Shaun & Michelle…. happy ever after~~

After being together for 5 years… They decided to get the wedding bell ringing 🙂


Yeap, I attended their wedding dinner.

SM Wedding 040SM Wedding 016SM Wedding 017SM Wedding 026

SM Wedding 042

SM Wedding 020SM Wedding 025SM Wedding 032SM Wedding 041

It’s such a blessing being able to find the one you love… what’s more, the feeling is mutual… and eventually able to spend the rest of the life together… going through thick and thin…

SM Wedding 051

The witty hosts for the night, Mark Lee and Tiffany Quan 🙂

SM Wedding 024

A lot of ‘catching up session’ for me … like… my 老大 Thomas Ong!

SM Wedding 043

The one who finally completed his variety show’s filming… Dai Yang Tian… and Chen Xiu Li!

SM Wedding 002

SM Wedding 001SM Wedding 046SM Wedding 045SM Wedding 006SM Wedding 008SM Wedding 033

Chen Xiu Li, Yvonne Lim and me worked together in the drama A Child’s Hope! 孩有明天 many years back…

[youtube zgiMQDW_T0k&hl]

Back then…



SM Wedding 003


More pictures of the wedding dinner, click below…

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23 thoughts on “Shaun & Michelle…. happy ever after~~”

  1. Hey Das!
    Thanks for sharing the pics for SM Wedding!
    I missed yesterday’s broadcast leh… no repeat hor? 🙁
    Still got somemore pics ma? 😀

  2. yeah… after a long run r/s, finally they tied the knot. wishing S&M a blissful marriage and “zou sheng gui zi”


  3. Thanks for sharing the pic!
    Quite surprised to see artist like vincent and thomas there.. haha.
    I’m a fan of thomas too 😀 😀

  4. So happy for them 🙂
    But i like to see more pics, the dresses all so nice sia.
    Hmm… Wat a dreamy wedding.
    The princess & the prince
    Love, Love, Love

  5. oh my god! i love michelle figure.. She’s gorgeous!
    Anyway, Dasmond, i hear that you got do some surgery for ur teeth.. can intro me.. dun mind can drop a msg to my e-mail..

    ( umm.. I only put on braces a couple of years back… Guess there’s a lot of options out there now.. 🙂 – from 22 )

  6. justina, u may go to and click Yu Le news and then there are 3 vodcast. Catch the juicest part of the wedding. I rushed back home to catch it because Michelle has always been my number 1 ever since she’s s a TONG XING.

    Blissful marriage for S&M.

  7. Hey, thanks for sharing.
    I think the couple’s like been thru good and bad weather together.
    So touching to their wedding celebration.
    Happy for them *wink*

  8. thanks for sharing!
    just wish to highlight to u, don’t over burn ur pics in photoshop or any image enhancement software.. too much red n yellow, too dark. or perhaps u’r using Mac with a brighter screen? hmm… just my two cents. =)

  9. nice photos..u captured the people i’m most comfortable seeing (phew! no joanne peh!) btw, when’s your turn huh? so eligible, so cool, so bilingual, so talented, what are the gals waiting for? well more importantly, sincerely hope u win at least one award at star awards 2010! congratz in advance!

    ( I hope the right gal will appear soon too… haha 🙂 – from 22 )

  10. Both this couple are one of my favourite actor & actress. Feel so happy for them…hope to hear a little Shaun or Michelle coming out soon……..keke 😀

    To Michelle, your wedding is so beautiful (u know the kind of beautiful that can be only feel deep from the heart and u cant use other words to describe it but just beautiful). I guess alot of women out there feel so envious at least I am one of them. Everything from the wedding is great…of cos we cannot forget about the 3 suits of gown you wore. I have to say I took my hat off you, how on earth did you get the idea to wear something so beautiful and unique? Well…i believe this is going to cost a bomb but its worth it….the whole wedding is more than something you will remember for life.

    ZhengRong, what are you waiting for?…. Let us hear your good news soon too….

    *thanks for sharing

  11. hope u get doubly rewarded! hope in 2010, u get both the star award (at least one award) and the most right gal (since actually no such thing) then maybe be the most right guy to the most right gal then! jia you!! cheers!

  12. Hi , (: . I will be catching your new variety show , LOL . Jiayou , don’t care what other say about you , you live for yourself , hope to see your reply soon.

  13. hi was there at the studio to watch sheng siong show today!
    It seemed like you are walking with caution… is your foot injured or something?

    ( ha… u r sharp… my knee not feeling quite right… 🙂 – from 22 )


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