You must be either trying to gain back some momentum in work after relaxing over the long weekend, or still working hard for your exams, or slacking since papers are over!!!

Guess what I’ve done today?
I spend the whole afternoon sitting right in front of my computer.
Re-arranging my music library…
Sorting out my photo albums…

Finally I manage to sort things out quite a bit.
From my profile’s photo shoot…




To some events that I didn’t have time to post…

933 interview-2933 interview-3933 interview-1

Superband06 Finals-4 copySuperband06 Finals-3 copySuperband06 Finals-1

LNY Show 2007aLNY Show 2007dLNY Show 2007b

Never under estimate desk bound job, it’s really tiring.
But I’m glad at least I’ve cleared some stuff that I’ve always wanted to do for quite some time…

23 thoughts on “l@@l”

  1. Hi Dasmond,

    Watch your show “Hey Gorgeous”. You seemed to be a cheerful person… I would like to join TCS as a part timer.. u think possible? I have long hair,big eyes, fair complexion and 1.68m in height.. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha…when I went through the slide show, I spotted the brown stripped scarf I made…hope you still have it after your many house shifting…


  3. Oh i thought I saw your face in one of the brochures in Chan brothers. I think

    ( yeap, I’ll be leading a tour to Egypt in Nov.. most probably that’s what you’ve seen… – from 22 )

  4. Hello ! Was that you I saw at the prata hse last night ? Hahah (:

    ( haha! Yeap.. gosh, so many spy around… – from 22 )

  5. EGYPT my fave country lei !!!!!!!!! so good u can go there!!! Loveee to hear about its history lei!!I hope u can film some of the drawings that is drawn every where in all the walls n explain some of them…hopefully someone can explain lei..its sooo interesting!! inform when its going to b shown on tv k!!Egypt rocks!!

  6. Well, u gg Egypt in Nov? I heard my sis is gg there in nov or dec in a tour too. Dunno is it with your grp one. Well, it’s a nice plc mayb. So enjoy ba. πŸ™‚

  7. Haha, last night at 8pm, you were on both channel 8 & channel u ! Couldn’t escape from seeing you ;D

    Anyway, do you have any idea what Pornsak is doing now ? Haven’t been seeing him after CSS.

    ( He’s currently filming 2 varieties, The Mission 4 and WOW Singapore! Gonna see him real soon on the screen πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  8. i’m so sad dasmond ! u never nominated for best host award πŸ™ so many hosting program this yr..yet not nominated..also kym never nominated :(~

  9. damn….i believe i am younger than u be look hell older =(


    ( ha.. I actually went thru ur site to try find out how ‘old’ you look… but cant find ur pics… – from 22 )

  10. hey dasmond koh!!!!
    haha i considered myself as ur fan since i dun rmmbr wen bt nywayz
    ROCK ON!!!
    can giv me ur email ma??
    js askin!!!!

  11. heloo… i wonder if u knw pornsak has blog? haha..
    i was actually searching for him… ahaaha…
    i kinda like him lehhx…
    his hosting skill is natural great…
    of cos.. u r experienced too~
    jia you guys~

    ( dun think so leh.. will ask him πŸ™‚ – from 22 )


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