It's about time :)

When I was much younger, around 17, I was very lucky to be given a chance to run a tuition centre.
I was very much involve in the whole setting up, and watching it grow for one good year.

Till today, I still receive FB messages from the kids ( now of course grown up liao lah! ) that I taught then…

I enjoy teaching. And setting up an enrichment centre has always been one of my dream.

It’s about time now πŸ™‚


Heaven send an angel ( umm… or should I say the Sea send a mermaid… since she always claims she’s one… ) to me year plus ago, telling me she wanted to start a ‘something like school like that one’… And when I happen to talk about this to the macho wushu man ( the first bro I found in Mediacorp ), he too express great interest in it.

Therefore, ζ–‡εŠ was born.

I dunno whether I should set it up…
But I know I wanted to set it up… ha!

For kids who are not interested in Chinese, or wanted to know more about Chinese;
And friends who wanted to know more about the entertainment world,
ζ–‡εŠ is the place for you.

I sincerely invites you to join our family.
Check our website for more details…

2 thoughts on “It's about time :)”

  1. hi rr,

    wow, u doing big business ar, diving n tis. oh tis sounds interesting. but im not a kid,and my chinese powderful enuff. Can adults who dunno chinese take the class? i do hv fren who needs to learn chinese. As for entertainment world…hmm..let me see which aspects of it. r u one of the teachers for any of the courses?

    Or do u need any chinese teacher? i hv experienced teaching in Primary schools and famous chinese enrichment class. keke. and my name has a ‘wen’. haha.


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