He is…

Ladies and Gentlemen, from the response, I can tell that life is not treating you people well…
Even a little entertainment like that can get so many involve… ha. Get a Life!!! :p

He is none other than … DAREN TAN ???!


Yeap, 22 Feb’s our Birthday…!

As for my ic… very nice 1, my pic… is’nt it?


24 thoughts on “He is…”

  1. haha. the majority got the correct answer !
    nice ic picture though , should be taken a few yrs back , right ?
    YA. show us the one that you were young .i bet there would be more than 50over comments ! haha .

  2. I see from the merlion show rong shao IC no seem like S76 leh u all confirm that he is no 35 years old instead of 31 years old…
    Also not able to confirm with him personally he surely will keep his mouth shut!!!

  3. dk, dont hide. 19** only ma . =X

    I guarantee + chop confirm .

    Know you since I was 11 years old leh.. Now already 22. . what you think! >

    (22- haha.. u forgotten i can edit comment… la lalala la lalala…)

  4. No matter is Ladies’ age or guys’, as long as u all say the younger range, it will nvr be wrong. Cos pple will hope they are forever as young as possible. Our dear friend here is at gd chance becos facial maintain quite gd 🙂 HaHa. Keep it up. 😉

  5. oh,so u’re Mr Pisces..dun look like sia…mayb u hide ur fish tail…hahaa…

    mayb u can post someting more meaningful eg abt the environment etc..so sad global warming gettin more serious le lei..corals turnin white,tigers extinct..glaciers melting away.. and im curious abt how pple view the end of the world(shi jie mo ri) as? a huge meteor plunging into mother earth???haha but nowadays where got pple care abt the world de…so sad…

  6. Hi,

    How are u ?I just saw the Let’s shoot show yesterday then just know your blog …..hahaha
    U and darren Tan born in the same day at 22 Feb so qiao de……..haha,both are so handsome leh …..


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