12 thoughts on “Have you ever wonder?”

  1. To leave behind – it can be your choice
    To be left behind – it can never be your choice

    So I guess, what you need to leave behind and who left you behind will determine how easy it is… πŸ™‚


  2. hi there, I hv been thinking these too – to leave behind or to be left behind??? Always asked my hubby this question n he will say I think too much….Haiz, eventually, he left mi n our son last year. No last words to us, just leave us like that…we were so sad….

  3. I think to leave behind is easier as to be left behind you might not know what wrong all this and it might be hurtful right?

    Anyway i love that picture of u..so cool Lol..taken at where?

  4. your words are pretty wise.
    i say, to be left behind is pretty hurtful
    although to leave behind is hurtful as well but its a decision you make whether its good or bad.
    so i guess i have to say none is easy at all.

    ps!: omgah, you look so hot in the pic. HAHA πŸ˜€

  5. hmms, CHEERUP. bothh are GOOD choices. is up tuhh uue to tinkk ony. BUT ddun regret the after uue make any choices cos REGRETTING is the MOST FOOOLISH ting. xD chherup. xD

  6. The former is a tough choice, but once you have decided and taken the first step, the second step would be so much easier.

    As for the latter, in that instance, you do not have a choice. Often leaving you in a rather helpless situation.

    I’d say both are equally tough, but to be left behind *is* more heart-wrenching.

    What I do know tho, getting Bee-Z is a good choice. πŸ™‚

  7. hmmm…i tink ah… all of ur sld watch the movie Alone 1st ..b4 comin to a solid conclusion.. u koe.. “some things are better left behind” … 22 sld oso watch if he want some ling gan…hahaha.. but the ending is SUPER lame.. y the directors all no creativity 1?? always make the ghost crawl n crawl n crawl…as if v scary…lame lame lame

  8. Seldom watch Chinese program but I must say you did a good job on the Talk Show on Single unwed mother. Most of the pple there give their opinion and are too aggressive. They keep shooting arrows and assuming things.
    But u on the other hand is very diplomatic. Keep up the good job.


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