17 thoughts on “1st Semi-Final's Result ( Female )”

  1. So wasted…those who noes how to sing always got kicked out.

    Mediacorp should have limit no. of calls each phone no so that there is a balance…and it’s also fair to every contestants…

    but competiton is still competiton…

  2. i think they should do this instead.

    dont let the viewers vote who they support.

    let the viewers vote for those they think SHOULD BE ELIMINATED.

    in this way maybe can test their Ren Yuan also.

    some might sing damn well but nobody like also useless ma.

    maybe they should use this for Star Awards as well.

  3. its alr a singing competition so the ability to sing well should be the main priority..quite obvious isnt it..other aspects such as looks or ren yuan should nt appear as the main ting,dun get mix up..if not y call it a singing competition?

  4. haha, charlyn, then won’t it be so traumatising for the contestants to know that they are being eliminated because people hates them?

    that’ll be ideal for the viewers but it’ll be at the expense of the poor contestants. =)

    I guess reality shows will always be so “unfair” and painful. =(

  5. hmmm, i feel tt judges ought to have more say since they tell d technical side of singing more. this way, those equipped wif the skills gt d well deserved entitled spot unlike tis particular female frm one of those top sch to keep gttg in when she cant make it! this way quality of contestants r maintained, they dun gt futher in the contest thou they’re rich to be fair…my 2cents =)

  6. it seems that it can never be a fair competition as long as viewers are allowed to vote. it has been obvious in every competition, local or overseas.

    they should consider letting the judges have full power over the marks. I feel that it’s the only way to ensure maximum fairness

  7. hello..can call miie verro..all the campus superstar must be strong and dun get sick and shawn tok uie must not sick hor…if u sick i will feel sad de…

  8. haha, i agree the focus shld be on singing but then again, its called campus superstar, not campus singing competition…so i guess it also encompass things like stage presence and looks to a large extent…assuming a contestant wins based on being the best singer, gets a recording deal and cuts an album, but because he/she doesnt have the ren yuan/looks, can the album still sell as well, say, compared to one who has the full support of loads of people and the singing is relatively ok so to speak…
    and unless the competition is based fully on the judges scores alone, with the existence of the voting system, i dont think the judges will have much say in the results, whether its 70-30 or 30-70 as we have seen in the earlier rounds….

  9. yeala tts wad i sayin ma,looks etc is nt the main ting but its needed coz its a competition,but looks can change more easily den the nature of one’s voice..so i’ll juz “hope”…ok? btw i’ve gt….no comments on the….judges 😐


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