After Winter… it's Spring!


With regards to the preview post about Xia Xue… I really didnt mean to stir up any ill emotions. I simply wanna voice out how I feel after seeing something… isnt that what blogging is all about?… ( Oops, sound like xx… oh! again… xx is only blank blank in my context… not short forms of name ya… @@ )

And, I shall heed the advise of ‘Let’s move on and not digging into it anymore…

shut up

Nice huh?… ha

But I must admit that having seen all the diff comments from u guys, it kinda open up alot of tots in me…

Most imptly, I’ll work hard to set my foot in reality (right? Liane…), and also be responsible in whatever I say :X

I guess slowly you will make me a better person. So let’s continue guiding each other,
walking along our path of life…

Thx again 🙂

24 thoughts on “After Winter… it's Spring!”

  1. i realise u oways blog very late in nite:)
    i juz watched e repeat telecast of “juz shoot” and it made me stick to e televison for 1 whole hr..
    if actualli activate my brain juice for a while and e whole conversation was uber interesting…
    i love cai sheng jiang for his wits!!

  2. Some people come into our lives and quickly go…
    Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts…
    And we are never, ever the same again.

    Let it quickly go then…cause you have many others who leaves great footprints in your heart…

    Well, I am going through very tough times at work as well, I may not be going through the same thing you exactly face now, but one clear thing that is always my principle of life is…if we are doing things right, others can’t find anything wrong in it. If there be any found, it will only be temporal smoke which will disperse soon enough… 🙂 let’s love ourselves more…

  3. Voiced out is to let out any unwanted emotions sometimes. So hope u feel better now. And I think the stir was nt bad too cos at least u all not affected by eathquake like me. :p

  4. yea.. continue to strive for ur career.. jia you.. all of us will support u de la! no worries man! 🙂 i lazy to go out of my hse and go SIM see u lehx.. lolx.. at this point of time u r filming.. hope SIM can find great babes n hunks! haha.

  5. yah. what you said and what the others who commented makes sense. I guess sometimes being hot headed isnt really the best way to deal with things (i’m guilty of that too).

  6. Yup , i agree with the others .
    Dont worry , think of those things that will make you happy .
    Yeah , lots of things to do in life too .
    JIA YOU !!

  7. Yeah..that’s the is for u to voice out ur views and opinions..everyone has different views about things just let them long as u think and u know u r doing the right thing, is fine.. Jia you! 🙂

  8. Omg! I never dared to think that anybody would bother to read my looonng tag and reflect upon it too! Haha!

    What I said in your previous post is just my 2 cents worth of thoughts only.

    Anyway, everyone can have the freewill to say whatever they want in their blogs and real life, but at least try to consider other’s feelings before they are too late. 😀


  9. of course there is a difference between saying negative stuff about someone in a blog and saying the same bad thing to the actual someone face to face…
    who would be responsible if steven lim went mad suddenly n starts to assault xiaxue physically..u dasmond>?
    pls dun act blur..thanks

  10. Weiliang – umm… putting everything aside, somehow or rather, I do agree with you regarding this point. Consequences of Real-Life confrontation vs talk talk only in the blog…

  11. you’re prejudiced towards xiaxue because of your co-host FIONA XIE huh? Xiaxue may be straightforward but overall it’s obvious that she doesn’t meant harm.

  12. Those who make themselves sound like Angel often will show their tails some day. Dasmond Koh, dont think so BIG of yourself, Xia Xue is simply innocent, I dont understand why you have to say such things about her. You might have a lot supporters, but a lot hated you too.

  13. duh… there are 2 supports/fans of her the following above worshiping her like goddess!

    GOSH~ i think she attended that show to create hits for her blog (another stunt from her) I don’t find her innocent.

    attention seeking.

    lastly, i don’t think many pple hate him (the owner of this blog dasmond) —> done nothing bad to let pple hate him so much!

  14. i seriously don’t think steven wil be that stupid to beat her up on a national tv.. hello guys! it’s a crime to do so. and if u watched the show yesterday, sometimes steven was also siding xiaxue.. also, xiaxue didnt just smile.. she rolled her eyes several times to show her unhappiness if u guys ever notice.

    so what she don’t mean any harm, by writing comments on her blog like that, she is just trying to make herself look pitiful.

  15. i have ntg against u…
    but after watching that episode, i find that what u appeared on air doesn’t really coincide with what u blogged.

    That i would say its a lil superficial when in the show u did not voice out exactly what u had wanted to say and u even wished she had tagged u! Yet in your entry, u said something diff!

    ( We recorded the show 1st, then comes her blog entry… then I blog… there’s a time factor involve 🙂 – from 22 )

  16. Who dare wins. With a pinch of luck, effort, time & brain. I guess is abt being urself and not doing things just 2 make everyone accepts n be hapi abt it. 😛 Anyway this is just 2 send a greeting 2 u! Life is all abt exploring and experiencing! Enjoy the journey till the end!


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