Star Searching again… KL….

Gonna be leaving again… for Star Searching…
This round, KL, Malaysia.

Seems like there’s tons of stuff waiting for me to settle, but no time…

~ yeap, in progress, the book that I talked about a while ago, hopefully I can launch it as a Christmas gift maybe…
~ house is still under renovation ( a minor one )…
~ lots of friends to meet, wedding dinner ( no sharks fin type ) to attend…
~ and my dear nephew Jiawei, looks like I can only talk to you about your future plan only when I get back after the KL, and thereafter Japan trip…

4 thoughts on “Star Searching again… KL….”

  1. cool! you can travel around the world ..hey! how is yifeng n her daughter? r dey alrite? hope dey are cuz i did read the article .. reali care n concern 4 em .. esp her daughter .. aniwae see u on sun @ sehng xiong LIVE programme

  2. Hi Dasmond,

    It seems that your life now is pack with busy schedule. At times, busy is quite a wonderful thing to do. Why I say so is recently I was down with chicken pox. I felt lousy as my house is still under reno and yet everybody is busy with their task and I couldn’t even help out. The worst thing is I dare not step out of my rrom as I’m so afraid of passing the virus out to my family members. Sigh.. So you also gotta take care of yourself by drinking more water, herbal tea and eat healthy.

    Lastly, me also waiting for your new book to launch. Looking forward in reading it. Sometimes, I do bring out the X’mas gift that you have given us few years ago reading it.

    Take care!


    ( Take care of yourself 🙂 – from 22 )


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