing is that you’re offended over her particular post and therefore publish this post from a view,
    somewhat biased. Well, if you’re really that sensitive, face it, don’t beat around the bush and tryda make life hard for people.

    Straight foward, you’re perfectly right, but to a certain extent, mr koh?

    p/s; i can’t believe celebrities like you would do such a waste-of-time thing. I have always thought they know their limits. Well, seriously puzzled.

    And yes , i m saying this from a third person point of view after reading both , you and xx’s post. I doubt you would accept this, you’re just another ridiculous blogger contradicting himself.

    Amused *

  331. I would’ve spelt your name wrongly too.

    I do not like Xiaxue, but I feel that she has got a strong mindset about who she dislikes and like. And she’s not afraid of letting it be known. She is one hilarious woman, I can say that much

  332. Lol i think she say she like you and yu feng!! i think that is all lie..she is just afraid to have enemies in the media industry lor!!

  333. I feel that you as a celebrity yourself would know best that there is a lot of restrictions when you go on tv. Restrictions in your behaviour, speech, appearance. A good example of someone who didn’t realize these limits would be that Starsearch judge, Alex. And he has shamed himself terribly.

    Xia xue knows that there are restrictions. And that is probably why she wasn’t as straightforward on tv. It’s such a disappointment to know that you, a seemingly friendly celebrity which I used to like, could blog something so unfairly about her.

    You yourself would know that you can’t really be yourself on tv, having been on tv so much. And yet you can still say this.

  334. so childish with all this blogs fighting.. ur like them for posting about her post too … why care bout what ppl say what she say .. doesnt matter much .. grow up.

  335. Why don’t you all just give her a break honestly. Don’t you think its very pointless if you’re not bored and have nothing on your hands at all to do to sit here and deliberate about the intentions of somebody like Xiaxue.

    Who is probably too above this to even really care about what you’re saying.

  336. Kind of disappointed to see you even blog about this trival matter… Wouldn’t a man be mature and big-hearted enough to be unbothered and to just disregard such trival offense – especially from a girl (XX to me is just a girl)?

  337. I came across your link because of XX’s blog.
    Dude, what Xia Xue said is obviously true.
    I think you’re immature and rude. AND YET zomg you’re a hot of a show like “You Hua Jiu Xuo”
    Can’t you accept some critics too?

    *roll my eyes*

  338. Let go off grudges like this. It isn’t worth your time and might as well ruin yourself.

    Let your blog be a portal of love, not discrimination. You are a member of the mass media and have the power to change so many things. By behaving in a childish way, you have not achieved what is better, but instead, ruined what was before standing strong for you – respect.

    I believe that many fans would be disappointed in you but you can change this to tell us that, yes, you are worthy of every bit of respect and admiration.

  339. you’re probably just seeking attention by trying to be as straightforward like her, because from what i see you’re so different on and off screen too.

    it’s just the same as her. sigh. immature grown-up, lol.

  340. nice blog.. got directed here from xiaxue’s blog. was doing some research on social blogging and the commercial values. some bugs at your album though.. and i think if you got some professionals to manage ur firm.. they cld improve the design to fit in ur celebrity status (:

    ( Thx, will get the album section fix… 🙂 – from 22 )

  341. ermmm..yea..i dislike xx performance.dare to say everything in her blog but terrible in tv ..n now, backstabbin ppl again .lol:)

  342. Hmm, not everyone knows that your name is spelt as such. Why are you making it seem like Xiaxue is spelling your name wrongly on purpose? Gee, you have spoilt my image of you.

  343. Honestly, as a “public” figure, I would have expected your english to be better. I bet lots of little children and school kids read your blog, hope you can do without the singlish and stuffs…

    Thought you should be alot more mature tha them… hmmm

  344. For xiaxue to blog about her own views, there’s nothing wrong. What’s the big fuss about? It’s only your name spelt wrongly, i mean, so what? I think you get the wrong idea anyway, she’s not referring to you in her blog, you’re being over-sensitive. Helloo? Grow up please.. From your blog, i can sense that you’re quite offended by xiaxue’s blog post.. Even if she wants to talk about her views, the guest would simply shoot at her and assume they ‘re right all the time. Stop being childih, you’re hurting her too. And as a public figure, i think you should work harder on your grammer and vocabulary. No offence.

  345. hi das,

    never watch the show. came here from xx’s site.
    i dun think she sounded offended by u guys or anything leh. but i think she has problem narrating cos simple… she is a blogger.
    If she is so good at talking, she would be a host le (like u.. not putting her down).

    Based on what viewers want and what the hosts want out of the show, it would be nice to watch the “showdown” between them… but it’s not easy for her. Cos she may be out-spoken on the blog… but when asked to talk abt the blog in the show, it wont be easy…

    anw, hope things are ok between you two. that blog entry confirm… was not intentional tt she was angry at u or whatever. dun let little things spoil friendship.

    bao zhong..

  346. i guess the whole idea of blogging in the first place, is to write whatevers on your mind. If everyone were to voice their unhappiness at every single thing to the other party, the world would be such a horrible place. People really should bite their tongues sometimes. i guess thats why a blog is helpful, it allws one freedom of expreesion and an outlet for frustration.

    for starters i thought you were quite rude when you asked her how many people view her blog when she first started. Isnt it obvious enough that if xx’s blog has reached over ten thousand hits, that once upon a time it was only thirty? Why not even one.. im sure it started off with one, or two readers maybe.

