Hey! Gorgeous @ NYP

nyp stage

We make our trip to NYP today for the filming of Hey! Gorgeous today… and boy, take a look at how supportive the students were!

nyp crowd2nyp crowd5

nyp crowd1nyp crowd7

nyp crowd6nyp crowd3

nyp crowd4

We really try our best, and I still think that there are Hunks and Babes hiding at some corners not wanting to let us discover them… like him…


And finally, the 6 finalists we narrowed down are…

male nyp

female nyp

Whose the winner? 3rd Sept, Monday 8pm on Channel U…

all 4 one


bye bye…! Peace out! ;p

10 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ NYP”

  1. heheh its me again! hmmm.. i change the name le lah and i will try not to watch my part or else will be traumatized if see my face hehe =) stay bubbly =)

  2. Dasmond, when are you coming to RP for the ??????? filming???

    Can blog the schedule when you know it? Thanks alot… Looking forward to it LOL =p

  3. eh? why got finalist one? i remember that time last season de they jus went to the sch and start hunting ma. weird.

    the girls v pretty. but the guys… HmMmM.

  4. hmmm… 22… when u all will b goin nafa … if u all goin nafa… can let mi noe… pls…. urgent… n can tell mi… every esp gt who mah… thanks dasomnd

  5. Hey Dasmond! Saw you and your 2 friends at Square 2 on Friday! I was sitting with my friends in the Korean restrauant and i saw you waving to the waiter of the restrauant.How was your food? I had BBQ,which was great.But too much kimchi,had indigestion when i reached home.Hahahah…..
    You looked good. ^^

  6. I SAW EUU!!!!! YEAH YEAH!! I SAW U!! kekes..=X

    SO COOL TO SEE EUU IN NYP!!!! sad la.. din take wif u.. but my fren did..=)

    anyway.. ur “kou cai “realli beri gd eh.. nvr tongue-tied one..=)


  7. haaha relac man yuling..relac..u super happy and ji dong lidat hahaha…ive seen him twice but im nt as ji dong as u haha… anyway the moon’s entering aquarius in few days time..dun feel too aloof ! but its a good time for some chit chat wth frenz =]

  8. wa u reply sia haha..haha yalo i tink the owner of the blog should be v happy ba hahaha…head big liao keke…


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