It’s so Simple to be Happy
but so difficult to be Simple

Only when you Fully Understand
that some things are just
Not meant to be
and Master the Art of
Never expect or hope for things
for what Is to be Given
Will be Given

You will then be tagged
Happy 🙂

13 thoughts on “Happy?”

  1. Certainly i do agree to the final bit whereby we should learn to master the art of “Never expect or hope for things for what is to be given will be given”. You may wish and anticipate a certain thing to be given to be, but end of the way, its just your wishful thinking. A very good example would be compliments whereby you may think your boss may praise you when you did a good job, or even increase your pay. Haha.. its juz what you expect and hope. ENd of the day or even till the year end, your job status is still the same. But when you dont expect complaints to come in, yet you always get them unexpectedly or unknowingly. = )

  2. haha, i guess being contented is also being happy 🙂 thankful for everything that happens even if it’s just a small issue 🙂

  3. Life and work can always be simple. But I’m confirmed that it’s always the people around you that caused it to be difficult or hard to accomplish. Maybe they are the milestones in your life that you will meet to make you stronger which someone told me this before. Or maybe there is something for you to learn from each incident. Although I always hope to keep things simple, but it always will not be in my favor too. I wanted to but I can’t have it in my way. They will have lots of their ‘unreasonable reasons’ to have it their way. Angry and sad but yet stil have to accomplish. Can’t help but only hope it will be over soon. Sigh. Hope you are nt driven to this state and that’s why wrote this here.

  4. 我估喺你自己油嘅嗰个乒乓桌畀咗賜健啦,所以咁開心,right~,喺啦,賜健乜嘢反應咖? 喺唔喺好感動哩~
    你同賜健cooperate嘅嗰个電視劇幾時有嘅睇咖? 好期待

    p.s.我喺joshua嘅fans來嘅,所以都愛屋及烏啦,嘿嘿 ^_^

  5. One must learn to know his limits. We all may know something but not everything.
    Our life r just like cash cards. We expire when there’s no more value. The very most u get some prepaid value. U live a little better a while longer. Be Happy! before it expires!

  6. hi dasmond, just curious.. why are you not the host for css3? hope you dont feel that im putting you down, just want to know why cox i really feel that you’re doing an excellent job hosting and it came as a big surprise to me when i heard that you’re not doing css3.. =)

    ( superband and css similar genre, it’s abit too close as the 2 shows is like on air back to back. Some programming consideration I guess… not really sure 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. To me, I think that to be happy one need to be contented. Though one may look happy but in reality he/she is not. So by smiling or laughing everyday does not mean happy, vice versa. Sometimes I really wonder how many people are seriously contented about life and happy about it. like what you say mean to expect less and have a simple life right… and indeed to be simple and for one who dun expect much will be easily contented about what they have and thus feel happy. BUT most humans are greedy and want more, so in such cases it may be easy to understand that “master of art Never expect or hope for things” or “to be simple” but difficult to put it into action.

    I suppose this tots of yours come when you reflect on yourselves? Well, it is simple to make a choice of being happy but it is NOT simple to be truly happy wholeheartedly… For me, I use to ask myself am I happy? I have enjoyed many luxuries that some ppl does not have, how could I expect more? On the other hand, there are ppl better off than me and I am here suffering… Actually through smiles and laughter do help me to forget some problem at the moment, however while reflecting, I do not feel good either as all are actually bottom in my mind. I really need to think about — HAPPY? What do you think?

  8. it’s simple to be happy but somehow I am trying to be happy..I know I am not happy but I am trying to be happy in front of others..simply don’t want them to worry. Maybe is kind of fake to pretend..what can I do? life still goes on..sigh..

  9. Well, to be simple for me will be just happy for what you have and what you can get. Do not demand more than what you can receive.

    Being simple is simply satisfying what I have. I love those days in my childhood where people living together is simple. Even those we may be staying in kampong, lives are great. Children can play together freely. It is so great when thinking back those days.

    A simple life …


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