    The guests on your show were rude too and it seemed that they were too unrelenting with their judgements; judgements already formed prior to being on the program. What, just because shes popular and all that means she has to be more tactful in her ways? i dont deny that that would be a kinder thing to do, but lets face it, this whole anti-bloggers fiasco has gotten almost passe. Shes writiing what she wants to write and thats the whole reason people started reading it, which is the reason her blog became popular, which is the reason why you guys invited her to the show.

    If the show is all about speaking your mind and airing your dissent, whats this about getting the dissenter to watch what shes saying?

    I thought the whole panel and i mean everysingle one of your on the program save that nice lady in green on the opposite side, was mean and some comments were unjustified, uncalled for, and i hope nobod ever patronises your program too, because i think if you have the decency to invite someone on the show, the least you could do is try to lighten up the atmosphere when people are verbally attacking your special invited guest.

    also, i think it wasnt very nice to be writing about her blog and highlighting the bits that you dont like in bold. kinda gives the impression that youre tryin to be nice and polite and cordial yet overtly sarcastic.(eg wtf – wat the fish? What the fish??) Too transparent, if you know what i mean. if you dont think very highly of miss xiaxua i think this entry just pretty much puts you in the same catagory as her (in your standards) but at least she’s forthright about what she does or doesnt like, and tells it like it is, rather that imply here and there beating about the bush.

    yea, thats it i guess. sorry if you dont like my words very much but i think perhaps if youre personal friends with those on the panel too, you could convey these to them because it doesnt do one good to make such hard and fast judgements on others because doing so, they only hear what their saying and not the other partys’ words. theyre probably beter off hosting their own talk show.

    yea, just my third party thoughts.. and only because u asked.

  347. on hindsight, im so sorry for my comments above, i had some strongs ideas but i really shouldve kept them to myself, instead of allowing myself to go on a rant like that.

    on another note, i used to listen to 933 and ive really enjoyed your segments; it was my constant companion during sec school days mugging. youre a good dj and your command of mandarin is admirable and you seem really pleasant over the radio.
    all the best in your career!

  348. What’s wrong with xiaxue bloging what she wants in her blog?Of course she more specialised in blog while you in hosting show,anything vice versa wont work.By the way I also dont know your name is Dasmond till now as Desmond is the real Christian name known worldwide.And I guess you purposely choose the name so people can remember you more.Continue with your what the fish *rolls eyes* Obviously everyone want to get more popular or to be recognised.If you say her actions need to be ponder,I doubt you too.

  349. Funny! Outspoken ‘her’ should be able to perform as per ‘blogging’…unless, the ‘well-known’ her is known to be reserved / aloof? Your perception tells the truth…

  350. I think your post wasn’t that polite actually.

    I know that spelling your name wrongly must be quite bad for you, but it wasn’t such a big deal afterall is it?
    It’s as though it’s because it was Xiaxue who spelt it wrongly thats why the big reaction.

    And she was just stating what happened and you seemed to have a lot of opinion on all of that. Like “If she can write in in her post, whats the prob of narrating it in the prog? *scratch head*” She wasn’t complaining about being asked the question was she?

    Of course there is a difference between writing something on a blog and saying things out on tv.You wouldn’t voice out your opinion on her on tv too right?

    Oh and that wtf (what the fish).It’s like you are trying to act civilised or something.Nevermind….

    I wonder what’s on your mind too.

  351. honestly everyone and mr dasmond koh :

    give wendy aka xiaxue,
    due credit.

    it certainly wasn’t easy for her to be on that talk show. ( which had a handful of people,hosts and invited guests) use means of interrogative questions to bombard her under a pretext of professionalism.

    i would like to suggest that before anyone makes comments,
    to put yourself into her shoes.

    afterall, she was just being HONEST.

  352. Seriously, I agree that sometimes when we’re writing things out online (virtual), we tend to be bolder… and I think maybe that was why Xiaxue was not spitting out everything on her mind… TV is not her context. I mean she’s a blogger and she’s so used to blogging out her feelings. AND she did say what’s on her mind about Steven Lim… that he’s disgusting and annoying. and MR DASMOND KOH… YOUR NAME IS WEIRD AND I EVEN GOT IT WRONG AS DESMOND IMMEDIATELY AFTER I SAW YOUR URL. well and i never actually know that your name is dasmond koh…. cos you’re a chinese host and take it tt ppl only know your chinese name and thats good enough i think. after all…. you’re not jay chou 🙂 i really liked you but i like xiaxue more cos she’s brave enough to spit her feelings all out unlike some ppl who only say nice things to others and curse them like mad in private…

    ( everything came after the recording, I would have done so if I knew what’s gonna happen later on, asking it directly in the show… 🙂 – from 22 )


    ( everything came after the recording, I would have done so if I knew what’s gonna happen later on, asking it directly in the show… – from 22 )

  354. i know this thing is like so over,
    So, you say that xiaxue was rude in her blog !
    den what about you?
    do you think you’re that polite too?
    well, MR DASMON KOH!
    why dont you just admit you want your blog to be famous too?
    now ppl are reading your blog bcos u SHOOT xiaxue and obviously she will comment back!
    and on the show, it was obvious that de two ah peks sitting there were shooting her!
    they didnt even let her like have a chance to say something, whenever shes gonna speak, one of em will like “BLAHBLAH” and interrupt her.
    you call that polite?
    &wadsup wif the “special surprise” for her?
    obviously, all the ppl know she dont like dat EYEBROW PLUCKER!
    and the truth was,
    you were rude too!
    yeah, whtever,anyways.
    you’ve just lost some respect,
    even though i dont even know why i liked your hosting at first!

    &i still thought the show was meant to “SPEAK YOUR MIND”.

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